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A farmer and his trusted dog-companion encounter a crop circle and strange pyramid that transports them to another world, where humans have become part of a hybrid alien society who travel forwards and backwards in time to change various historical events that malevolent forces made to shape the history and destiny of humanity.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

8:47 p.m. Iowa…

Rex Porter was an old fashioned cowboy kind-of-guy. Old school, even though he was just forty-two. That’s why his boss hired him—a man who appreciated antiques.
Rex was a man who came from a long line of country laborers. The farms he worked in were timeless places and he took care of them as if they were his homes.
Although he engaged the typical modern usage of technology regarding horticulture, he preferred to keep applications simple and natural in the time-honored traditions of his forefathers. Good old reliable Rex was now early retired and managing a humble acreage in Iowa. This farm was his favorite.
Rex was readying for bedtime after completing his annual inspection of the organic corn field that took up over half of the property, and was, as usual, happy with the results.
The farm’s resident dog, an aging boxer named Rex too—not by him but coincidentally by the animal shelter from where he rescued him was also inspecting, do his rounds.
Tonight, the Rexs’ routines would soon be interrupted by a peculiar incident happening at the day’s regular end. The ritual pattern of ordinariness was about end.
The old cow boy noticed that his canine companion was not, after all, in his favored resting place after work.
“Come on, boy!” he called out with cupped hands into the darkening field of standing stalks—not golden anymore with the warmest day’s sun but grayed by the subtle duskiness bringing in the cooler night and soon-to-be-slept labor’s rest which they always enjoyed after jobs well done.
It was not unusual for the dog to take his time one way or the other—distractedly sniffing, happily running and then shifting and searching, or just sauntering back casually as if content with his security consciousness regarding the property. No one was more curious or content to be the guardian of this land than the boxer. Indeed he acted as if he was the true owner of the place, his dominion.
Farmer Rex waited for a moment then called out again—his partner was doing the extra tonight, it seemed.
Good ole boy, he thought, as he grazed a healthy scratch to his ribcage with a lazy yawn, the same treatment he would give to the dog for reward in a minute.
Finally, he was about to shout again when he thought he saw a strange light out of the corner of his vision.
He turned his head and squinted his eyes into focus.
What the—
There was a very peculiar light—a white luminescence, soft and glowing—about a hundred yards away.
As he observed and wondered over it, the light seemed to move farther out and away towards the center of the field.
The wind was still and settled the young night. But the light journeyed to and with its own agenda. It moved boldly as if with a place to go.
If it was a person with a lamp it moved too fast and unnatural.
Then Rex heard his other half barking loudly at the phenomenon on its course, and start chasing after its destination.
The dog was apparently in pursuit now and more exited than ever.
The farmer instinctively ran towards the commotion without a thought.
Leaving his almost-convalescence in the clearing outside the harvest cabin—where he preferred to sleep the nights near the action of the yield-season—he quickly penetrated the stalky wall of cornfield like a magician avoiding mirrors, not yet afraid of what may be seen in the racing reflections, still confidently assuming a simple explanation for the alert. Yet even still, there was an acid rising in his stomach that would warn him—if he was aware enough to gauge it—that this was no false alarm. And that he was not safe.
“Rex?!” he shouted again.
Something in the canine’s aggressive tone-of-bark was starting to truly panic him.
Then, suddenly, to his complete surprise, he burst out of the field into a huge circular clearing that was not supposed to be there.
“What in God’s name?”
The dog could still be heard somewhere further away.
Rex noticed that there was a path leading further into the corn stalks about twenty feet wide. He ran towards it across the giant circle of trampled crop—the diameter of which he might have guessed was at least a hundred and fifty meters or so.
Approaching the path ahead he couldn’t help but feel a strange sort of vibration shimmering up his feet and calves as he lunged along.
He entered the tunnel-like corridor at last which stretched out as far as he could see in the growing dark.
The humming feeling in his lower legs was creeping up into his waist and torso as he began to sprint now towards the barking dog whose exclamations were morphing into a nearly violent growl.
Whoever or whatever was on the property was obviously perceived as a threat to the animal, and all the farmer could think of now was that he had no weapon with which to defend himself or his companion.
After several more yards of running full out he breached a second circular opening.
This one was twice the size of the first! And it had several arteries branching off in different directions.
The dog suddenly came running out from one of the pathways and charged towards him in near hysteria.
The farmer was initially afraid the animal was about to attack him, but the boxer slid to a hasty stop at his master’s feet with a fit of whining and chaotic glancing around and around and back from where he’d just retreated.
“What the hell’s going on? Who’s there? Who’s out there, boy?”
The canine was literally pressing himself against Rex’s legs nearly toppling the man, but seemed to be encouraging him to run back to the farm house.
Rex knelt down to pet the agitated dog, calming him gently with his voice.
“Easy. Easy there, big fella. What’s got into you, boy?”
Then, both of them were startled to see a sudden bright light appear—a silvery orb.
It rose out of the field not far from the space the boxer had just deserted.
The object at first blew about changing directions like in a moderate wind storm.
For a moment it grew really bright and then it darted closer and up very fast and straight until it was right exactly above them!
It hovered there in an awesome silence, looking completely unreal somehow, but imposing a presence altogether that evoked more than just the physical senses, so that the Rexes felt that they might be dreaming.
Farmer Rex could see that the silvery orb was solid in spite of the glowing light emanating quite magically from it. It shone like a bluish star and perfect sphere. Then it began a rhythmic pulse almost like a heart beat, and it seemed to be considering them intensely.
Dog Rex shivered. And Farmer Rex felt like one of the mites he might look at on a plant leaf under his microscope.
The orb suddenly stopped it pulsing and even the gentle swirling parts of the glow around it became almost still. It was as if it were making up it’s mind about something. Rex was amazed at how this object could express itself like a sentient being.
The farmer felt the dog seem to submit somehow to the whole event, less afraid, but still unsure and overwhelmed.
After a few moments, the Orb blasted them with a quick pulse of blue light. The light did not affect them other than their surprise and didn’t hurt their eyes.
Then with no warning it shot straight-up into the atmosphere at a speed that made it seem more like a vanishing act than any mighty feat of mechanical acceleration could otherwise attempt. It virtually disappeared.
The farmer stood with his shaky companion in the massive clearing in sheer amazement.
He had never seen or experienced anything like this before.
He looked down at old Rex who was clearly indicating that he wanted the two of them to get the hell out of here.
The dog kept lifting up his paws from the ground as if they were burning, and the farmer noticed again how strange his legs and pelvis were feeling too.
He sensed a strange vibration—as if he was on the topside hull of a huge space ship about to lift off the ground, he could imagine.
In spite of his own trepidation the farmer’s curiosity was still getting the better of him. He was not about to leave the site yet until he had some answers.
“I’m going further in boy. You don’t have to go if you don’t want.”
The old boxer seemed to understand his master’s words intuitively and even manifested a sorry look of exasperation and despair on his furry face with a muffled whine.
Rex patted the dog reassuringly and made off cautiously towards the path ahead.
His boxer-friend only offered a worried complaint-of-growl, clearly disproving, but going along anyway.
The cow boy took a deep breath and began walking through the tunnel of corn, his dog right behind.
It was completely dark now, but the farmer could see that there was still some kind of faint luminescence just up ahead.
Another Orb?
After about thirty meters he breached yet another clearing.
This one was triangular, each side was perhaps about seventy feet in length. And, right in the center was a golden pyramid that was about the height of a man!
The structure was emitting a soft yellowish light that was easy to look at and strangely, inviting.
Rex slowly approached the pyramid and still heard his dog behind him follow.
“What the hell is this?”
The dog only whined slightly in frustrated response.
They were finally only a few feet away from the object.
It was perfectly smooth, with no writing on it.
It appeared to be made of solid gold!
Although it was heavy and metallic looking, it seemed like it could just as easily float away or disappear into the light that enveloped it like an angel’s breath.
It was beautiful.
And in spite of the strangeness of the whole event here he was witnessing, Rex couldn’t help but submit to an amazing and ecstatic sensation that was gradually rising in his chest behind his breast bone where a space seemed to calmly open like a doorway shaped like a starfish.
Carefully, Rex extended his right hand to touch the object.
The dog started to protest but his bark was caught in his throat.
As the farmer’s finger tips rested gently on the pyramid, a white misty shaft of light came out of the tip of the structure and shot onto his face.
Then, in an instant, he was gone.
The old boxer yelped in horror and jumped up putting his front legs onto the pyramid himself.
A second later, the faithful dog found himself with his master again. Someplace very far from away.

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