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In the end, there was darkness. There was cold. There was war. There was him.

‘And as I lay there pretending to sleep, I listened to his breathing; and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was meant to be, or if he was planning on killing me in my sleep. I debated this in my head for the longest time that night, and as it turns out that he was something for my future I wasn’t expecting; let alone that I really needed.’
Ayana is known as the girl in town who randomly showed up one day with a cryptic story that no one seems to have straight, and little to no knowledge about where she is. But once someone with the intent on getting her story shows up, her persona starts to break. Will she be uncovered for who she truly is, or is there enough magic in this world to keep her hidden for just a while longer?

Chapter 1

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She sat there looking at the stars top of a small hill just outside of town. It was nearly a span since she relocated. This also meant that it had been nearly a span since Wenol ceased to exist due to random attacks that had happened just moments after she vanished.
One can only assume that deep in her heart she felt slight remorse for what had happened to those people; along with one could assume she herself had done just about everything in her power to prevent it from happening. However, one can only assume.
Instead, she started over. New name, new town, no one knew; well aside from that she is “poor orphan girl who owns nothing, not even much to clothe herself,” yet this is how she liked it, she thrived off knowing that’s how people saw her.
The wind had just started to pick up blowing her hair this way and that, making her already disheveled appearance ever more rugged; which she thought was excellent in the most normal way one could, if one could even consider such a thing normal.
As she finally made it to a stand she sighed and looked away from the sight of the night sky that was oh so heavenly in her eyes, and slowly made her way down the hillside. She made sure to keep up a slight limp and a cough every few minutes just so to maintain her faux appearance should anyone be looking out her way and caught a glimpse.
Everyday strangers would stumble pass her without the slightest clue as to who she really was, and every day she too would grow more and more convinced that everything was fine and that she truly was only an orphan girl who made her way from long distances just to be in a nice as town as this.
That is when she let her guard down; that is when everything went to hell.
The tales of what happened that night ranged from a chimney fire gone wrong, to demons attacking due to a sorceress who was trying to free herself from her captivity within the deepest parts of the earth. And of course, to the second most obvious conclusion; the attempt of an assassination of a Duke who was staying in town. Yet none of those seemed to be the case at all.
They say that the most obvious however, is the lingering fear that the world was no longer safe from the terrors they were told as kids.
The ones that come to towns, and call themselves The Name, (for they of course are not the creative sorts; if they were I do not think they would simply just kill. No, they may make things much worse for those who lived in the towns they had chosen to attack; and because they are not creative people remain extremely grateful.)
They say the name only come around when there is something in the world they want, they need or someone who just plainly made them mad. This my friends, is where our story officially begins.

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