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Bullying is a big scourge all over the world!

This illustrated book on bullying is part of a series of educational books designed for children aged 5 to 10 years. Sami the Magic Bear becomes alive to help children who are experiencing difficulties during their young lives.

Children experiencing difficulties often have difficulty expressing their feelings of insecurity to their loved ones. So Sami intervenes to help them.

Teachers and parents alike could benefit from reading this book with children in their care. The book presents the perfect opportunity for an open discussion with children regarding bullying and it’s effects. It informs the bully of the harm they could be creating. It offers help for the bullied.

Chapter 1

No To Bullying!

Thomas is a very nice, helpful and intelligent child, but he’s shy and insecure.

Some of his classmates make fun of him and, for this reason, he’s often alone and has no friends.

Being picked on is a big problem for Thomas. He feels so embarrassed that he doesn’t even want to talk about it with his parents, whom he loves a lot.

Today Thomas turns 9, but no one in his class knows it’s his birthday, apart from his teacher, Florence, who is very proud of him. Thomas is a brilliant student and is at the top of his class in French and math.

His teacher walks up to him and whispers kindly in his ear: “Happy birthday, little one!”

Thomas cracks a smile. Even though it’s his birthday, he dreads the end of class, especially the break and the trip home.

Birthdays are usually happy days—we have fun, we eat cake, and we open presents…

But, not for Thomas.

On his walk home, he meets up with some of his classmates who are known as “the tough ones.” Thomas starts trembling.

“They’re going to make fun of me, as usual!” he thinks.

Victor, the gang leader and captain of the basketball team, stops Thomas and shouts out in a mean voice: “Here’s the little genius! The teacher‘s pet!”

He grabs Thomas’s baseball cap off his head: “Hey, blondie, I like your new hat… oh… too bad… I think I’ll keep it!”

The other children burst into laughter. This encourages Victor even more and he starts pushing Thomas until he falls down.

The group walks away, laughing wildly. Thomas stands up. His elbows and knees are sore, and he has a scratch on his face.

Poor Thomas, he is sad and shaking… so sad that he is about to cry. He tries to hold back his tears; he really doesn’t want to feel like a baby… but the sadness overwhelms him and the tears roll down his sore little face.

“Why does everyone take it out on me?” Thomas asks himself.

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