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How can you figure out the crazy?

Have you ever been on a date and you just feel that the chick is off? Are you currently in a relationship with a girl who all of your friends think is nuts? Do you feel like your love life is like a movie – in the insane asylum? Or are you single and just hoping to avoid the crazy?

“You Can’t Fix Crazy: 41 Traits of a Psycho Bitch – EXPLAINED” is a must read for anyone who is seeking to find answers to the age old question: why do women act so crazy?

Chapter 1

Crazy Bitch

The art of being a crazy bitch is well-documented and some women have it down to a science. There are songs that are made about it. There are movies that show it in all of its frightening perplexities – think “Fatal Attraction”. There’s even a term for it that was coined by the Ancient Egyptians. Hysteria. According to Wikipedia, “hysteria” hails from the Greek word for uterus. Since only women have uteruses only women can be considered “hysterical”. Have you ever heard the term “hysterical” to describe a male? I haven’t either.
Similarly, the concept of the “crazy woman” is not an invention of today’s society and culture although we are probably the most guilty of documenting this phenomenon through Social Media. This concept has been described for thousands of years. Some of our feminist non-friends would say that this is an inaccurate and misogynistic view of women. They feel that it is highly insulting and not very flattering to the female race. I agree that it probably isn’t. However, keying your boyfriend’s car at 2 a.m. because he isn’t answering the phone is an act that deserves to be given an insulting label. Don’t you agree?
As women, we often feel that we are on the short end of the stick when it comes to men’s behavior and the way that we react to it. However, often it is the action on the behalf of the woman that genuinely invites the negative stereotyping and misogyny that accompanies the stereotyping. I mean, how can you get caught erasing EVERY female contact in your boyfriend’s phone including his mom and NOT be accused of being crazy? Sorry girls, that’s just bat-shit nuts!
Now that we’ve had a very brief and somewhat historical introduction to the concept of the “crazy bitch” and how far back its roots go, let’s explore the actions that woman commit and the things that they say that make men think they are crazy. A very cursory search of the Internet will pull up SEVERAL sites that act as warnings for men that illustrate the behaviors of crazy chicks. There’s tons of articles and blogs dedicated to it. I’ve compiled the lists, added a few of my own observations and explained them! Let’s take a look and see what they are.

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