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A paranormal romance with angels and a dark past, an unusual Novel with a massive twist…


Chapter 3

Chapter 3 ~ The School Hospital

Ancient Egypt 2000 Bc
“Genesis!” My father called out,” Be careful milo deter” He shouted, I smiled.” I will father, I’ll be careful!” I shouted back as I ran out of the door and broke into flight.

The sun had begun to set, and I could feel it’s warmth in my feathers. I held myself there, in mid-air with my eyes closed, just feeling the sun. Then I dropped, I fell downwards in a spiral and then released my wings last minute, flying low just above the Nile.

I placed my hands lightly in the Nile as I was flying as fast as I could, enjoying the fun in flying. Just enjoying childhood. I could hear the gasps of the Egyptian people as I flew by, life was amazing. They were now our people and us their guardians.

I decided I would try something new…. Today was special. I pulled up and flew directly upwards the sky with all my might. And decided to fall downwards once again. My father said it was good to exercise the wings, that we should be ready if the Demoters ever find us on Earth.

Everyone thought my father was crazy, they will never find us. They would say, but I believed my father, more than that. I trusted him more than anything.

I flew downwards towards the Nile, hoping to dive in to cool off. I tucked in my wings and before I could reach the water I immediately could hear the screams of my people. But I didn’t have the time to pull up.

I landed in the water with a splash, it can’t be too bad down here. I can hide. I thought to myself. It’s just a little dark, but I was so wrong. I suddenly felt a set of hands behind me, grabbing me. Then I was unconscious. I felt nothing.

When I woke up I was cold and wet, it was dark. Is their a sack over me head. I thought to myself.  I was right, because just then they pulled it straight off my head. Taking a chunk of my very long dark hair with it.

I was on top of one of the pryamids, I couldn’t tell which one but the sun had finally set and the stars were rising. I looked at the medium built figure standing in front of me with his face covered, and took note of the large, wings. The large black wings.

“You-your the demoters!” I shouted. My hearing adjusted and I became to take notice of the screams coming from the towns.”NO!” I started crying.”Don’t hurt my people.” I started to sob. It was then a large Demotor that was beside him started to speak.”Your people will pay for your mothers actions.” He spoke loudly.”My-mothers dead!” I screamed at him.
Another Demotor beside laughed,”Milo, don’t tease the child.”

“Your people killed her!” I looked at him, dead in the eye. Milo spoke,”No, yours did.”He laughed.”Now, bow before our leader.” He ordered. I had no choice and was forced into my knees. Still dripping wet.

“The leader, happens to have a sense of humour you see.” He began,” we aren’t going to kill you.” He smiled.” We are just going to hunt you for the next thousand years.” They all began to laugh.”You won’t find me!” I screamed at him spitting while in the process.”Oh, we know. That’s why we are going to leave a little mark on you.” He better not touch me, I spoke to myself.

All of a sudden the leader stepped forward holding a large silver sword. “Start Running.” He spoke lightly, almost to the point were I was unsure it was even him. Then, the sword came down. It struck me hard above the stomach, and I cried out in pain.

The Demoters started laughing and the large demoter ordered.”Finish the rest of them off.” Before the leader stretched out his large wings and flew upwards with so much force I was knocked backwards. The rest followed shortly.

That day I was found with by my father,and from then on we started running.

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