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The story centres the main character Abe, the legendary spirit of Osiris who was sent by the Creator millenniums ago to capture the dark soul of power forged by the devil on behest of the Sorcerer King Agares but series of betrayals occur. The Osiris washed away the forces of evil, confined them and vanished with the dark soul. Before doing so, it erased the memories of other kings and so the legend remains unclear. It was prophesied that the devil and Agares shall once again return to fulfill their unpaid debts and only the spirit of Osiris will be able to stop the human and supernatural realms to be taken over by them. Millenniums later when everything almost faded, evil started to rise up again and Abe took birth. When destiny starts to call him, he gets involved in things not to be meddled with, starts his legendary journey and course of events keep changing drastically.

Will he be able to fulfill his destiny? or everything’s gonna perish?……

Only one way to find out the fate and the Creator’s plans.

Chapter 13

Abe's Escapade

Abe’s POV :

The fremd man with his outlandish accent advanced towards us making me to dread upon his grotesque figure as I noticed my enemies ahead scared half to death, standing strong and erect upon the misty rocks with their eyes covered with respect.

The fremd creature, astonishing me to
the pinnacle of human thoughts, though it was simply a mere concept compared to what I’ve experienced till now, was turning into a new figure with splendid curves or I should say, he looked as if the living example of human excellency of beauty.

The man advanced towards me with a  sly smile on his face that I couldn’t decipher and finally stood in front of me.

The guy was wearing a black robe with red mixed with it and nothing to cover his long, grey greasy hair. He had a pair of marble eyes that shone like a star.

Breaking a long period of awkward silence, Hel finally spoke, ‘With all due respect sir, you don’t belong here. You should leave’.

The man ignoring her, looked into my eyes that was now covered with faintness blurriness and spoke, ‘Hello, Abe! ‘. I simply was just shocked! ‘Did he just speak my name or I’m dreaming. he?’, I think to myself and just stand motionless.

Deciphering my reaction, he spoke again, ‘Oh, pardon. I’m Osyla and….let time tell about my identity’ and looking towards the others he said, ‘What is he doing here? ‘. ‘What else? we’re gonna slaughter I mean sacrifice him’, Renorcyx said with a tone of disrespect that slightly enraged the man but brushing it right away he said, ‘Don’t test my patience. I know what you guys are up to. Believe me, if I weren’t compelled to stay out of this, I would’ve destroyed you all long ago.’

‘Who, exactly is.this guy?’, I thought to myself and suddenly Osyla took something like a wand from his robe  that immediately turned into a long stick with a silver gem at the peak.

He put the stick above my head and chanted some gibberish that I couldn’t  exactly catch and surprisingly, it started to radiate some blue light and my body started to burn.

‘Aa..Aaahhh’, I screamed with untolerable pain and cried out, ‘S-top!’. I was taken aback by the burning and my body started to move on it’s own. Something just bursted out inside of me and a massive windy force spurt out of me that had almost flown away everyone save Osyla.

Osyla took away his stick but something started to glow on my back. It was my mark. The mark of Osiris. ‘What did you do to me?, I yelled and added, ‘Why is my birth mark glowing?’

‘Listen to me carefully Abe! I have nullified the confining spell casted on you by the sorcerer sage when you were a baby. Your aura will now gradually get stronger and stronger until you finally become the wielder of the spirit of Osiris. The spirit had always been within you and now, it’s your job to gain control over it and merge with it’, Osyla threw me in the air using some magic as he said and I discovered myself in the human realm.

I was still amidst the shock of what happened and unable to remember anything. Gracefully, I regained my sense of thinking and first of all experimented my new powers.
I closed my eyes as I began concentrating on what has been happening in my absence and surprising I could see everything in front of my eyes in a vision like form.

My heart knew no bound of joy as I discovered the secret behind Jane turning into a dark creature and tears of happiness were dropping from my eyes as I started to laugh with periods and thanking the Almighty.

I heard that hew supernaturals could teleport from one realm to the other. To speak the truth I was just too excited and already believed that I could do anything. No sooner had I closed my eyes and wished to teleport to the vampire realm than I opened my eyes but discovered myself in the wolf realm.

Unfortunately I found myself hanging in the middle of a pack of rogue wolves surrounding myself about to jump at me.

Without losing any precious time, I tried it again, a little more concentrated and got saved just at the nick of time. Waking up in the vampire realm I noticed something different.

The surroundings were too much dark and the sky was different. Atmosphere started to get heavy, massive winds were gushing from all directions. ‘What! I can’t believe this’, I exclaimed with wonder as I noticed a humongous whirlwind, so strong that I could’ve never imagined until now.

The whirlwind was absolutely amethyst with no stability and to my surprise, DRAGONS started to emerge out of it and by issues, they were about to destroy everything and suddenly I could sense the presence of my mate, my love.

I can’t tell what came over me and believe me when I say, the things I then started doing wasn’t simply under my control. The spirit of Osiris took over me and the next thing I saw was that I kicking those dragons’ butts  in a way that I couldn’t but laugh. It was like they, even after being the strongest, were simply no match for me and a few thunder strikes from me was enough to drive them away.

Well….it was a bit of lie. I couldn’t actually control the new gained power and though I wasn’t doing anything, I wasn’t strong enough to defeat them. Somehow I managed to sent them back and thank the Almighty that I could disperse the portal. I simply took it inside of me where it got nullified though I couldn’t figure out how it happened.

I fell on the ground as it had cost all of my energy and I started advancing towards my love taking my heart in my hands. She ran towards me and before I could’ve even say Hey!, she jumped over me giving me a bone crushing hug. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t emotional and wanted to shower all my love to her as I wanted the same but I was still so much conservative on expressing emotions. No matter how much I suffered I could never tell anyone that I love them, not even my parents.

‘J-Jane….ca..nt…bre..a..the’! I exclaimed as she had held me so tightly and believe me when I say you don’t what an angel’s strength is like. ‘Oh, Abe! I thought I almost lost you. don’t you dare leaving me alone’, she exclaimed with heartfelt pain and beating on my back as she kept crying like a heartbroken baby.

Maybe I would never agree but I could never see her in that condition and now after knowing how much she had to go through, I just couldn’t forgive myself. I’d rather die than seeing a my love sad let alone a single drop of tear in her eyes.

‘It’s okay, love! I’m here now’, I consoled her and finally she let me go but still sobbing on my chest. ‘Abe….you don’t know….’, she tried to speak but I stopped her saying, ‘I know!’ and added, ‘Don’t worry. I’m never gonna leave you again and I’m not letting anyone drift us apart’ as she looked at me amazed with those dreamy, shiny forest green teary eyes so innocent that I could leave the whole world for her.

I allowed myself to to fall into the world of romance kissing her with such intensity of love that no one would’ve ever bestowed upon anyone but alas! It wasn’t the right time for it now and forced myself to let go after a soft and gentle romantic kiss.

I gave her a warm hug and then coach Dean and the Vampire Commander approached us. ‘Your Majesty! and Coach!’, I greeted them with respect but instead they bowed before me saying ‘It’s our honour to be in your presence, O holy spirit’ making me embarrassed.

Yes. I was, embarrassed. It didn’t matter who I was but they were still elder to me.

Before I could’ve even utter any word, Osyla appeared just out of the blue giving me almost a nervous breakdown.

‘Y-You’, I exclaimed in a broken tone that made him laugh and everyone looked at me confused.

‘Yes, ma’am’, the guy said looking at Jane as if he answered a question that she was thinking and Jane exclaimed with wonder, ‘What?’. ‘Could it be that this guy can read minds’, I thought to myself as I kept rubbing my chin and surprising me he said, ‘Yes, I do Abe. No need to be shocked’.

I and Jane looked at each other and finally the guy spilled the beans. He told everyone about our little meeting the the realm of the dead.

‘As I’ve already told you Abe, I can’t interfere with fate but I do can help you but only give riddles for you guys to solve. As long as I do nothing physically….’, he continued and suddenly stopped. I noticed his eyes towards the ground with a blue face and blank expression except for his curved eyebrows.

After sometime the vampire commander asked, ‘I beg your pardon but please identify yourself’ to Osyla with a suspicious look. The guy just smirked at him and said, ‘You’d know in time’.

‘Buy then how can we trust you?’, Dean spoke out that only managed to make him laugh. ‘You wouldn’t have any choice’, he said with a sly smile and Dean looked at me confused. I only nodded and replied, ‘He’s right’, leaving him hanging as I wasn’t in a mood to say what I’ve done in the realm of the dead.

Dragging me out of my thoughts and daydreams, Osyla put his right hand on my shoulder and said, ‘It’s time, Abe! The time has finally arrived to begin your journey’ leaving us dumbstruck.

‘What journey?’, Jane screamed with concern and worry before I could react. All these while, the other supernatural commanders kept their share of silence but surprising us, the werewolf commander spoke out, ‘But then wasn’t it a myth?’ a bit confused.

Osyla with his sharp tone said wisely, ‘Nothing’s a myth, my friend. It’s legends and legends are born but of truth!’. The wolf commander just stood there not speaking and nodding his head.

Maybe it’s only my imagination but I could notice fear in his eyes. ‘What is all about this journey’, I think to myself but out of the blue appeared Jenny. My eyes were widened as my jaws hung open with shock.

Well……not exactly Jenny but her aura. It said, ‘Listen to me carefully, Abe! Don’t worry about us. We’re just kept captive in an unknown dimension but Forneous aka Oda_hu-keil doesn’t seem to have a plan with us presently but Agares is plotting something with him which is still not known and that’s dangerous.

Your destiny will lead you to your journey and in time you’ll get to know all about it!’. Before I could ask her anything, she disappeared leaving Osyla in front of me smiling like a clown.

Osyla consulted something with the commanders not to mention Dean was present. I and Jane only looked at each other seeing the intensity and seriousness of the conversation but alas! We weren’t meant to hear them.

After a while, Dean advanced towards us and bade us adieu saying, ‘Your Majesty, my lord and My Lady; It’s time for us to part our ways but we’ll be meeting again’.

The commanders also took our leave leaving me startled at the respect they were showing but as if Dean read my Jane’s eyes he said, ‘Sooner than you think, my lady’ igniting a slight smile on her face and just then I remembered what he had done for my love.

I ran towards Dean who had already passed a long distance. He turned around but I just stood there utterly motionless.

I simply just couldn’t figure out how I should thank him. I kept looking at my coach with big round eyes glistering with respect and gratitude. At last I could force my lungs and vocal cord to produce some words and said, ‘Sir!…..W-what you did for my….. love……I can never repay your debt; I don’t know and can’t tell if there are any words to express my thankfulness to you’.

My mentor just smiled with bliss in his soft dark blue eyes and took me into a light hug. ‘Abe! what I did was my duty and you don’t need to repay anything ‘, he exclaimed with such love that it melted my heart and I didn’t want him to leave.

Dean patted me on my shoulder as he said, ‘We’ll be meeting soon enough’ and left us. I could see the commanders waiting for him and as soon as he reached there, all of them vanished in front of my eyes taking the hand of the sorcerer commander.

I wondered what Osyla told them and where they had gone but I was just too mesmerised at the intensity of the series of events that I even forgot to ask him.

Floating on my own river of thoughtlessness I turned around as I could feel the hands of my better half on my shoulder but only to observe an undecipherable shock in her eyes and Osyla was nowhere to be found.

‘Abe?….l-look what I f-found’, Jane’s terror mixed voice stopped my breath. I looked to see what she held with her blessed hands and the only thing I felt now was a massive river of Adrenaline engulfing my body as I she held before my eyes the damn book, the scripture, the cursed scripture that had turned my world upside down.

Yes! It was! It was the book which was passed by the Osiris, it was the very book that was titled ההנשמה הארורה (The Cursed Soul).

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