Kelechi Agu

Hi there! My name is

Kelechi Agu

Lagos, Nigeria

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Davydd Miljorn is a hunter living in Gor, a small town in the kingdom of Angweleth. One day, while hunting for game, he unbeknownst to him, saves the princess of Angweleth when her carriage is attacked by mysterious assailants. This singular act spawns a series of events which take both of them and the friends they meet, on a quest to retrieve an artifact that may just be the difference between humanity’s destruction or it’s salvation.

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About Me

I have a world view unique unto my own. I’m probably going to be the most un-desensitized <--- I coined that :P) person you will ever meet. Take that for what you will. People either like me or dislike me. There is no middle ground but what you see is what you get. Loyalty has always been my watch word, to my closest friends, and family, you know what that means. I constantly try to re-invent myself. I'm a twisted mess of change. No I'm not fake, I just can't stand being stagnant for too long. There's always a direction for one to head to after all. You just pray you know it is the right direction before you get to the end destination. You'll probably ask 25 different people about me and get 25 different responses. The crazy thing is... there's probably some truth to it all. I am proudly imperfect with strengths and flaws, periodically dipping to images of my past to extract lessons while I forge a future, without reliving the past in doing so. Okay I just gave you a "mind-full" if you are still reading and bravo. You just made it past the tip of the iceberg. ^_^