Where Will the Next Great Blockbuster Come From? World’s Best Story Aims to Uncover the Next Smash Hit Story

by Vincent Salera 30 May 2014

MONTREAL, May 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — World’s Best Story, the first social contest to reward writers and readers, is looking for the next big blockbuster story. Aspiring authors will be reviewed and voted on by a community of readers, and ultimately, hand-selected by a panel of best-selling authors.

The grand prize winner will have his or her title published by FastPencil PREMIERE, a best-selling author imprint service that has represented authors such as Mercer Mayer, Steven Pressfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

World’s Best Story is the first social contest where the story and its blockbuster potential is the star attraction. The six-month-long contest aims to find a manuscript that has the potential to be a smash hit in books and beyond – from movies, to video games, to graphic novels, to merchandise.

Aspiring authors in top-grossing genres will enter their blockbuster story concept and sample chapter for the community to review and help select ten finalists and grand prize winner. “This is not just a literary contest, we’re looking for stories that will be consumed in multiple media formats – from books to the big screen and beyond,” said Vincent Salera, Founder, CEO and CCO of World’s Best Story.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the traditional literary contest and identify a story with mass appeal. We’re looking for a tale that audiences will love and help authors turn that tale into transmedia franchises, which is why we’re empowering readers to judge this contest.” Writers can enter by visiting WorldsBestStory.com or logging onto FastPencil, the easiest way to write and publish a book, and uploading their title, cover, blockbuster concept and sample chapter.

Only contestants that have uploaded a full manuscript to FastPencil will be eligible for the final round of professional voting by a panel of best-selling authors and the grand prize. “FastPencil is a self-publishing platform based on social writing and reading, which is why we’re a perfect fit for this revolutionary literary event,” said Steve Wilson, co-founder and President of FastPencil.

“World’s Best Story is all about socially identifying and curating stories with mass appeal. By using the FastPencil platform, the writers are easily able to improve their work with instantaneous feedback from the community.” Readers will play a key role in the contest, judging in every round through the finals. World’s Best Story has developed a proprietary algorithm that determines blockbuster potential based on reader feedback.  For reviewing, rating and voting on stories, readers will be rewarded with various prizes from World’s Best Story sponsors.

Readers can enter by visiting WorldsBestStory.com to review contestant stories, rate their blockbuster potential and cast a final vote to see which story will win the World’s Best Story grand prize.

The contest will have five key periods for entrants and reader judging: Entry Period (May 28 – August 12): Writers and readers sign up Round 1 (August 13 – September 10): Readers review favorite stories and narrow the field Round 2 (September 11 – October 8):

Readers rate Top 100 finalists blockbuster potential Round 3 (October 9 – November 14): Judging panel votes on Top 10 for World’s Best Story grand prize Grand Prize Event (November 15):

Announcement of the grand prize winner at Toronto International Book Fair The Top 10 finalists will be judged by a professional panel headlined by best-selling FastPencil PREMIERE author James Kahn, who has written the novel versions of top-grossing films including Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The winner will be announced at the Toronto International Book Fair and awarded the grand prize package from World’s Best Story and FastPencil – their title published by FastPencil PREMIERE, trademark protection in the U.S. and Canada, a cross-country promotional book tour, consulting with celebrity authors and more. To learn more about World’s Best Story, including how to enter, please visit www.WorldsBestStory.com.

About World’s Best Story
World’s Best Story is the first social contest to reward writers and readers in the search for the next great blockbuster story. The global contest aims to find a manuscript that has the blockbuster potential to be a smash hit in top grossing transmedia formats — namely print book, ebook, App, audio book, graphic novel, video game, web/TV series, film, and merchandise. For more information about World’s Best Story, please visit www.WorldsBestStory.com.

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FastPencil is leveraging the disruptive trends of self-publishing, social media, print-on-demand, and ebook distribution to deliver a new unified online service that streamlines the book publishing process offering more control and higher margins for authors. The FastPencil writing and publishing service enables authors to create books online, collaborate, publish, and distribute from one engaging, simple, cost-effective solution. For more information please visit FastPencil.com.


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