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Army Underground

Tired of the injustices, a sleeper army of every type of vocation join “The Sanctuary” in the hope that they will bring harmony throughout the country and the world.

The Hour of Light marks the start of the war, which will reveal the true personalities of those caught in the melee.

Ania and Carly, with their own everyday problems, find themselves at the centre of the carnage. Terrified by what they witness, they must find their way home.

Les, foolishly thinking he could freeload at the Sanctuary, finds out there is no room for parasites.

Gregory…ex soldier and disciple, wreaks havoc wherever he goes.

Janey and Thomas. Will she still resent him once this is all over?

Everyone changes after ‘The Hour of Light’ . Will they change for the better or will they turn to their dark side?

The Sanctuary … making a fairer system for all. But at what cost? 

Michael, the charismatic leader is power hungry…with deadly consequences.

In the urban carnage, this thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Everyone will need to dig deep to find their inner strength and with a bit of luck..they might just get out of this alive.
And yes..Jaake’s name does have to a’s!

Chapter 5

The Hour of Light Let the Karma Begin

As noon hour chimed from the large clock which adorned the Parliament building, the crowds in the streets of the Capital were buzzing and there were people filling the streets.
The Parliament building had been shut for the celebrations but Kirsty had called her secretary to go over to the building to see if there was anyone in security that would let her in to collect her mobile phone which she must have dropped during her last visit.
Shelley Wainwright was an exceptional secretary and kept Kirsty organised. Without her and Fran, Kirsty would be lost and her forgetfulness and sometimes downright laziness frustrated Shelley. She hated the fact that Kirsty was a MP on the backs of those around her. She didn’t get to where she was through hard work. In this life, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and Kirsty knew all the right people and had the right family to back her up. Born into a political household, it was only logical she would follow in her father’s footsteps. Shelley, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky, having an alcoholic mother and a father who often could not cope, she was left to look after her younger siblings. The Sanctuary saved her and she was about to regain some balance in the uneven and unfair world she had been forced to endure.
So when she got the phone call from Kirsty, it was not unexpected. The ‘missing mobile’ was not lost at all…merely mislaid by Shelley herself when she stole it from Kirsty’s bag the day before. It was all part of the plan and when she entered the Parliament buildings, Security was waiting for her. As she walked over to them they asked for her ID. She lifted her skirt to reveal the tattoo of the sanctuary on her inner thigh.
“Are you Shelley?”
“Yes.” She was summoned into the building and taken to a room that was used as a conference room. A boardroom where there was a large oak table with 6 chairs around it. In the room were groups of members doing various different tasks. Some working on explosives, while others were dealing with radio communications. At the end was a young man holding a phone. He smiled at her and summoned her over.
“Is it ready?” Shelley asked.
“It’s ready. She won’t know what hit her. It will detonate when you and only you call her.”
Shelley smiled an evil elfish smile. She had been dreaming of this day for a very long time and now the time had come she was nervous and excited. She did not expect to feel a little tinge of doubt.
Julie looked at herself in the mirror and it was clear to her she was terrified. Her heart was pounding after her altercation with Les. She knew he was a slime-ball but she had hoped she wouldn’t have to be forceful with him. She never had been this way before. Her hands were shaking and her heart was deafening as she tried to breath deep and calm herself down. She scurried over to her nurse’s pack and searched until she found the bottle she was looking for. Rescue remedy was the strongest thing she allowed herself to take even though the situation called for something stronger. She hated arguments and in the past had done everything in her power to stop one but her mission was too great to stop now and allow someone like Les to ruin. She couldn’t reveal to him she was a little nervous around him either.
As her shaking hands opened she saw the keys had dug red ridges into her palm. Still shaking she looked at them carefully and realised her bluff had paid off. She had no clue how to drive that damn bus but now Les was eager to please, she could say she is doing him a favour. She looked back at her reflection and smiled.
Gathering her things she could hear that time was drawing close and the group were getting ready to leave.
Ania settled herself at the end of the group with Christy at the very end and Ania next to her. The rest of the group were busy milling around. Kirsty was on her husband’s phone speaking rather loudly to her secretary about a lost phone.
“For fucks sake, Shelley…where the fuck are you!!” she bellowed down the telephone. Her posh English accent made the swear words sound rather ludicrous and it made Carly laugh. She stifled her laugh as she did not want to offend Kirsty knowing that Ania was going to be working for her, however, her opinion of the woman was not high and watching Kirsty and how she spoke to others made her worry about Ania. After a long pause she slammed the phone closed and looked at her PA Fran like she wanted her to deal with the whole matter.
“She is so fucking useless. I wish I never hired her. She is on her way now and has the phone but she says she can’t get to the VIP area without clearance and so I have to go and get it. I can’t walk down there in these shoes…can you go?”
Robbie looked at her with a little bit of reluctance. As she stood and spoke, “Of course , Ma’am…” Robbie interrupted her grabbing Fran’s arm. “I will get it…I could do with a stretch of my legs.”
“Very well…I don’t give a shit who gets it, just get it here now.”

“No problem, Kirsty.”
“How long will she be?” He asked. She looked at her watch and said, “Half hour, she is nearly here but the crowds are horrendous.”
“OK…I will just sit here and wait.” He sat next to Ania and looked out at the crowds along the streets and soaked in the sights. Still staring out he spoke, “My apologies for Kirsty. She is under a lot of pressure with what’s been happening in the press. They keep hounding her about her father. They say that she only got her position in Parliament because of him but she is a good politician.”
Carly smirked again and blurted, “Good politician…? Does that mean she is good at bullshit?” Ania gave Carly a stare. “Sorry Ania….but you know what I mean?” Ania laughed with her.
She looked at Robbie embarrassed and grinned. He looked sternly at her and then suddenly burst into laughter with them. “You are right!” he commented. “The woman is full of bullshit.” Robbie winked and got up from his seat. He left the VIP area to collect the lost phone.
The bus from the B&B was full with guns ready, and those riding were wearing mostly combat type clothing but a few had decided to be a little less obvious. A small group of 4 had decided to wear very smart clothing. All in suits and ties, one a bow tie. Les looked at the group as they entered the bus and remarked, “You do know what’s coming, don’t you?”
The man with the bow tie remarked, “Of course we do, it is a very special day for us and we don’t want to be thought of as barbarians. And if we are going to die, why not die in our suits so that when they bury us they don’t need to change us.”
“Who said you’d get a proper funeral!” a voice in the bus shouted. Many of the passengers laughed.
“I would hope there will be some civilisation after all this is over.” The bow tie man spoke. “We are proud and will die with dignity.”
The voice from the bus shouted, “I hope not!” and there was laughter again.
The old man who had spoken on the road into the Capital stood, “It is our dream that one day after the fires have burned and the ashes are gone, that once again he world will be a civilised place. However, you my friend…” as he pointed to the bow tied man,…. “ are optimistic to think today will be civilised. Today is war. It will take time to overthrow this government and all it has to throw at us. The military have been penetrated and we have many sleeping allies, but there are many who will fight us and we must not get complacent. Some of you will die today. There will be casualties, but we must stay focused and we will win.” The bus cheered.
The bow tie man replied, “Well, sir, I still believe that the clothes maketh the man. With all due respect, if I am going to die, I shall die in my best suit.”
The old man turned to him, “You are a true disciple and whatever your destiny…our deepest thanks for all you have done…that includes all of you riding on this bus today…on this momentous day…you are all heroes!”
The bus erupted in cheers again.
The old man sat down. Les watched him closely and it suddenly dawned on him who the old man was. He reached into his wallet and took out a crumpled picture. On it were 3 young men. The picture was obviously taken in the ‘60’s. One of the men was the old man now. Beneath the picture were the words. Arthur Dobson, Humphrey Taylor, and Cecil Warmington Founding members of the Sanctuary of Light and Karma. They obviously looked much younger in the photograph and Les could not help but wonder why Humphrey Taylor, our founder, was on this bus and unarmed as he was. Could he be on a suicide mission? Les was doubtful. He put the picture back in his wallet and turned to start the bus. They headed for the city centre.
Ground zero.
Robbie had returned with the phone just as the show was starting and the first planes were to flying past. They were a popular display team and they wowed the audience with their usual flares behind them. They made a perfect pass leaving streaks of purples, whites, greens and blue as far as the eye could see. The crowds were pleased as they saw the slow flying RAF WWII spitfires chugged along with the usual tone that once brought dread among the enemies they once fought.
Robbie handed the phone to Kirsty and she scolded him for taking so long in returning to her. She grabbed it from him and began dialing a number. Her tone immediately changed as her fake smile streamed across her face as soon as the the person she was calling answered. Robbie was not surprised at her attitude but could only show a flash of despair.
The crowds cheered and seemed delighted in the show and the King and his wife, sat on the famous veranda which was always the favoured place the royals would use to watch over proceedings such as this. Ania and Carly looked at each other and smiled. Carly put her arm around Ania and whispered a thank you to her.
The next planes to enter the fly past were far more modern and came in at great speed, flying past with a tremendous noise. The voice on the loudspeaker could vaguely be heard but it sounded as though he did not expect these planes next. The planes came back in for another fly past and Carly watched in disbelief and what seemed like slow motion as the doors on the bottom the plane opened wide revealing a tube. A bomb from its belly dropped to the crowd below. Another bomb from another plane dropped and they exploded one after the other.
Screams could be heard from great distances as people were wounded and killed. People dispersed and there was pandemonium all around. Ania and Carly had front row seats to the carnage and Carly instinctively grabbed Christy and shielded her eyes. More bombs fell and people scattered trampling those unlucky enough to trip and fall. Deep craters had formed where the bombs hit and smoke and dust filled the air. Carly noticed how some of the spectators were more calm than others and some were carrying weapons. One in particular pulled a rifle from a back pack and began shooting. Carly could not believe her eyes as the carnage from the bombs had already shocked her, now she had to comprehend people shooting people on the ground.
The VIP stand where they had been sitting had already cleared of people but as they were sat in the top box, they were more protected and it seemed safer to stay where they were. The whole group was laying on the floor watching the event unfold around them.
Ania turned to Carly and said, “We have to get out of here, get back to the apartment.” Carly agreed and they turned to the rest of the party.
“We are leaving….” Ania began to speak but Robbie interrupted, “No you can’t…it’s not safe.”
“I don’t think it will be safe here for much longer we have to get out of here. We are going back to the apartment. Meet us there if you want when you are ready to move but we are going now.”
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Robbie shouted.
Carly, Christy and Ania lowered themselves and ran from the VIP box holding hands in a row. Ania led with Christy in the middle and they ran to the nearest tube station. People were screaming and running as though they were in a blind panic as it become increasingly clear that there were many gun men. Army soldiers had pulled out weapons and were shooting down civilians in cold blood.
The three ran for cover using whatever means to get through to the nearest station. Peering down the stairs, Ania decided it was too risky to travel on public transport and carried on running towards her apartment. It was going to be a long trip.

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