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Carly Sullivan is a typical All-American teenager in every way, except for one… She kills people.
Before you judge her too harshly, you should probably know that it is not her fault. The problem is faulty wiring. While some families pass along cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, in the Sullivan family, you inherit the Murder Gene.

Chapter Chapter 1

The Epic


A New Adult Thriller

Chapter #1 The Epic

You know it’s been a good night when the blood on your hands is not your own. She quickly scanned the lobby of the hotel for any signs that someone may have been a witness. Feeling confident that no one had seen anything suspicious, and knowing that no one really pays much attention to kids, she knew that she had beaten the odds and literally gotten away with murder…again! She slow strolled out of the lobby of the opulent hotel and disappeared into the dark of the night. As she rounded the corner, she saw that the rented, black Camry was right where it was supposed to be, so quickly she flung the car door open and hopped into the passenger side of the vehicle. She suppressed a smile when the familiar carrot-top young man in the driver’s seat, grinned at her and asked if everything was okay. Okay? She thought… Damn, it’s way better than okay, it’s fucking fantastic in fact she felt like a rock star. Settling into the short journey home, she rested her head on the back of the dark gray leather car seat and began to relive events that led up to this night…

It’s the toxic combination of her blood and the moon. She was almost 100% sure of that. These two forces were ganging up on her and she’s not sure of why, but what she did know was this….whatever this is, it’s real and it’s powerful. She smiled as she thought back on her first Epic. That’s the name that she had given them, her episodes. She wished there was a fancy technical word for it, but all she knew was that whenever it happened, the feelings that washed over her were all-consuming, exhilarating, terrifying, and memorable, you know…Epic.

She remembered her first time and how, when it happened she was only about ten years old and it scared the living crap out of her. She didn’t know whether to shit or go blind, as her Grandpa would say, but over the years, she has finally gotten somewhat used to it, and in fact, at eighteen, she loved the feeling.

However, since her 18th birthday, the Epic’s were happening more regular and have become more demanding. Recently a white-hot, burning sensation accompanied the intensity of the Epic. Things are escalating and she definitely likes the new direction. She felt her blood boil within her veins like hot lava bubbling up in an erupting volcano. As the lava rises up, so intense is the heat that it literally scorches her insides and then the craving begins. The hunger of the craving envelopes all five of her senses and starts clawing away at the base of her skull, searching, in a frenzy, for a way out… an escape… some type of release from her body. Still she doesn’t know what it that she craves or what will finally satisfy the hunger, but she knows from a quickening within her, the reveal will come very soon and of course, it will be Epic.

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