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Mom Goes for a Walk is a short story about Mom’s walk, as seen with a daughter

Chapter 1

Mom Goes for a Walk

(*no much sence without the pictures. You can see the whole book here:

Mom goes for a walk

What does mom do during the walk?

She reads.
She draws.
She has been knitting a vest for me.
For the third year in a row now.
When the sun shines, mom gets a tan.
When it drizzles, mom gets wet and whines.
When we find a sandbox, mom plays in the sand.
She also reads. She draws.

She watches ants.
And does ladybird watching too!
She gets so busy during the walk!

And what am I doing?
I am walking my mom.
I am making sure she gets enough fresh air and explores the world around her.
And learns to play with other moms.

Not an easy job!

And the weekend is coming.
Soon, I have to take dad for a walk too.

And what does dad do during the walk?

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Tanja Russita

Uppsala, sweden

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