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It is a story of a fantasy that became a reality. The fantasy in which the most treasured thing is Love.

Chapter 1

Morning Walk

You see yourself lying on bed with closed eyes and twisted lips forming a smile, just waking up from the sweetest dream. Sunshine touches your eyes cuddling your eyelashes in its warm hands… You are awake…
Every day you wake up hearing the sounds of the sea. You put your feet on a wooden floor walking to your window which is wide and clear and you see the ocean as blue as paradise fused with the sky warmed by sunlight from Heaven. You open the window and fresh salty wind kisses your face. You take a breath and close your eyes and smile. Then you go to the kitchen – a fresh pitcher of juice and fruits are already prepared on the table… You take a melon – it is melting on your lips: so light and refreshing. You look around the house – something very familiar is present there, you feel cosy, warm, loved. This is your home shared with someone who cares. That all that matters, isn’t it?
You hear the sounds of your fury friend barking and jumping all over you – your dog. Both of you take a nice long “journey”. Walking, you can feel cool but soft sand under your feet. This is an early morning, sun is still waking up as everything around you. Looking around… It is quiet peaceful and beautiful, you feel serene… Sounds of sea-gulls break into your thoughts and remind you how alive this place is. There are so many colours, sounds, motions – we call our island “paradise on earth”… You walk further looking at the endless ocean – its waves touching your feet. You feel chills at first and then it is familiar warm water you know every morning. This joyful feeling in your heart never leaves you. You slow the pace and turn around looking at the house, That is not the ocean, sky or forest, not even the whole island that make you feel that way. That is your other half sharing this life with you. Before you met this person, you thought you were as a whole, but then meeting your other half, you understood how complete you can be. It is mutual belonging was written long time ago before you were born. You always knew what or who was missing in this perfect life you had. When something is missing it is not perfect. No things, or money, or success will make you perfect. That is someone who can love you with all your imperfections – this someone “makes you perfect” while doing it…
It was not always easy to believe in your dreams, to reach your goals, to be patient and truthful. Life was not created to be pale easy and soundless. It is vivid in its bright and dark colours. And we have to pass through each of them because if we don’t, how can we define light from dark?
The best things are believed to come when it is not expected. The best is yes to come at the end. What if there is no end and no beginning. So we never can predict or sense it. Life, love and death – those three are unpredictable.
Everything is born every moment – from a human-being to people’s dreams.
One minute you breath and next one you are gone – we cannot control it.
One day you are empty, lonely, hopeless, and next second you are touched, cared and loved. This person always been there, this person listened to your dreams and fantasies, walked you through best and worst, excepted you as you are without asking to change…No matter what- you’ll love this person always as you belong together.
Some things are meant to be as this long walk along the ocean this early morning, when your heart spoke to you reminding about what is true beauty about. It is not the smile, or eyes or arms… it is the sound of the heart beating next to you who makes you feel alive not for a moment but for eternity.
Keep walking and you find these eyes looking at you with openness, warmth and love. They have always belonged to you.
You wake up again… But it was not a dream. You wake up because you feel that your dream is life you live.

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