A Big Welcome To Our Partner Benoît & Côté Intellectual Property

by Vincent Salera 06 Jan 2014

Benoît & Côté is a company which understands that every story has blockbuster potential in a transmedia world, and every author is an “author-preneur” who is competing for attention in an international marketplace and needs to consider their stories as intellectual property that can get monetized into brand franchises.

At every turn, today’s author and every member of the publishing industry require intellectual property and licensing expertise so it is not only important that they know how to find the right advice but it is important to know how to use that advice and monetize their stories while opportunity knocks.

BENOÎT & CÔTÉ offers the personalized and leading-edge services of a boutique office with the respected and trusted security of a top tier intellectual property firm.

Having previously worked together, and combining 40 years of experience, founders C. Marc Benoît and France Côté envisioned an IP firm that would offer a complete vision of the intellectual property needs of clients, be they inventors, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses or multinational corporations.

In 2009, having accrued a team of patent and trademark professionals and lawyers covering all areas of expertise, this vision became a reality with the creation of the first BENOÎT & CÔTÉ office in Montréal, Canada. Since then, they have served a wide variety of satisfied clients, local and international, and worked with respected foreign correspondents to maximize IP value.



Vincent Salera

Founder CEO/CCO @ World's Best Story™ amplifier of creativity & fun!