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A journey into the unknown, “Prophecies & Premonitions is the second in the three book series Paradoxical. Spiritualists, mystics, psychics, and scientists have been called by the Great Power that governs the universe to save the whole of existence. Portals have opened, worlds are colliding, and galaxies are disappearing. What have we wrought!

Chapter 1-2



*A state of apprehension and psychic tension occur-ring in some form of mental distress or disorder.*

Allison awoke from her dream, hoping that she had not screamed aloud. She sat upright in her bed, her heart pounding, her body drenched in sweat. The dream, vision, or premonition she had, was similar, but more intense and terrifying than the previous ones. Even after her father Tucker had disappeared into the aperture that had opened in the sky, she had not had any predeterminations about his fate, however she still had dreams about her brother Ryder.

Ryder was helping with research at the Association of Scientific Research of Phenomena, known publicly as the ASRP. He was a marine biologist invited to participate with Professor Anton Breckenridge and his group of quantum physicists. This group included the professor, and two of his brightest grad students, Monica Greene and Chad Wilson, a good friend of Ryder’s. The Association consisted of Dr. Jonathan Andrews, astrological engineer Nico Papadakis, and meteorologist Sheila Adrieux. Researchers also included paranormal investigators, Dr. Brenda Highland, Derek Marshall, Emma Foster, and Mark Ayers. Her Uncle Simon was there too, and although Allison wanted to stay, he insisted that she return home and be with her mother who was understandably upset about her father’s disappearance. Upon Simon and Ryder’s insistence, Dale Kingsley, Tucker’s shrimp fishing partner, would stay with Allison and her mother so he could keep the business afloat. He would also make sure Allie was safe and away from all the paranormal phenomena and happenings going on at the Association.

She reached for her cell phone to call Ryder and find out if he was okay. She heard her mother calling through her bedroom door asking Allie if she was alright. So she apparently had cried out in her sleep, she thought. Poor mom, she never understood Granddad, Dad’s, and her ability to sense things, or envision events that might or might not come true. Dad had denied the gift for most of his life until he started seeing and knowing things pertaining to the disappearance of his brother Simon.

Now Uncle Simon was back from some sort of alternate world or dimension, and Tucker Ferris was lost. She tried to compose herself and her thoughts as her mother entered the room.

“Allie…what is the matter? Why were you yelling for Ryder,” she questioned. Allison did not want to alarm her mother, at least not until she found out if Ryder was alright. The Ferris family had been through so much already and her mother was in a state of denial, which actually was better than the duress she suffered from anxiety. Thank God Dale Kingsley was here while Ryder and Uncle Simon remained at the Association, hoping to locate and bring her father back as Uncle Simon and that British man had returned.

Allison’s thoughts strayed to the day when her father disappeared and Simon had come back. They were on their way home on the fishing boat, when they saw the old WWI airplane emerge from the aperture in the atmosphere.

They heard the sound of the crash as it nose-dived into the ocean. The whirlwinds started to reverse, and Dale shouted at her to hang on, as he ran to the side of the boat to see if there were people aboard the wreckage of the plane. She had looked up to see her father being suctioned through the same portal that the plane had come from.

Her pretty young face showed signs of duress as she remembered that day. Lost in those dismal thoughts, she was startled when her mother laid her hand on her shoulder, shaking the girl slightly.
“Allison, what is wrong? Are you alright,” her mother asked again.

“I’m okay Mom. Just a bad dream I guess,” she answered. She would not try to explain the dream or the premonition she had because it would upset her mother to the point where she might have an anxiety attack again, or worse. When her father disappeared, her mother suffered such an attack that she was hospitalized for a week, having trouble breathing. The doctor explained that she might have suffered a mild stroke, however the next one could be a heart attack or massive stroke. Allie tried a small smile, to complacent her mother. Mr. Ferris nodded and patted her daughter’s hand.

“I am making breakfast, eggs, bacon, and blueberry muffins,” she told her daughter as she turned to go. “Dale is fixing his thermos and lunch to go out today. I guess there is a school of large prawn he has been tracking.” This got Allie moving. She wanted to speak to Dale about her dream before he left. He understood about her gift, and he witnessed unexplained happenings, the disappearance of Tucker Ferris and Simon Ferris’s return.

“Be right there Mom,” she called already throwing on her robe and brushing her fingers through her hair. She thought about calling Ryder first but then thought, if something happened…someone surely would have called! She hurried down the stairs, almost running into Dale as he was coming up to tell her about the call he received earlier from the Association!


Annie Tahoma left for her walk before the village, or the sun rose. She knew that Soaring Eagle…his Christian name Joseph Waneka, would want to accompany her on her endeavor. However she must go alone for her animal spirit had shown her what she must do. Joseph was the Hatalli, the medicine man of the Navajo village. His sacred name, Soaring Eagle was given to him as an apprentice. Joseph’s animal spirit was the wolf, the spirit of strength, and leadership. Annie’s spirit was the desert horned lizard, sometimes referred to as the horny toad, who had the power to heal…such as she did.

She watched the shadow of the spirit before her as it floated over the desert sand. It slowed for her, waiting until she was almost upon it, and then went ahead a couple more feet. Annie had not brought a lantern for she did not want anyone to see her. The sunrise had less than an hour to come. Suddenly the shadow stopped, and its ethereal form faded as the darkness brightened to where Annie could place the landmarks. Her stomach tightened with foreboding as she recognized the spot where she had been taken through a gateway into another realm years ago. It was close to where the two young hunters had disappeared several months before, and her heart tightened in her chest.

Her breathing became harsh and her blood pounded in her temples as the circle of light began to expand and a blast of swirling cold air emerged from the portal that had opened. Annie held up her hands to shield her eyes from the dust and sand. She stood, a small woman, a healer of the village, until a voice called from inside the gateway. She called back, afraid to go any closer, and that is when someone, or something, came through the portal. Annie swooned, falling to the desert floor, and that is where Joseph Waneka found her, twenty minutes later.


Gregory Guillaume woke in a state of apprehension. He was an Asogwe, a voodoo priest, a believer of the mystic forces of the universe and the Creator of all. His friend Joseph Waneka and the saints and spirits of the one Creator, had empowered him with his own animal guide, the eagle. This gift enabled him the foresight and prescience to know what may occur. The dream he just had was about the Navajo healer, Annie Tahoma. He sensed that she was in danger, and he immediately phoned Joseph, who in turn ran to her house with cell phone in hand.
“She is not here,” he said to Gregory. “Where could she have gone?”

“I believe she is in the desert by the path leading to the river. It is the same location where she was taken years ago,” Gregory confirmed. “It is very close to the camp where the two young hunters disappeared.” Joseph told Gregory that he would find her, and grabbing a lantern and calling for Annie’s son to come with him, he hurried into the desert, a sense of foreboding making him run in the dark pre-dawn desert.

He knelt over her, relieved to find her yet wondering if she was alright.
“Annie,” he said softly, brushing the hair away from her sweat dampened face. She opened her eyes, and then started to flay her arms, her hands striking Joseph as he tried to grab them and reassure her at the same time.
“Annie, it’s me…Joseph he said as Annie’s son Tommy ran up to them. This brought another startled scream from Annie and she tried to pull back from Joseph, her eyes and mouth open wide.

“Shima,” Tommy called to her using the Navajo name for mother. This finally penetrated Annie’s traumatic state, and she ceased struggling. She brought her hand up to Joseph’s face and extended her hand to her son.
“Joseph, Tommy, where am I,” she asked, beseeching them with her eyes.
“You are here Annie, in the desert, half a mile from our village.” She sat up with Joseph’s help, looking around with apprehension.

“What happened,” Joseph asked while Tommy offered his mother a cloth to wipe her face.
“I had a vision,” she explained. “I was to follow my animal spirit to this place to help…someone. The hole, the portal opened and I…heard someone call to me. Then…I don’t know, something happened and that’s all I remember until I saw you.”

She closed her eyes, relaxing against him. Joseph nodded, waiting for Annie to gain her composure when suddenly her eyes flew open. She tried to struggle to her feet looking anxiously around the desert that was just beginning to awaken to the morning dawn.
“Did you see it,” she demanded of the two men! “Did you see whomever or whatever came through the portal?”


Gregory had just finished talking to Joseph Waneka, relieved to hear that Annie Tahoma was safe, but worried about her claim that something had escaped through the portal into this domain. The phenomena of people disappearing into other worlds, seemed now to be in reversal.

Had he somehow been involved with opening unknown dimensions by invoking the Loa, the spirits or saints to ask for guidance and knowledge? He and Joseph had also invoked the animal spiritual guides for their assistance. Had they angered the Creator…the encompassing force and power of the universe? If so, they were not the only ones to ask for abetment.

Gregory’s niece Sheila worked for the Association for the Scientific Research of Phenomena, the ASRP, and they had launched some sort of a rocket equipped with cameras and sound recorders into an aperture that appeared in the atmosphere of the Bermuda Triangle. They had the assistance of a group of physicists and a team of paranormal researchers to try to understand the numerous disappearances within this area. He did not have long to speculate because his cell phone rang. Sheila was on the ID caller.

“Mon Cher, I was just thinking about you,” he said, happy to be speaking to her.
“Onkel Gregory, I…” Sheila put her hand over the mouthpiece to speak to someone else. Gregory waited, anticipating another foreshadowing of events.
“I am sorry Onkel. Dr. Andrews wants to speak to you, if that is alright?”
“Of course my dear. I will speak to you later. “Saints soient avec vous,” he told her in French…May the Saints watch over you. Dr. Andrews spoke into the phone.

“Monsieur Guillaume, I am sorry to interrupt your conversation with your niece, however we need your cognizant pertaining to the situation we find ourselves in at the Association,” Jonathan began.
“Please, call me Gregory. In this present state of extremities, there is no time for formalities,” he responded.

“Yes I agree Gregory. Alright, we have discovered that portals or apertures that open into this world, are different, pertaining to the beings and creatures that exist in these dimensions or alternate worlds. Professor…I mean Anton, has formulated a mathematical equation that explains the possibilities of astral travel through these dimensions to our world…and others. Simon Ferris and Joseph Winslow exemplify the theory of time travel and projection through countless dimensions and worlds and the origin of equilateral forces to balance the fundamental equation between dimensions, astral planes, and the universe.”

“Yes Jonathan, I understand. What do you need from me,” Gregory asked.

“You know about the beings that escaped into this world through the portal that opened in Sheila’s bedroom. The spirits or ethereal beings have all vanished. We use to see them from time to time, floating around the hallways, but they seemed frightened of us. It is the physical creatures that are causing concern. Many of the strange beings have died and some escaped back through the portal when it opened. You see Gregory, it seems they cannot exist in this world. The one creature that stayed, is failing, but refuses to leave Brenda Highland or go back through the portal by itself. This happened less than two weeks ago, and all but this one have died, disintegrated, or simply vanished. I think that certain people, mediums like Brenda, have the ability to open gateways to dimensions and other worlds. Priests, such as yourself and other faiths, are able to bring or abolish entities through rituals and ceremonies. You are a priest, a governor of spiritual and mystic forces. Gregory, what has come into our world, has not survived to return through the dimensional portal. What will happen when the electromagnetism gravitational force that exist between the worlds, needs to equalize the balance of its objectives,” Jonathan asked. “Will it pull people back through as it did when Simon Ferris escaped, and Tucker Ferris disappeared?”


Elaina Tesky felt the familiar clenching of her stomach muscles as she climbed the stairs to the podium. This was the second time she would speak and deliver her message to a magnitude of God’s children. She had at times talked to the locals, and of course the Bishop and her three consociates, Father Lucien, Father Orlon, and Father Sebastian. She looked up as Lucien took her arm to steady her. The Church echoed with excited shouts, and Orlon stood at the platform with his arms raised trying to calm the crowd. Elaina glanced at the beautiful architecture of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Known as the largest church in the world, it was packed with over ten thousand people, along with news commentators and their crews.

The noise, the large structural domes of the Basilica, the heat of the day and the lights, caused the girl to swoon, however Sebastian had closed in behind her, and he and Lucien were able to keep her on her feet. She smiled gratefully at them and nodded her head when they inquired to her wellbeing. They each took her arm as she walked the few remaining steps to the platform. Bishop Stolinski stood at the dais, surrounded by sound equipment attempting to control the level of noise so that the girl could speak. Elaina glanced out over the ocean of people and her lungs constricted with anxiety. She wondered if Abraham, Daniel, Jeremiah or Miriam, the first woman prophet had felt like this before delivering God’s command. She stood beside the Bishop, with Lucien and Sebastian still holding her arms, and waited for her introduction. The podium was crowded with newscasters, reporters, cameras, sound equipment, interpreters and translators from all over the world.

Once again Elaina was filled with apprehension. Millions of people would hear her speak today. She heard the cacophony escalate to the point where she could not hear the Bishop shouting into the microphones. How am I to convey God’s word, she thought. They will not listen, not even to the Bishop! The crowd’s noise became unbearable. There were people shouting, screaming, and crying…in all languages.

Bishop Stolinski slammed his hands down on the pulpit in frustration. He shouted to Lucien to take the girl out through the doors that lead into the garden. The crowd now began to stomp, scream, and fight amongst the magnitude to try and reach the prophet. They overran the stairs, pushing the commentators and guards out of their way, trampling the equipment and each other in their effort to reach the prophet. Lucien, Sebastian, and Orlon formed a protective circle around her, and the Bishop stood in front of them, his scepter raised, trying to thwart the advance of the uncontrolled crowd.

Suddenly the mob stopped their advance, and quieted instantly as the Arch Bishop of Rome appeared at the pulpit. He waited until the whole of the Cathedral was silent, and the trespassers had retreated from the platform. He motioned for Elaina to return to the podium. She was about to deny the request when she felt the apprehension leave her. Looking at the Pope and then past him, she envisioned the beautiful divine light of the angel Sariel. He spoke…although the only ones to hear were Elaina and the four holy advocates who encircled her.

“Come prophet of the Lord. It is your work to deliver the divine message to the children of creation. You know the power and the glory of the will of God though visions, dreams, and the interaction of supernatural phenomena. God provides the thoughts and words of his command and you relay the divine message. You have a revelation to disclose, information which is infallible and authoritative. The magnitude will be illuminated, and they will know that you are a true prophet. The true believer will understand, and apply the message as God’s own word!”

Elaina gently shook free of the hands that held her. With confidence she walked up to the platform where the Pope remanded the stage and the platform to the girl. She began to speak, and not a sound was made until she finished.


Dr. Brenda Highland felt a twinge of pity for the creature that lay in a containment unit at the ASRP. When it had first escaped from the portal, she and the others had been frightened of it, but now it was definitely weakening…actually dying. As she watched, it held up one of its arm-like appendages towards her, and moaned her name… “Brennndddaaaaaa.”
She felt Dr. Jonathan Andrews lay a hand across her shoulder startling her, and causing her to flinch.

“It is the same as yesterday,” he said softly as not to disturb the others who were monitoring the creature’s statistics. She placed her hand over his and shook her head negatively.
“It is worse today Jonathan…much worse. I don’t know how much longer it can survive here in this world. I don’t know what more we can do for it,” she answered, clearly distressed over the creature’s condition.
“It has to go back through the portal the next time it opens,” he responded. “I know it refuses to leave you Brenda, and we have not had time to discover its origins, however if we wait any longer…well, it will die.”

Brenda nodded, and tried not to think of the creature’s reaction should they attempt to force it back through the portal. It had established some sort of connection with her, and did not want to leave her or this world.
Emma Foster walked over to them with a look of distress upon her young pretty face.
“Its respiration is low, and well as its pulse. It will not take any nutrition or water. I don’t know if it will survive this day or even this hour.

Derek Marshall interrupted Emma.
“Mark is monitoring the spectral equipment in Sheila’s bedroom. The portal has been opening at least three times a day. I’m just telling you this…in case we can force it back to its own domain!”

Jonathan put his arm around Brenda.
“It is up to you Dr. Highland. We can bring it into the room. Once the portal opens, it will probably be suctioned back through.”
She turned to look at him.
“But Jonathan…through to where?”


*A story or tale that teaches a moral or spiritual lesson.*

“For over two thousand years, our people have foretold of the birth of the white buffalo. This was to mark a rising in the native nations. Not only was the white buffalo born, she also birthed four white calves which were given to other clans. Now many tribes have risen, reclaiming our ancestral lands…building casinos and other businesses that are thriving. This has allowed native tribes to pour thousands of dollars into education, medicine, and social programs to help our people. Was this a prophecy, a prognostication, or a predetermination of events that would come about? My people believe it was a prophecy,” Joseph concluded.

Gregory nodded, sipping the native tea made from valerian roots that calmed nerves and gave one a feeling of wellbeing.
“Yes I know the tale of the white buffalo and the long due compensation for the loss of your lands,” Gregory responded. “We have a similar determination among our Haitian French Creole forefathers.”

“Please continue Asogwe. We have gathered here to tell of prophecies,” Joseph said, pouring tea into Gregory’s mug. Annie Tahoma nodded, smiling softly. She was relieved that the priest had come to their village.
“I will start from the origin of our religion, so that you may fully understand,” Gregory stated.

“As was foreseen by the Kabye people of West Africa and handed down as our legacy, they foretold the legend of our people’s enslavement. Around the sixteenth century, slaves were brought from West Africa to the region of the Haitian Islands. Most of these people originated from West Africa and practiced a unique religion. When they were taken to Haiti, the slave owners forced them to convert to their religion…Catholic Christianity. The slaves mixed their own beliefs with that of Christians, and that is when Haitian Voodoo came to be. There are many different beliefs, practices, and rituals associated with Voodoo. Different religious denominations do not understand the components of Voodoo, so they contrived that the practice was evil. In spite of this prevalence in people’s minds, Voodoo is spiritual, although some aspects are dark and mystical. According to Voodoo tradition, there is one supreme God, the Bondye…the good God. Regardless of what name we call, we believe in one powerful deity, the Creator of all. We believe the Bondye is beyond reach of our communication, so we invoke the lesser Gods, the Saints or Loa as we call them. There are thousands of these spirits that exist in a hierarchy, and they demand their own celebrations, rituals, and holidays. The Loa receive their power from the Bondye, and communicate with God on behalf of the followers. You have witnessed such a ritual and you were upset by the prophecy that the Loa delivered, Soaring Eagle. Now I will tell you of a prophecy that only the most devout Voodoo priests and followers know!”

Gregory took a sip of his cooling tea to soothe his throat, and then continued.
“The Kabye people of West Africa, foretold of a time when all denominations, religions, and peoples would unite in an effort to understand what our very existence means in energy, physical, the forces of the universe, and the divine plan of the Creator. Could this be the time Joseph? Is this the path which the Loa and our animal spirits have shown us?”

Annie nodded her head in agreement, however Joseph scowled and delivered this statement.
“The animal spirit guides have clearly shown us our destination. The native clansmen are coming together in belief and vocations. The Christians seek answers in retrospect of spiritualism. The mystic forces of the universe have brought the Dine’ and the Voodooists to join together. Gregory, the Loa delivered the premise that…What will be…will be. I still do not understand what it means. Are we supposed to just wait and let whatever happens…happen?”

Gregory finished his tea and shook his head as Annie stood to pour more.
“The animal spirits guide our way, Soaring Eagle. The Loa, the Christian Saints, the Angels merely tell us what we have always known. Through spirituality, through our personal relationship with the Creator, each of us will come to understand the divine plan and the mystical forces that govern the universe.”


Elaina smiled as Father Sebastian indicated the seat next to the Arch Bishop for her. Father Lucien sat to her right, and Father Orlon was seated in front with Bishop Stolinski. The rest of the Vadican was filled with priests and holy men. This time she was calm and confident as she faced the diocese.

“I know many of you question my prophecies and their meanings. You know the story of Jeremiah. We as Christians know Jeremiah as the heart and love of God and he is known in the bible as the advocate who spiritualized and individualized religion. He relentlessly ministered upon each ones individual relationship with God. Although he resisted the call of the prophet at first, the Lord touched his mouth so he might speak His word, and henceforth, Jeremiah lost all inhibitions and was not afraid to speak or to go where he was sent. This is revelation, the Divine Providence and refers to God’s continuous upholding of existence and natural order of the universe,” she explained.

For a minute, there was complete silence and then several people started talking at once until the Pope stood and beckoned for them to be still. Once this was achieved, he told the acolytes that their inquiries would be answered in a mannerly fashion. An elderly priest from Portugal was the first to ask a question.
“Yes we know the Prophet Jeremiah. What we do not know is how his prophecies pertain to what is happening now, and what will happen henceforth.

“God wants each of us to know him, to have a personal relationship in the divine spirit. Only when we attain this relationship, will we understand the turmoil that is upon us now,” Elaina explained. “The children of the earth must unify, cast off their prejudices, self-righteousness and religious inhibitions.”

Her last phrase caused an uproar among the parsonage. Once again the Arch Bishop rose to take control. He held his scepter high until all were silent once more. He nodded at Bishop Stolinski to come forth, and then spoke in an authoritative manner.

“We know of Jeremiah through the bible and our Christian teachings. Jeremiah was a prophet to many other dominations and diocese as I will let Bishop Stolinski explain. Please hold your comments until he has finished, and I will acknowledge your concerns in conclusion.”

The Bishop stood before the congregation and began.
“Jeremiah is found in the New Testament of the Roman Catholic bible. Jewish history names him as the weeping prophet because he witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem after his warnings and prophecies fell on deaf ears! In the Tisha B’Av, he is a source of courage to his people, by pointing out the path that would lead them to their redemption.

As with many other prophets in the Hebrew bible, Jeremiah is regarded as a prophet in Islam by many Muslims. According to Ahmadis, the memorization of the Qur’an fulfils Jeremiah’s prophecy: I will put my law within them, and I will write it upon their hearts! Jeremiah is a prophet of mention in many holy writings, and a prophet of many nations. For all times and in every generation, God has anointed a prophet to speak to the nations and kingdoms of the earth. In addition to the Book of Jeremiah, and Lamentations, he wrote an autobiography entitled, “Who Have Heard Me.” This had to do with the sufferings and persecution he endured when he predicted the fall of Jerusalem. Jeremiah was rejected and reviled by his peers in the religious world. Jeremiah was called by God during the darkest days in the Old Testament history. His prophecies were rejected by many and received by few. Because of his sorrow over the sins of his people, Jeremiah’s persecution was both physical and mental. God commanded that Jeremiah write down his prophecies. When they were read to King Jehoiakim, he became enraged and cut the scrolls into strips and burned them in a fire. Both message and messenger had been rejected, yet God told him again to write them down.”

Bishop Stolinski paused to catch his breath. Before any could voice their views the Pope stood before the microphones.
“Brethren, the concept is clear. Jeremiah foretold of the destruction of Jerusalem and his prophecy went unheeded. He spoke of individual spirituality with God, yet religions were formed. We must remember, God is not religious, He is spiritual. That is what Elaina is trying to convey. We must unify in our beliefs and faith less we fall like the ancient cities in the bible. Each person must find their own spiritual connection with God. This is the time of revelation, we need concinnity with God…and each other. Already I have met with Islamic and Jewish representatives to discuss the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The people of these lands have asked for our guidance in bringing their hopes of peace before God. The entire world is praying for the coordination of peace and conformity. Let us start here, among each of you and your congregations. Listen to your hearts and souls. Listen to Elaina Tesky and her prophecies. There are others from every denomination and religious sectors on the earth. Pray to God for guidance and deliverance. This is what He wants of us. Now go in peace, and spread the word of the prophet among the magnitude!”


“The term apparitions is used for visual, or paranormal manifestations. A spirit can take the form of an apparition, however all apparitions are not spirits or ethereal. These forms of entities might not be conscious of their surroundings or themselves. Most professionals in paranormal fields, use the term apparition to describe all visual manifestations, however there are different types of apparitions,” Dr. Highland explained.

Emma Foster was the next to speak.
“We have what we refer to as crisis apparitions. This is when a person is dying or has passed and appears in spirit form to their family and loved ones. They want to give the family the message that they have left the physical world. These visualizations also appear to people in dreams. Ghosts of the deceased appear to family to others that are grieving for that person’s soul. They appear in order to give information to family about unsettled or unfinished business that they feel should be taken care of.”

Mark Ayers continued.
“Deathbed apparitions appear to people who are very close to death. They can be deceased relatives, angels or biblical figures. These visuals can be comforting and ease the transition between life and death. People believe that these are guides that lead us into the tunnel of light and everlasting peace through eternity.”

Dr. Highland nodded at Derek Marshall. He gave the summarization to the discussion.

“Apparitions have been thoroughly studied by parapsychologists and other paranormal researchers since the nineteenth century. They can vary in characteristics and some are very lifelike in their movement and how they look. Some do not resemble people or anything at all, and can appear as patches, or some form of light. They can appear, and then disappear in the same manner. Some entities have their own special qualities. Some have odors, some can make sounds, and some can cause a change in temperature and atmospheric pressure. Most apparitions appear for a reason…to give comfort, to tell of their passing, or to give important information to a loved one. Others that appear are what we call imprint manifestations or more commonly known as ghosts!”

For a moment, everyone in the room was lost in thought. Chad Wilson, a physicist and the agnostic member of this group of scientists and investigators looked directly at Dr. Brenda Highland.
“Then what is that thing that came from the portal in Sheila’s bedroom wall,” he asked.
At that moment, she had no answer.

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