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Bobbie was the hipster’s hipster. She knew it. Everybody knew it. Talented, educated, creative. She even had her own startup making custom yoga clothing for the rich and famous in and around New York city. Never in her life did she expect to meet Liam. Nor could she have foreseen that he would be the one to teach her the secrets of…

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Liam had been a guest for a little over two weeks now. She felt like a revolution had occurred in her body, her mind and her psyche, and she really didn’t know what to expect next.

The cottage was a perfect place for her pilgrim, as she liked to call him, and her precious village had welcomed him, in spite of his tattoos, long hair and obvious libertine genius appeal. The city was great for business, not for living and her cottage retreat was her prized possession.

Liam oozed a spiritual cool that all of her clients relished, but he had a bouncer look about him that was even further enhanced by his skills as an actor of mighty proportions, and that made everybody in her little nook of a world — a mix of artists driving vintage rust buckets and white collar crime lords driving Bentleys — loved her even more, because she found him and brought him “home”.

“You want to go to my happy place?” Bobbie’s asked. Liam didn’t know how to respond. “I swear to God if I ever get into the movie business I’d shoot a movie there, it’s so awesome”.

“Pray tell, where is this happy place of yours?” Liam asked with a grin.

“Just down the street. It’s called the Wrecking Ball and the local beer is fantastic. You won’t believe the characters there. And the decor. I swear it would be perfect for a David Lynch movie.”

Bobbie got really excited about the chance to take Liam to her favorite bar. She had been through every up and down with her business and had been profoundly affected by the requirements of a start-up. In spite of her outward appearances, and as sexy-cool as she made herself appear in public, she was burned out, and Liam knew it.
It was obvious to her that going to the bar and being crazy with a bunch of strangers was better than going to AA — for now. Liam, of course, was aware of this and decided to intervene.

“That sounds awesome Honey but let me give you a few points before we go. I’m feeling the flow really strongly now and my meridians are already connecting with yours. I can feel it. Right here, coming out of my right forearm, see?”

Liam extend his right forearm to Bobbie and showed her how all his points and meridians were zipping out of him and connecting to her. He even made a sound effect and gooned like Cramer on Seinfeld, and the whole thing was awesomely ridiculous, but true.

“This doesn’t happen very often. Well, I should say that it happens all the time, hehe, I can’t help it, but it’s rare that I allow myself to fully extend and connect with those that I treat. It requires a profound connection and deep trust. I only do it for my wife and closest friends, and now it’s happening with you and I’m so glad.”

Bobbie could actually see what Liam was talking about somehow. Maybe it was her imagination but her eyeballs could clearly see the energy tendrils shooting out of Liam’s forearm, like tiny snakes or something out of Spider-Man. She waited for his next move.

“I’m just gong to do a few pressure points and we can go after that.”

Liam got up from his chair and swished behind her. He put his hands on either side of her head and began pressing on eight specific points with a powerful thumb, and she swooned in blissful pain, and all the knots yielded, finally, under the pressure of his mastery.

“Goddamn Liam!” Liam said “Don’t speak”. And she could feel her entire body drop off, like a ripe fruit falls from the tree of its own accord, and she suddenly forgot who, what and where she was. “Finally” Liam thought to himself and proceeded to what he liked to call his “coup de Grace”. She had not experienced this before, and he was going to relish the moment.
Liam’s “coup de Grace” was something like a Vulcan pinch and could put anyone to sleep. Not in an instant like Spock. But within a few minutes, before you know it, ciao Bella, you’re in the arms of Orpheus and asleep for the night. And before long, Bobbie was asleep, as he had intended from the first, to avoid the cacophony of theWrecking Ball and all the psychic garbage he knew he would’ve had to endure. No judgement; it was just in his nature, in the nature of his body, to absorb the pain and purify those around him.

Bobbie woke up the next morning all tucked-in on the couch. Liam had put a her favorite angora blanket to keep her warm. It was now 5:40 AM. She would usually freak out at such a thing — sleeping in your clothes on the couch, and she hadn’t had drink — because she had to go to work, had to shower, get her ass to the train and take the long ride into town for a 9:00AM meeting wit one of her suppliers.
She knew the routine so she got herself together. She felt really good, in spite of sleeping on the couch. Liam was still asleep in the guest room so she tip toed around the house, making coffee, ironing her outfit, taking a shower, and packing her bag with all of the necessities, which mostly consisted of her notebook, favorite pen, iPad and the charger. Never forget the charger.
Bobbie got in the car and made her way to the train station, about twenty minutes away. The train into town was a godsend. It gave her all the time she needed to meditate and get herself in the zone, which she did every time. With a healthy dose of coffee of course.
Bobbie sat back and waited for the train to leave the station. It wasn’t ten minutes into the ride when Bobbie had the most extraordinary experience of her life. Coffee in hand, eyes wide open, she was startled by the sudden appearance of Liam, right before her eyes, like a watery whips of light coming our of nowhere, all grin and sparkly eyes, like the water creatures you see in the movies that suddenly show up either to help the heroes of the story or eat them or something.
Bobbie thought to herself “what the hell are you doing here?” and the Liam creature before her smiled wide and said “The Caretakers sent me to help you, just relax” and out flung his right arm. All the tendrils he had showed Bobbie the night before were clearly visible now. His right hand swung around the back of Bobbie’s head and inserted itself inside her head, underneath her right ear. His fingers proceeded to dance and pop what looked like her energy body to Bobbie’s eyes, which remained open up until now.
Bobbie relaxed. She trusted Liam and was willing to surrender to this experience, whatever it was. She had read about shamans and all sorts of healers who could use their subtle body’s to perform amazing feats of healing but she had never experienced it first hand.
As Liam fiddled with her head, brain, whatever it is that he was doing she thought, Bobbie was startled by what happened next. She had seen all sorts of therapists in the past and could always tell the good ones by how her body responded. Basically, the body has to respond. It should shift, re-align, relax, reposition.
The Liam apparition did three points, and every time her body sank deeper in the seat of the moving train. The outside world didn’t matter anymore. This was the most amazing proof that energy work was real! For her, this was a big deal.
And just as Bobbie thought “Wow” the top of her head began to crack, as if a chick was about to hatch, out, from inside her head. Then, the cracks gave way to an explosion of light, like a massive beam shooting straight up from the top of her head into the sky above.
This lasted for a few minutes, until Bobbie’s phone rang. She answered “uh….” It was Liam. “Hiya honey. So how do you feel? Did like the treatment?” She gushed “Holy crap Liam what the hell was that?”
“That my dear, was a gift that will change your life forever.”

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