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one of my plays i done

Chapter 1

the boy called quiche

quiche- hey I’m quiche kyerin but I hate my name so I make my siblings called me harry but only 3 of my siblings calls me harry so heres my story


living room

clementine- come on harry ant that bad

quiche- flipping heck hunter got me covered in peanut butter when I cant have nut or near them!!! GET IT OFF NOW CLEMENTINE

clementine- *sigh* ok harry

hunter- haha quiche your cool



*Lewis cover tommy mouth*

lewis- I hat to I could see that harry was upset about I’m going to tell aunt mable about u now

tommy- * muffed*- no no plz plz dont

clementine- I told uncle tyler about hunter and tommy and he taking there tv and Xbox so they cant watch boxing on tv tonight or play mine craft

tommy and hunter – WE HATE U FOR THIS CLEMENTINE

*clementine smiles and pokes the boys in the face*

lewis – lets go to cheeky Nanos

all the kids- YES

in the park

Lewis- did u like your meal mine was ok

hunter- it was lush I got the hottest one they did

quiche- mine was ok I had something small but nice it was funny when hunter face palmed his pudding teeehee

tommy- mine was very nice I got mild and I got gluten and dairy free pudding

clementine- I got a huge burger and chips and were quiche

Lewis- he buying a ice cream wait he got everyone and a ice lolly for tommy aww he sweet

quiche- here u go guys

* he hands everyone there ice creams*

tommy-thx u bro sorry about this morning

quiche- it ok

* Lewis take clementine off to the side*

Lewis- when I turn 19 in 3 days I will change his name to harry for his 8 what is the same day as mine good

clementine* crying*- yea he be happy

Lewis- dont cry sis

hunter- is she ok bro

Lewis- yea

tommy- aww is sis ok

lewis – yes she is and why is harry in a tree swing off clementine spare pair of leggings

clementine- ok…..

Irvin- hey kids

quiche- hello sir

Irvin- wait your alexander kids

Lewis- yea we are

Irvin- I’m your uncle

quiche- hey uncle Irvin

lilly- hello

quiche- hey aunty

lewis – let go home now

* they get in the mini van *


tommy- omg I’m wet

lewis- what happened

hunter- the hose turned on and get me and tommy wet

lewis- your grounded u know that u can turn it on whist harry is sleeping

tommy- sorry

clementine- Lewis go and sort harry out he hanging off the lamp shade again

Lewis- ok um clementine can u keep a eye on the boys whist I sort harry out


tommy- can we play with your doll house

clementine- sure

* she go and gets it*

hunter- whats this doll it looks like lewis

tommy- this looks like our manshoin and that’s harry room and that’s ours and u hideing something sis

clementine- no no I ant

hunter- I’m going to tell lewis about this when he come back

clementine- ok ok I tell I made it when I was a little girl and it based on everyone rooms and as I got older I add rooms on

tommy- oh ok

Lewis- HARRY GONE MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tommy- I know how there a hole in his floor were he hides

clementine- oh
harry room

Lewis- were is it

* tommy point at harry bed and Lewis lift the floor board *

lewis- found him aww he covered in dust and oh that were toasty went

clementine- aww how cute

harry(quiche)- I’m sorry

* he start to cry*

clementine and lewis- it ok little bro we understand how u are feeling

harry(quiche)- really* he begins to smile *

lewis- yea we do baby bro your our baby brother

clementine – yea baby bro

harry(quiche)- can we go and have some hot chocolate

clementine- sure

* she rubs his head and they go and get 1 in star bucks*

star bucks

lewis- ok we are here

casher – hello and welcome to star bucks what can i get u

lewis- hmmm can we have 1 hot chocolate and 2 teas plz

casher- sur..wait your lewis it me your old class mate lily

lewis- oh hey lily

harry(quiche)- who that big bro

lewis- a old class mate

harry(quiche)- oh ok

casher ( lily)- that be 4 pound then

* lewis hands the money over*

casher(lily)- thx u go and sit down and i bring it over

* they go and sit down *

harry(quiche)- i cant wait for my birthday

lewis- i know little man your going to love what i got for u

* lily comes over and gives them there drinks and harry had somehow got whip cream on his nose and in his hair*

clementine-* laughing* your soo funny bro and your also a messy pup

* clementine cleans harry up*

lewis- we should go soon and see nanny and grandpa crumpet afer this

harry(quiche)- yea yea i love to see nanny crumpet she gives me all of the Jaffa cakes

lewis- we know bro i think your her favourite so she gives u everything

harry(quiche)- im don….

* harry falls asleep*

lewis- awww he fell asleep

clementine- he soo cute

* lewis picks him up and places him in the back of the van and they go to nanny and grandpa crumpets house*

mrs and mr crumpets house

nanny crumpet- oh hello were my little man

lewis- here

* lewis slowly places harry on the sofa*

grandpa crumpets – aww look at our grandson sleep he looks so cute what do u think mable

nanny crumpet- he soo cute

lewis- yea he is i cant wait for Thursday as it our birthday and im going to change his name to harry

* nanny crumpet starts to cry with happiness with the news*

grandpa crumpet- aww honey it ok our grandson will have a real name

* harry wakes up*

harry(quiche)- good moring

nanny crumpet- good moring my little waffle

* harry giggles as nanny crumpet hugs him just then waffle the husky comes running in with the tea towel on his head*

lewis- hello waffle


nanny crumpet- oh u little donut what are u like

clementine- oh waffle your funny

* waffle stares at harry and barks very loud and that when they see harry eye had changed*

lewis- oh he has 1 blue and 1 white eye how weried

clementine- lewis do u rember he blind in one eye

lewis- oh yea i forgot im a donut

nanny crumpet- u guys need to go home now it getting late

* they all wave good bye and get into the van*
in the patio

hunter- hey bro want to help me make a toilet roll gun

harry- yea sure

* they begain to build it when they see the post man*

post man- hello i got a letter for mr h kyerin*

hunter- oh that my brothers then

* he takes it and harry opens it and he see it a letter from there parents saying they be home on in 8 weeks*

hunter- who it from

harry- it from mum and dad they wont be home for 8 more weeks

* harry bursts into tears and storms off to his room*

hunter- aww he miss mum and dad he never meet them since he is adopted when he was 2 but our parents were always away doing business stuff

lewis- is harry ok

* hunter show lewis the letter and lewis would be very mad*


hunter- im going to see him i feel sorry for him

* hunter goes off*

lewis- aww poor harry he never meet his mum and dad i ring them

* lewis calls his mum and dad and asks them to come home but they did not pick up*

tommy- are u ok bro

lewis- mum and dad let harry down again

tommy- oh poor thing

lewis- i know lets go and see our little wolf

* my dreams comes on ( i song i worte)*
harry room

harry-i wish i could meet my parents

tommy- hey are u ok little bro

harry- yea im ok i just miss my real and adopted families

tommy- oh i forgot u are adopted may i ask who are your real parents

harry- willow crumpet and sean crumpet

* tommy, lewis and hunter faces lit up*

lewis- omg that why nanny crumpet loves u alot your her real grandson

harry- yea

tommy- aww that soo sweet so that why our parents adopted u it because nanny and granpa crumpet want u to be with us that soo cool little bro

harry- in 1 day is my birthday

lewis- i know

hunter- your growing up soo fast

*harry would smile big*

lewis- come on little man it your bed time

harry- ok

* harry would yawn and he falls asleep so lewis lift him into bed and tucks him in*

lewis- * whispering * good night little bro
living room

lewis- are u ready

clementine- yea im ready

hunter- im ready

tommy- im ready

* harry walks down in his ghost buster onesie*


harry- what why are u calling me by nick name

lewis- look bro

* lewis hands him some paper work and harry brust into tears*

harry- best gift ever

lewis- that ant the best yet there 1 for later

harry- ok cool

* he rips the rest of his gifts open and he runs around with his superman cape on that hunter got him*

harry- thx u guys

all of them- anytime little brother

lewis- lets go to nanny and grandpa crumpets for lunch

all- ok

nanny and grandpa house

lewis- we here and oh harry are u ready

harry- yea

* lewis covers his eyes and he smiles*

lewis- 3 …2….1…..ready harry

harry- ready big bro

* he lift his hands and there standing there was harry mum and dad*

mum- hello honey


dad- hey son sorry we never spent time with u but we will for now on

* harry was speechless *

clementine- aww mum and dad u made his dreams come true

hunter- omg mum and dad i did not see u there

tommy- hey mum and dad

mum and dad- hey u lot

harry- can i have a hug….

mum and dad- sure

* harry hugs them and brusts into tears*

all of them-aww how cute

nanny and grandpa- aww how sweet

harry-BEST DAY EVER!!!!

harry -thx u for watching this my dreams have came true and so it a good and see u next time

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