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This story has intrigue, lust, passion and suspense. Two characters embark on missions together – protecting each other and falling for the other at the same time. Too much pride can be the death of a relationship…even if it hasn’t begun.

Chapter 1

Play Thing

A Militant’s Daughter – Delilah and Jacobi’s Story

In her squatting stance, she peered through the hedges at the man in front of them. He was extremely tall, her biggest one yet, but she would not let that stop her. Her scythes spun in her hands, anxiety kicking up a notch. ‘The last time,’ she said to herself, ‘this is the last time and I am out of here.’ Her legs weren’t bothered by their position, not shaking in the least; her hands twirled the deadly knives waiting for just the right moment when he would…
Delilah jumped out of the hedges, stealthily as she pleased. Her suit body-clinging and mobile for any move she wanted to make, Delilah swept the leg of the man, raising a scythe to his throat…just as he poked her side with his dagger.
“Didn’t think you had the drop on me, did you, Dee?” Jacobi said as he rolled his hips into hers. “I can smell you from a mile away,” he pushed her off of him, rolling to a knee, stood and backed away, dusting off his Armani suit. “And I don’t mean your Chanel perfume, either.” He smiled and the feeling of failure and embarrassment penetrated her just like she wished he would.
If she didn’t make this team, it was back to Armenia she went. Become a Queen because her father was dead and the very same people that had him killed weren’t excited that a woman would be his successor. Delilah knew what awaited her back home. Besides, training with ‘Cobi…she was becoming very fond of. Very, very fond of.
“Ugh, ‘Cobi!” Delilah stood. And when she did, Jacobi couldn’t deny the perusal he gave her body, so it didn’t go unnoticed by Delilah. “See something you like?” She switched hip stances and sheathed her scythes.
“Uh,” Jacobi prowled closer, leaning down toward Delilah’s neck and inhaling deep. ‘Damn right, I do. Fuck me for playing this damned game with her,’ Jacobi thought smiling in her face. “Dee…I could go on and on about the things that I like…when I see them. But you darlin’, are not one.” He stood behind her, cursing his pride for not being honest. “Let’s go, Kilian’s expecting us.”
“Yea, right.” Delilah tried to scoop Jacobi up and suplex him, when he spun out around her and wrapped her up in his embrace.
“Not quick enough, Dee. You’re noisy.” He began to put her down. “And you say you’re the shit over there in…where you from again?” He laughed.
No sooner he let her go, did she spin on him. Facing him now, he was caught off guard, Jacobi couldn’t view her ass in those skin-tight pants! ‘How the hell did she move in them?’ He wondered as she moved in closer. ‘Oh shit.’
Delilah wasn’t a stranger to men. She just didn’t do the men from home. Women weren’t their equal. They weren’t priceless. Jacobi was her ideal. Tall, slender muscles ripped every part of his body. He picked her up without struggle and moved so smoothly when they trained together – she wondered if he was this smooth in bed. She stepped in closer, still. She noticed how he tensed, his blue irises enlarged and nose flaring. She ran her scythe up his chest, slicing his Under Armour tank top and exposing his chest.
Her free hand trailed all five fingernails up the path left behind by her blade.
“You know…a girl could tire of being mocked so repeatedly as you do to me. I’ve been nothing if not nice to you, ‘Cobi. Why don’t you be nice to me?” Delilah threw her right leg on the hip of the massive man, her core placed perfectly across his manhood. “Hmm, is it warm in here, or is it just me?”
“I can,” Jacobi swallowed, “I can be nice to you, Dee.” He grabbed her by the thigh and pulled her closer. Her warmth searing his cargos, his hand squeezing her thigh. He breathed out. “I can be real nice, darlin’.”
Delilah took advantage of the growing hard on Jacobi had in his pants, praying he’d lost sight of her scythe and wrapped her hand around his neck, blade in.
“Good boy.” She wound her hips into his crotch. “Because I’d hate to have to dismember the number two in this group, because he wants in my pussy, ‘Cobi.” She completed her circle around his neck and Jacobi was effectively a flick of the wrist away from being a memory.
“I am a good boy, Dee. I told you I could be real nice, too.” Jacobi smiled that smile she’d seen him give POIs or targets when they’ve begun to think they’d gotten away with something.
Delilah scanned his face, when she felt air hit her crotch – her pantyless crotch. Delilah leaned back and noticed that Jacobi’s hand wasn’t just holding her thigh, but also the same blade he’d once had in the opposite hand and on his left hip. ‘When did he go for it? I was…watching him.’ Her furrowed brows and frown returned to his blue eyes. He got her. Again.
“We can do this all day, darlin’. I got you…right where I want you. Every. Single. Time.” He removed her grasp on her blade and pinned her arm behind her back. Jacobi dropped his knife into the dirt and replaced his firm grab on the thigh. “I believe it’s a little…cooler, now, huh? Not as warm?” He yanked and she fell into him, her chest pressed against his skin.
“This isn’t part of the training, ‘Cobi.” Delilah panted. Her hands trying to find other places to hold onto, touching his chest? Not an option. Holding onto his arms? Not a chance. Now, he wasn’t playing fair. The night air pilfered her suit and her pussy in the beginning stages of heat.
“I’m just being nice, Dee.” He bent to grab the other leg, his eyes never leaving hers. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” Jacobi stood, effectively encasing himself in his grasp. He began to walk. “Isn’t it?”
“Huh?” Delilah was fighting the friction between her thighs and ‘Cobi’s cargos. “Umm…” Delilah was mindless with the feeling going on ‘down there’, the mesh between her body and Jacobi’s was providing for a great distraction of work and play.
The longer Jacobi walked, the more she didn’t think about how this job may very well save her life. The breeze from the sun-setting air blew threw her jet-black tresses as her head rolled. Jacobi lifted Delilah up and down, getting harder and harder as he stepped. The feeling of her warmth was making it difficult to do so, but he had her right where he wanted her.
He’d show her. She’d no doubt be pissed.
‘All in a day’s work.’ Jacobi thought.
Delilah forgot about her decision not to hold onto him. Being up on this little cliff, above the Atlantic was worlds away from anyone who could assassinate her. The little out cove of clear waters she had taken a dip in, just before practice, was just below them; warm, bottomless waters of their own personal sea – Jacobi and Delilah practiced here all the time. He said it was to give her the comfort and a little piece of home that she didn’t get when in the group’s man-made training center back at the facility.
So wrapped up in the thought of this situation, being the perfect way to let Jacobi know how she felt, Delilah didn’t register the space now created between her and Jacobi.
No more friction between her thighs. No more orgasm onset.
Delilah’s eyes flew open because she was sailing. Arms flailing.
Legs kicking. Through the air! Into the fucking ocean!
“Jacobi!!!” Delilah screamed furiously to the back of Jacobi’s head.
It was the last thing Jacobi heard, while returning to the Humvee, getting in and waiting.
He leaned his head on the headrest of the driver’s seat and laughed, “She’s going to kill me for that.”

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