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Paul J Coggins

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Modern society is utterly dependent on technology. Every day, computers increasingly control our personal and professional lives. But what if someone began using them against us?

This is precisely the Dark Agents’ plan. This shadowy organization is scheming to take control of humanity through advanced technology and artificial intelligence. Only one person can stop them.

Rylan would never believe he could take down a government conspiracy. He spends his days struggling with depression and mental trauma stemming from childhood abuse. To ward off his loneliness, he tries to connect with others over the Internet.

Then Rylan meets Sophie. Sophie is a hacker who tried to access government secrets from across the globe, prompting the Dark Agents and their AI to try and stop her. She needs his help to save her life. Rylan agrees, and suddenly, he finds himself an international fugitive on the run from the Agents. He and Sophie agree to meet up in Japan. When he arrives, Rylan discover that Sophie has a secret of her own.

In this fast-paced thriller about the dangers of modern technology, Rylan and Sophie team up to take down the conspiracy and reclaim their autonomy.

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About Me

I have always loved writing. English classes were his favourite in school, and he dreamed of becoming an author. Work and health problems didn’t allow him to realize that dream until recently. Vengeance is his debut novel.

I attended engineering college while paying the bills as an assembly worker. He lives with his partner in Gloucester, England.