Jaygé Carstens

Hi there! My name is

Jaygé Carstens

Kathu, South Africa

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When a journalist tried to jump to his death he meets Lucifer, the Angel of music, the Bringer of Light, Satan, the Devil…
In one night Lucifer tells a story that would chance the fate of the world forever. He recounts the creation and how he was the one that created it, and reveals all about his brother, God.

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About Me

Jaygé Carstens was born in 1989 in the Western Cape of South Africa. In 1996 he moves to a small town Kathu in the Northern Cape.
He begins writing at the age 11 as a hobby but soon discovers an underlying wish to show his work to the world.
Now he combines his two greatest loves; religion and writing, to create the fantasy he would love to read. In English he writes under the pen-name C.A. Kerst.