20 Things All Writers Would Love To Hear And Happen

by Vincent Salera 31 Aug 2017

Writers are amazing people who bravely work so hard to get their ideas into words, battle insecurities and avoid distractions on a daily basis as they get to the last 2 words of their book…”The End”.

I’ve put together 20 things all writers would love to hear and/or have happen after they made it BIG!
Many are funny and hope you enjoy them.

20. Your Book… Now Available in 12 Languages!

19. Oprah called! She’s interested to know more about your book!

18. You take all your rejection letters from publishers, pour gasoline on them and light a match while streaming it “live” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

17. Ellen calls wanting to know when you can be on her show and what dance routine you’d like to perform with her.

16. They absolutely want you on board for the film adaptation of your book.

15. Your publisher would like you to write a book about your book!

14. Sold Out! Your book is Sold Out!

13. You write a memoir called “I’m Hot You’re Not” – okay this one is mine, but it could be yours as well.

12. Katy Perry mentions your name in her latest song.

11. You are asked to announce a winner at the Oscars.

10. People all over the world create fan pages about you and your book on Facebook.

9. You find people taking pictures in front of your home who are part of a tour group about you and your book.

8. Tim Burton begs you to sign him on for the film adaptation of your book.

7. You are invited to hold a TED talk discussing your journey as a blockbuster author.

6. Your book launch in New York city has the army called in due to the incredibly huge crowds.

5. Oreo cookies make a special limited edition cookie named after your book.

4. TIME magazine calls to set up a cover photo session for their “Person Of The Year” edition.

3. You are bumped up on the waiting list for a swanky restaurant over Kim Kardashian and Brad Pitt.

2. J.K. Rowling gushes all over you and wants your book autographed by you.

1. Here’s a blank check, please fill in the amount you want for your book.

Vincent Salera

Founder CEO/CCO @ World's Best Story™ amplifier of creativity & fun!