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Ancestors of the Knight Templar return to combat the modern forces of evil and corruption after a book is discovered telling of the fate of the Knight Templar on the shores of Cumbria…..It appears the battle they had once fought against the Inquisition is to re fought in a modern setting …..

Chapter 3

The book of TRUTH

The Book of Truth
There was something else to know about the
events leading up to Dr Grenfell’s decision to re-
establish the Sword Brethren. For her uncle like her
father was no ordinary man. As Frederick Grenfell
lay on his death bed, he squeezed her hand and told
her of a book that his brother had discovered when a
prisoner of war in the Monastery of Certosa di San
Lorenzo di Padula in Italy. This place of mystery
had previously been a Carthusian monastery where
young men from the wealthiest families in Europe
were prepared for total leadership through meditation
and discipline.
Her father had given her a small reliquary which
customarily contained some dried out portion of a
saint. Instead inside was a small sheet of vellum with
a codex of great importance. Cleverly Colin Grenfell
had managed to smuggle the codex back to Britain in
a Red Cross mail convoy.
What was written would change not only Susan
Grenfell’s life but also the lives of all those she was
in contact with. True to the cause she travelled to
Italy to visit the war grave of her dear Uncle Colin
buried there in the little village’s war cemetery.
Fondly she pictured him digging in the garden
under the poplar trees and tending to the books in
the library.
The Book of Truth (Storia Profania)
It was in this forgotten place she would find the
book which would reveal the true history of the
Knights Templar and what had become of them. The
information contained in the book would become
both the spiritual and political foundation of the
Sword Brothers. The book was ready to reveal its
hidden knowledge from the shelves of the secret
library in Certosa di San Lorenzo di Padula Italy. This
knowledge had been categorised as profane history
along with other condemned and secret works from
the pens of branded heretics.
Machiavelli once said ‘knowledge is power.’ To
possess all the books and knowledge denied to the
people was indeed power.
After she had buried her father, Dr Grenfell went by
jet to Italy and then by coach from Rome to the little
village of Padula above the city of Salerno.
She arrived at the ghostly village, which clung to
the mountain side like mist. The Monastery had been
closed since 1947. She booked into a bed, and breakfast,
enduring the questioning looks from the locals, and
even the hostile gaze from a Priest. Here strangers were
viewed with suspicion and tolerated only as tourists.
In the early morning darkness disguised as a
mountain climber, she broke into the uninhabited
monastery. Although petrified with fear she continued
to clamber through a small arched window like a
cat burglar. The window was illustrated on the map
Uncle Colin had made all those years before.
A Reversed Library
After ascending a beautiful spiralling stone stair
case attributed to Leonardo De Vinci, she came
to the library.
Inside this strange decorative tomb for the mind
lay hidden many great works accounting for the
true destiny and origins of humanity. Here in this
extravagantly decorated hall of learning stood the
most dangerous and interesting books in Europe
which according to Uncle Colin’s notes had been
stacked on the other side of the shelves so they could
never be seen. Commandant Siegfried in charge
of the Monastery had begun the tedious process
of analysing every book in order to find the most
interesting ones. Later a special unit from the SS
had been drafted in to examine some of the books.
This specialist archaeological unit had been tasked
by Adolf Hitler to search for sacred treasures and the
Ark of the Covenant.
Stealthily by torchlight, she followed the secret
codex and located the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ doorway
to the reverse library disguised as just another wooden
panel in a long length of wall. She pushed down upon
the raised Masonic style mark of the hooked X carved
lightly into the surface. The door popped open, followed
by the back draft smell of damp paper and strangely
Frankincense. Stooping low she entered the secret
room. She shone the torch over the various categories
of books until she came to the section marked ‘Storia
Profania.’ There she searched amongst the books and
dust, thumbing through other great works hidden from
the public. Eventually her fingers came upon on the
leather-bound volume also inscribed with a hooked X
marking. Colin Grenfell had ingeniously hidden the
book in a place where it might never be found. For he
had disguised the book’s spine as a section of heavy
vertical wooden book shelf. The secret map displayed
a simple grid plan showing the location of the book.
And she found it.
Perhaps it was her Uncle Colin’s interest in books,
which saved him from the firing squads in the
makeshift prisoner of war camp. His duties had been
to clean each book with a duster whilst recording and
making itineraries of all the books available. Here he
occupied his time reading in this most secret place.
It had been providential that Colin Grenfell had
endured his Latin lessons at Grammar School. He
had distracted attention away from the Book of Truth
by cleverly singling out lesser books for the attention
Commandant Siegfried.

As we shall see Dr Grenfell would bring the book
back to where it belonged. For it had been written
near her home town close to the Walbeck Peninsula
in Cumbria by Roger De Dalton a Cistercian Abbot
from the Abbey of Shipton. He had been the successor
to Abbot Sable and was both a Cistercian Abbot and
a Knight Templar Priest. When his skeleton had been
excavated on a recent archaeological dig his bony
hand was still clutching a Crozier decorated with a
carving in gold of St Michael slaying the serpent. On
the other side of the Crozier was a Knight’s Templar
cross. Next to the Abbot’s skeleton was a superb
medieval sword almost perfectly preserved, bearing
testimony to the advanced smelting techniques
required to create an almost supernaturally flexible
blade. The same forging had already been used to
create Excalibur the famed Sword of King Arthur, an
inspiration to the Templars.

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