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After Sandy goes through a bad breakup with her long time boyfriend, she lives in a constant state of depression. Attempting to help her, her best friend and roommate Mindy invites her on a week long camping trip with mutual friends that they hadn’t seen in what felt like forever. It isn’t long before Sandy starts to feel something is off, and the constant feeling of being watched overwhelms her. Once their site is attacked and only way out destroyed, what was supposed to be a retreat from the stresses of the modern world becomes a constant fight for survival with thrills at every turn. It isn’t long before they all realize that what’s hunting them isn’t the only thing they should be afraid of.

Chapter 1


Sandy stormed through her apartment door with her boyfriend, Jason, close behind her. Jason had a sappy, baby look on his face. It was the same look almost every guy has when they’ve fucked up, pissed their girlfriend off, and are now attempting to calm them down. Mistakes are made, it is part of human life, but trying to calm someone down after pissing them off is not the greatest of ideas. It was no different than shooting someone and then wondering why they bleed. Sandy’s look was changed from sad to furious. Jason imagined that the look she had in her eyes was the same kind of crazed serial killer would have before they took their next victim. “Come on Sandy, it was one time,” Jason said to her. He said it the same way a child would speak to its mother when he or she wanted something from a candy or toy store. ‘Yes,’ Sandy thought to herself, ‘It was only one time. One time that I know of.’
Sandy stopped and replied in a calm, yet extremely aggravated voice “One time?” She now turned to face him, and as she did it took everything she had to not punch him in his eye. She thought it would bring out its light blue color with a dark black ring around it. “You think what you did, Jason, was a mistake?” The more that she tried to speak to him, the angrier she became. “Buying an overpriced car, that’s a mistake. Taking a wrong turn on a trip down south, that’s a mistake. Falling asleep on a bus, dropping glass plates, leaving your wallet in the damn grocery store, those are mistakes! Sleeping with my sister, however, is not a fucking mistake! It’s a fucking betrayal if it’s anything!” She turned away from him again, “You betrayed my trust, my faith in you, my faith in us, and you damn straight disrespected me,” She looked at him again. “And for what? Because I wasn’t meeting your needs? So, you decided to get your rocks off somewhere else?”
“Of course, you do, you always have. Will you at least look at me?” He calmed his voice as he waited for her to turn around and face him, which she didn’t. “I was drunk! Jesus Christ, Sandy, you’re blowing this way out of proportion!” His tone went from childish to pissed off. There really was a part of him that believed that he did nothing wrong. This wasn’t the first time he had done something incredibly stupid and thought he had done nothing wrong. The only thing that ever changed was what he had done. What really made her angry, was that he thought that she was the one making this into a big deal. He cheats on her, with her own sister, and because she was upset, she was the one making a big deal out of things. She turned to face him again, but she had no intention of calming down.
“So?! You think that makes it okay? You think that makes it alright? Jason is drunk so he can fuck whoever he likes! You’re nothing more than a god damn child! And even that is too good a title for you.”
“That’s not what I meant and you know it! I want you to look me in the eye and say that you’ve never wanted to. I want you to say that the thought of sleeping with someone else has never once crossed your mind!”
“I have been drunk many times around your friends,” she said, getting up in his face this time, “and never once did I ever do anything with any of them, most of them being far better looking than you, that much I will say. Not to mention there wasn’t a single one of those pigs who wasn’t willing. The only reason they didn’t get what they wanted was because I wouldn’t let them. Why? Because I was loyal to you.” Tears were building up in her eyes and it was starting to sound in her voice as she spoke, yet still, she tried to fight it, she didn’t want to give the bastard the satisfaction. “Get out.”
“Sandy…” he said once again with that childish, whiney tone, and rubbed his hand over his face that brushed against his shaggy black hair. Which only made Sandy want to throw his ass through the door even more than she already did. It was taking almost everything she had left in her to keep this argument as just an exchange of words and emotions. She wanted to let go, let it all out, but she knew better, even if she went at him with everything she had, she could never beat him in a physical fight.
“Get the fuck out!” she screamed as she placed her hand over her eyes and forced herself to look away from him. “Jason, it’s over,” she added, no longer screaming but with a shaking voice, “now please just get out.” Jason then turned from her and left, he whipped open the door, stormed through it and pulled it shut behind himself. She wanted to cry, she wanted to bawl her eyes out, but took a deep breath instead and wiped her watery eyes and sat down on her ugly tan couch in the living room. ‘We’ve been together for three years,’ she thought to herself, ‘How could he do this to me, with my own sister? How could he have done this to me?’ The words just seemed to repeat over and over again in her head, like a constant reminder of had just happened, like she needed one.
Sandy and her sister never really got along to start with. Their mother died at the age of thirty-two and after that, it turned her father into a steadily increasing alcoholic which meant the responsibility of looking after her younger sister, Georgia, fell to Sandy. Georgia blamed just about everything that ever went wrong in her life on Sandy. Everything from failed relationships to their father being an alcoholic. You would expect more maturity from a nineteen-year-old, but not Georgia. Never her. She was the one who always had to have her way, had the biggest parties, and threw the biggest fits. Sandy was the responsible one and Georgia was the baby. That’s the way it was and always has been. It was all the bending over backward for her that drove Sandy insane, it was a small miracle that Sandy had never freaked out on her sister before. After what she had found out tonight, it would be a very long time before Sandy would be able to forgive her. A very long time.
Sandy turned her head at the sound of the door creaking as it opened. Where Sandy was sitting, she could not see who had just walked in. At first, she thought it might have been Jason, but if it was, he probably wouldn’t have gently closed the door. She turned her head to see a young woman standing there. She had medium length, dark red hair, it was about shoulder length, she was around Sandy’s age, roughly twenty-four years of age, wore a pair of faded blue, jean short shorts that were barely below her ass. And a gray sleeveless shirt. It honestly looked more like she was wearing a mix and match bikini than an actual outfit. Sandy quickly realized it was only her roommate Mindy, who also happened to be Sandy’s closest friend. She was a nice person in general, if she liked you that was. If she didn’t then she normally wouldn’t even bother with you.
Sandy didn’t like using the word slut in order to describe her, she preferred to use the word uncommitted. Mindy herself didn’t actually give a shit what anyone thought of her, she just considered it, ‘their loss,’ if they had a problem with the way she was. Sandy couldn’t remember the last time that Mindy was in a relationship with any guy for more than a week or two, not that it could really be counted as a relationship at all, but that was as close as she ever got. Sandy and Jason on the other hand, had known each other for the better part of five years, and been with him for the last three, and until tonight there were no problems. No real problems away. Hardly ever any fights, almost no disagreements, which would be the worst kind of relationship that someone could have. The kind that looks perfect on the surface with every problem and every issue bottled up inside until some shit like this happens and gets as far past the point of no return as you can get.
“What was that about? I heard some yelling,” Mindy asked, completely unaware of what had just happened only moments ago. It wasn’t asked in a mean way, it just wasn’t something that Sandy was feeling up to discussing just now. Sandy didn’t need to either, all it took was one look on her face and Mindy knew that something was wrong. “Sandy? Sandy, what is it?” There was a great amount of concern in Mindy’s voice for her friend.
“Jason and I are no longer seeing each other,” was the short version of the story that Sandy gave her. It was not as though Sandy didn’t want her to know, but she didn’t want to get into details about it right now either. She said so fast to keep from thinking it that she was surprised that Mindy had understood what she said at all. It was the expression on her face that showed Sandy that she did.
Mindy had such a shocked look on her face. It was really not the answer that she had expected to hear from Sandy, not now or at any time. As far as she knew they had been going really strong, and they had been. However, fucking your girlfriend’s younger sister tends to have that effect on relationships, Mindy knelt down in front of Sandy and simply gave her a hug and said, “I’m so sorry, Hun.” Mindy was truly at a loss for words, what do you say to your long-time friend when something like this happens? Especially when you don’t believe in relationships yourself, ‘I told you so,’ aren’t exactly the words of comfort that one wants to hear. When Mindy pulled away from her she asked, “Can I ask what happened?” Mindy wasn’t sure if she should have asked Sandy that so soon after it happened. A part of Mindy wanted to know, but mostly it was if Sandy wanted to talk, Mindy wanted her to know for sure that she could.
Sandy looked at her with a deep expression and answered, “He slept with Georgia.” The words didn’t seem real to Sandy as she spoke them. There was still a part of her that didn’t believe this happened. And from the look that was on Mindy’s face, she didn’t fully believe it either.
“Georgia? Your sister Georgia?” The stunned look on Mindy’s face had returned. She had always thought in the back of her mind that Jason was an asshole and in one way or another would fuck this up, but she never thought that it could be something like this. Sandy didn’t say anything, but the expression on her face said enough, that kind of lost in overwhelming thought kind of expression. A tear rolled down Sandy’s face. She didn’t start weeping or anything, it was just a single tear. It was a tear that Sandy didn’t want to let out at all. She had always thought that not being able to hold yourself together made you look weak. Some people (in Mindy’s mind anyway) think that all relationships end in a large ruckus of drama and multiple breakdowns, but the reality was this almost didn’t happen, they often ended with a swift blow, silent and lethal.
With Sandy in a state that Mindy considered to be fragile, she wasn’t exactly sure what to say to her. She honestly felt like she’d never have the answer when something like this happened. It was so strange to Mindy to see Sandy this way, in the six years that they had known each other, Sandy always seemed to be the strong one. No matter what happened, it always seemed as though it was Sandy who was holding everyone together. In a lot more ways than one, she was the rock that everybody depended on. Now it was Sandy who needed it and it was Mindy who was at a loss for words. In an attempt to change the subject Sandy asked her, “So, how did your night go?” There was that sound of sadness in her voice, not the kind that a person makes when they are aiming for attention, but the kind that takes almost more effort than it is worth to fight off. ‘What am I supposed to say?’ Mindy thought. ‘Do I tell her the truth or do I make up some random bullshit to try and make her feel like she isn’t the only one having a bad day?’ It was in that moment that Mindy realized that she really sucked ass at situations like this.
“The guys and I made plans for next week,” Mindy told her. ‘The truth is, the last thing she needs is another person lying to her, and besides, this might even help ‘ Mindy continued to think to herself.
“What kind of plans?” In all honesty, Sandy didn’t really care what kind of plans Mindy had made, but unless it was for Mindy to fuck around with someone else’s boyfriend, this should help get her mind off things. For a couple of minutes anyway, she no longer had to fight so hard to keep from crying in front of Mindy. Talking about random things always seemed to help Sandy. Mindy too for that matter. They were never quite sure why. They only knew that it did.
“To go up north, Algonquin. It’s a six-night stay up there, not in a campsite or anything, but in the bushes, the way it’s supposed to be, or at least that’s what Duke keeps saying. It’s called backwoods camping I think, sectioned off areas of the park with no one else around for miles, sounds like a well-needed break. I was going to ask if you wanted to come when I got home, but then this whole mess happened and I got sidetracked.” Which was true, but only now if Sandy chose not to go Mindy would feel obligated to stay behind with her, she wasn’t the type to leave her friend at a time like this. Truthfully, Mindy wasn’t exactly sure that going on a six-night camping trip would be the best thing for her right now, but it sure as hell beat sitting in the apartment alone.
“Can I think about it?” Not the answer that Mindy was hoping to hear, but it was that one that would have to do, when it was a camping trip or your best friend the choice was easy. It sucked, but it was easy.
“Of course,” Sandy had a look on her face, Mindy knew the look, not well but she knew it, “Do you want to be left alone?” It was the look that Sandy would put on whenever she was seeking solitude from the rest of the world but didn’t want to ask out loud for it. Sandy always thought that asking out loud to be left alone to a person who wanted nothing more than to help made them feel like they were being pushed away.
Sandy looked up at her and answered, “If you don’t mind.”
“Of course not,” she gently squeezed Sandy’s hand. “I’ll just be in the next room if you need me,” Mindy knew Sandy almost better than anyone else. She would never come and get her, it just wasn’t who she was, but she was going to make the offer anyway. Not being able to do anything more for Sandy, not at this time anyway, Mindy got up and left the room, leaving Sandy alone with her thoughts. These were thoughts that she wanted to be left alone with, at least for now.

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