28 Quotes Mentioning Pizza

by Vincent Salera 17 Aug 2018

1. “My love is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around. ”
― Dora J. Arod, Love quotes for the ages. And the ageless sages.

2. “There’s very little in my world that a foot massage and a thin-crust, everything-on-it pizza won’t set right.”
― G.A. McKevett

3. “Christmas was definitely the best thing ever, even better than pizza. But instead of all her favorite toppings, Amitola was surrounded by all her favorite people.”
― Aishabella Sheikh, Jungle Princess

4. “A Pizza Slice a day keeps Sadness Away.”
― Jet Paacal

5. “Time for lunch. Take me somewhere good. Somewhere Italian.”
She chose Vine, one of the cafes on the main plaza, and ordered a burrata and squash blossom pizza. The fluffy soft cheese, drizzled with fruity olive oil, paired beautifully with the crisp blossoms and homemade crust. Eaten with chilled elderflower soda, it was exactly what she’d been craving.”
― Susan Wiggs, The Beekeeper’s Ball

6. “Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes.”
― Amy Neftzger

7. “That’s because Tod never brings anything but death and bad advice,” I snapped.
“That’s not true.” Tod tried to grin, “Sometimes I bring pizza.”
― Rachel Vincent, If I Die

8. “He Liked Pizzas, she Burger.
He Liked Italian, she Continental.
He Liked muffins, she puffs.
Poles apart they had no chance,
but cheese kept them together.”
― Nishant Kumar

9. “Sorry to hear about your Dad.”
He shrugged. “He was seventy, and we always told him fast food would kill him.”
“Heart attack?”
“He was hit by a Pizza Express truck.”
― J.A. Konrath, Whiskey Sour

10. “Warm, enticing scents were floating down, basil and oregano and tomato. It made Wes long for something, something he couldn’t place. A happy childhood, a home.”
― Sarah Addison Allen, Lost Lake

11. “You know you want me
I can be your mouth’s delight
You don’t have to work hard to impress me
My price is just right
So join me on this ride
And let’s get cheesy all day and night – Pizza”
― Evy Michaels

12. “When life gives you pizza, eat it quickly before anyone realizes that you have it.”
― Anay

13. “Pizza is good medicine for disappointment.”
― Katherine Howe, The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen

14. “You should use any cheese on pizza as long as it’s 100% Mozzarella.”
― Wayne Gerard Trotman

15. “Hmmm…okay, I admit it. I have two fetishes.
The first is pizza with pepperoni & anchovies, and the second is blue vein cheese with fruit & dry biscuits. YUM!!!” ― Anthony T.Hincks

16. “Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge, let’s go!”
― Aubrey Plaza

17. “Heaven would be a comfortable chair, a library, Diet Coke, and an occasional cheese pizza. Sex once in a while. No talking. ~ Drew Stirling”
― Jayden Hunter, Undressed To The Nines

18. “I want to live in a world where the need for pizza belittles that of war.”
― Jason Barnett

19. “I called for back up,” Nudge said. “The police, fire department, paramedics, and a few different pizza delivery places are all on their way.”
― James Patterson

20. “I’d rather have leftover pizza than leftover feelings.”
― Sarah Burgess

21. “Life is mostly pain and struggle; the rest is love and deep dish pizza.”
― Benedict Smith

22. “But magic is like pizza: even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good.”
― Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

23. “An hour later, we were full of pizza and I love him a little more.”
― Jennifer Echols, Such a Rush

24. “Falling in love for the first time is a completely transcendent experience. It’s like eating pizza-flavored ice cream. Your brain can’t even process that level of joy. Love makes people do crazy things like kill other people or shop at Crate & Barrel. I think on some level it makes us all delusional. Deep down, our whole lives, no matter how low our self-esteem gets, we think, I have a special skill that no one knows about and if they knew they’d be amazed. And then eventually we meet someone who says, “You have a secret special skill.” And you’re like, “I know! So do you!” And they’re like, “I know!” And then you’re like, “We should eat pizza ice cream together.” And that’s what love is. It’s this giant mound of pizza-flavored ice cream and delusion”
― Mike Birbiglia

25. “I love pizza, meaning: Even when I’m in the middle of eating pizza, I wish I were eating pizza.”
― Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You the Sun

26. “What do you want me to do?” Amy repeated, then added. “Is there any pizza left in that box?”
Ambrosia shook her head. “You want me to order pizza?”
With all my freaking heart,” Amy said, smiling. “Think of it as the last supper. Oh, and ask for extra bacon and cheese, okay. I’ve been craving bacon like you wouldn’t believe.”
― Patti Roberts, Equilibrium

27. “On Venus you could cook a 16-inch pepperoni pizza in seven seconds, just by holding it out to the air. (Yes, I did the math.)” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

28. “Now, my friends, we go for pizza.”
― Daniel Younger


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