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Brea Viragh

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Leda Cox enjoys country living in Heartwood, Virginia, and considers herself an old poet soul living in a small town. When her best friend asks for help reconnecting with the love of his life, Leda must push aside dreams of opening a bakery and focus on the task at hand. Helping August win his true love. After all, her Papa always says that family sticks together. There’s only one problem. August’s true love is engaged.
Now Leda will need her wherewithal to handle her inner romantic around Duncan Whitaker, a smooth-talking insurance salesman with a heart of gold. The more time she spends in his company, the more she can see herself falling for him. In more ways than one. However, when August’s secret comes to light and the negative backlash from the town threatens Leda’s dreams of the future, she’ll have to decide where to draw the line, and whether to trust her head, or her heart.
Will her strong sense of familial duty cut off her budding romance with Duncan? Or is there a real chance for her to have her cake and eat it, too?

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