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My story touches base on topics that teens like to secretly binge on. A love story that isn’t completely cliché and the dark back story. My story touches topics like depression and self harm which my protagonist aides on conquering. It’s a love story where you give up everything to help the one you love.
It’s dramatic, theatrical and a love story

Chapter 7


Dinner was great. Having actual meat again was an amazing feeling. I never reaqlized how much I would miss and love a piece of beef. Damen and I each ate a whole chunk which of course made us full to the brim. At dinner we made light conversation through the sounds of metal scraping on plates as we cleared the food.

Now we stand in shoes with blades on top of the frozen pond, dancing on the ice. Luckily my father had Damen’s size in skate and mine still fit from last year! The night was upon us as it was nearing nine o’clock. The stars shone over head in the sea of navy. After dinner we ran to grab our coats and skates, lacing them up on the picinic table outside. Now we hold hands on the ice, Damen moving very swiftly. “You’re good” I comment as he skates a perfect figure 8. “Mom coached figure skating when I was three. They always needed a male lead for competitions” he blushed. “I figure skated when I was eight. Can you do the lift?” I tempted. He smiled under the night sky, rushed forward and hoisted me high; my arms spread out into the air and I felt as if I were soaring through the sky. We twirl before he sets me gently down on my feet. “Woah, blood rush” I felt dizzy, exhasperated even. “To answer your question- I believe my five medals of first place say I’m amazing” he winked and started twisting and twirling.

His movements were beautiful, simple and precise. My heart was in awe as I finally seen the boy with a broken heart and soul; full of destruction be amazing at something that is so calming, sweet and simple. “Why are you just standing there? Come skate” he called and of course I followed.

. . .

“I’ll make it!” he argued, this makes me smile that he’s so persistant to do something for me. “Fine. I’ll wait here” I giggled sitting on the leather couch in the seating room just off the kitchen.

We had just come in from the blistering cold and felt the need to warm up before bed. The clock read eleven and I had a busy day planned for us. Across the room I could make out Damen’s back- he wore a red long sleeved shirt only because of skating. Tommorow short sleeved shirts only. “Shit!” he hollered, dropping a mug to the ground; it shattered almost instantly.

“Baby?” I call, quickly getting up off the couch and running over to the mess all over the ground. “I’m fine, I just burnt myself” he muttered. I looked at his shirt, it was soaked in the burning liquid and cocoa powder; if I left it the burn would stick. “Shirt off” I demanded, grabbing the hem and assisting him on the at of quickly removing it. Underneath the fabric was a large red burn on his upper chest, I surveyed it trying to figure out what to do. “I’m fine, really let it be” he shot under his breath. “Shut up and walk over to the sink” I dragged him, turned the water on ice cold and grabbed a piece of paper towel. I dabbed the coolness on the burn and automatically felt him wince. I finish and throw the paper towel out, grab the gauze from the cupboard and lightly wrap it around his chest to prevent any infections.

“No more” he begged looking as if tears were about to spring to his eyes. “Its all done for now, I’ll change the gauze in the morning and it will likely blister but the worst is over” I sounded so official, my voice always even and calm. “Thanks” he leaned in to hug me but I stopped him. “No hugs until you’re healed. I don’t want to damage you anymore. But what you can have is one of these” I kissed him very softly, making sure not to touch the burned spot. 
“I guess that will do for now” he teased. 
“Forget the hot chocolate. Let’s go up to bed” I muse. 
“We can’t just leave the mess here!” he sounded so exhausperated it seemed cute. 
“Yes we can. I got a maid whos being real bitchy as of late” he raises an eyebrow
“Don’t worry about it” I tell him, grabbing his hand subtly and leading him to the staircase.

Once inside the comfort of the lodge themed bedroom we begin to dress for bed. Damen reaches for a new shirt to which I take from him. “Damen, don’t agrrevate the burn. Sleep shirtless tonight- I wont mind” I half flirted and half was dead serious. He set the shirt back down, stripped down to his boxers and prepared the bed so that I could change without an ‘audience’. Quickly I threw on fuzzy pajama pants and one of his T-shirts which I decided I’m going to wear more often now. I climb into bed beside him, very careful so I wont touch his burn.

“I burnt myself, Im not dying. You can sleep a little closer” he laughed, I realized I was exceptionally as far away from him as I could be without falling off the bed. I inched slightly closer to which he laughed at my efforts and pulled me real close beside him. “I don’t want to hurt you. Why don’t I sleep in my room across the hall” I suggest. “No. You will sleep in this bed for the duration of the weekend. Now shush, go to sleep Cecelia” he murmered, kissing my forehead and rolling over. “I love you” he whispered, I blush even in the dark and nod, sleep groeing deep in my eyes.

. . .

The first thing I felt was my arm being shooken awake, light filled the room and a pleasant aroma followed. “Wake up sleepy head” Damen said softly. The first thing I see is him; he was wearing a baby blue t-shirt, a pair of grey sweatpants and in his hands were a tray. “Breakfast in bed for two” he kissed my cheek and crawled back into bed beside me. Automatically I can feel the warmth of his body close to mine and the tray on my lap. I prop myself up on the pillow so I’m sitting beside him- now being able to see the French toast, strawberries covered in whipped cream and breakfast sausages- Delicious. I reach for one of the strawberries and Damen slaps away my hand gently, I stare at him and he winks “What did I tell you about touching my strawberries” he joked. I grabbed a bright red one and popped it into my mouth. “I can be a bad ass too” I teased. He smiled and ate one himself.
“You look stunning this morning” he flirted
“Lies. I look like shit in the mornings, you know this”
“Hush and eat” he smiled, grabbing a piece of perfectly golden toast
“So today I planned a hike to the top of the really big hill in snowshoes, we’ll come back for lunch then go tobogganing, come in where I’ll make hot chocolate and have a movie night” I told him proudly. I am so excited for the days events to come and to learn more about Damen Holland. 
“Sounds like a good plan. For lunch I will cook you soup and sandwiches without burning myself” he laid heavily on the sarcasm.
“Maybe just sandwiches, I don’t want your hurt anymore” 
“Oh shut up and enjoy your breakfast!” he smirked as I took another bite.

When we had finished Damen ran the dishes downstairs and left me to dress. I put on some dark wash jeans, a red long sleeved shirt and an oversized sweater of his. I ran to the mirror and brushed through my hair before observing how I looked. I will admit, I looked a little dorky but none the less adorable. “Do you want me to do the- Woah. Damn girl” Damen entered the room cockily; as usual. “I stole your sweater. My bad” I winked, walking right past him out the door. “Get changed” I shot over my shoulder and let’s just say that was that.

. . .

“Where are we going” Damen asked. I had covered his eyes with a scarf and was leading him to the little shack outside to which as a child was my play house. “Ok open” I smiled, untying the scarf from around his head. “What is this?” he asked gensturing to a small wooden room. The walls were painted only by my paintings as a child, the room had many toys, water toys and what we came for specifically; snow shoes. “It’s my fort. But we only came for the snowshoes” I exclaimed. Damen bent down so he was on the ground, examining one of my paintings; a fairy creature. “This says you were… 8?” he asks, running his fingers over the pink and purple fairy creature with fiery red hair filled with flowers. “Yep, I am a pro at painting now. My father was too. He taught me since I was in diapers” I joked walking over to the snow shoe shelf. “You’re what in a snow shoe?” I ask, scanning over the shoes looking for a 8 in womans. “Im a 11” he mutters. I take both shoes out and hand one pair to him. I quickly fasten mine to my foot and watch Damen do the same. “The mountain is almost a 5K walk. No problem” I smile as panic reaches his face. “Let’s go” I motion and begin waddling out the door. Damen is behind me and for once this sexy, mysterious man looks stupid. “Never snow shoed?” I ask
“Nope. And so far I’m not a fan”
“It feels weird at first but you need them so you don’t sink” I laugh.
“So it’d be bad if I chucked them at the tree and walked in my boots?” 
“What is at the top of the hill anyways?” he snapped, irritated. 
“A gorgeous view”

For as long as I remember every single trip up we would all hike to the top of the hill and look out into the wide world. The height of the hill was relatively quite large and it looked out over the treetops and valleys. It was a place of peace, quiet and empty mindedness.

“So you’re telling me that we’re hiking for a view? Damen questioned.
“Not any view. A special view. Damn city boy doesn’t know true beauty” I laughed. 
“I’m sorry, I stay in city limits most of the time. Its easier”
“At the top of the hill is where I go every trip. If you’re going to accompany me again you will do the hike once again” I muttered.
“I’d hike 100 hills if it’d make you happy”
“No. What’d make me happy is for you to climb this one without complaining” I urged. He never responded, just continued to walk to the edge of the hill. We both looked up and took in the monstrosity. “We’re going to hike that?” Damen asked, his tone even and his breathing heavy. I nod then take the first step on the hill; automatically feeling the steepness. “Use the tree’s to assist you” I suggest when I see him struggling. He latches onto a blue spruce and pauses for a moment to catch his breath. “Come on slow poke” I smile, he looks at me with the ‘are you kidding’ look then continues up the hill. “What do you want for Christmas?” he asks out of the blue.
“Nothing” I shrug
“Tell me”
“I want a unicorn and a leprechaun and maybe even a time travelling machine” I joked
“Seriousness please”
“It doesn’t make it sound serious when you say seriousness” I mocked
“I don’t want anything. I have all I need and more” my voice trailed.
“Clothes? Makeup? Electronics? Toys? I don’t know what you’d like”
“I like sentimental gifts” I sigh
“Hearts and flowers type stuff?”
“Yeah. I like all that thoughtful stuff”
“What do you want for Christmas?” I pursed. Truthfully I hadn’t even thought about Christmas. It was less than a week away til Christmas vacation! I didn’t think much of it because it was a family holiday and I had no family. 
“I have you. Need I say more?” he smiled a sexy half smile that made me melt.
“What kind of cologne do you wear?”
“It’s Mountain Range – Sexy woods”
“That’s a great name” I joked and we both snickered.
“So I’ve been told” 
“What is your hobbies?”
“I like skiing, skating, drawing, skateboarding and surfing as well as staring into the deep abys of the Canal, how about you?” he smiled
“I like painting, writing, singing, reading and dancing” 
“You really are a princess!”
“Shut up! I am not!” I hit his arm with my feminine, light punch.
“Favourite colour?” he asks
“Pink. You?” I say as I watch a smile play back up onto his lips.
“Yellow. It reminds me of sunshine”
“Favourite food?”
“I thought we’ve went through this. Strawberries” he laughed lightly. I felt my hand gravitate towards his, searching for the woolen mitten that matched mine. He grabs a hold and we walk in silence, like two people should do. Examining the snow peaked trees, the misty grey sky, the chipmunk that ran up the tree; his mouth full. Many people don’t allow themselves these simple pleasures that mother earth has granted us. Serenity.

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