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She is Calista; a woman of remarkable beauty, while he, a man who possess riches beyond a women

Chapter 1

Love Through Trials

“As far I may seem to be, I hope that you know that distance shall never be a problem as long as I yearn for you. If a quest is given then I shall prosper and conquer to prove that I will never- NEVER give you up as long as I shall live. If bereavement shall happen while your body and soul still linger among the living. Just know that I shan’t let any man win your heart as you have done for me. You will forever be mines to keep.”
Neither siren nor succubus, but somehow she managed to entice a wretched soul such as me. Calista her name was, the woman who had damning milky brown eyes that had a hint of milk as if coffee. Slowly and painfully drifting away from those mesmerizing eyes- my eyes came to adore and cherish her lovely face. How smitten I was when I came to admire her loving smile, a smile that would penetrate any heart. I dare not say what crosses my mind as I focused on her lips. Lips that was as simply ravishing and divine as the forbidden fruit itself. Heaven forbid if I were to get a taste of such luscious and plump lips- to only dreaming of caressing them with my tongue and teeth as I bestowed a kiss upon them. To bestow a kiss on such divine lips will only make you quench for more as you are left quite parched. Quite the jester I turned out to be as she shot down all proposals and any interest in the wealth that I carried. The attrition of my heart, which was once cold and shriveled, had grown to be quite affectionate. It was all thanks to her loving and charismatic smile of hers that saved a wretch like me. How can such a magnificent creature such as her be so stunning? Having eyes that never once digressed as she performed underneath the radiant rays of the moon. The luminous moon was her spotlight as she sung and danced while enchanted all who watched her- including me. The amphitheater never crippled but enhanced her angelic voice. Why must the radiance of the moon enumerate to her beauty? Every man and woman carried lusty eyes as palpitation of their heart went along with their minds- having nothing but impure thoughts. Tonight I thought- would be the night that I shall earnestly get what I deserve and yearn. Watching from such absence only had my heart and soul aching as I observed those ghastly people trying their best to dalliance with her, so that they could satisfy their macabre thoughts. It was ungentlemanly of me to sustain such a nefarious creature as this.
Quid pro quo I thought- as I began this senseless carnage. I shall prosper as I finally get the woman of my dreams. Hearing the sounds of those purifying screams as I continued into a frenzy.Only escalated the massacre as a smile slowly appeared on my face. As if she was either in a trance or had no acknowledgment of the prolific sounds of screams and bodies that lied in front of her. While making my way towards Calista, I grabbed her by the waist as I tightened my grip around her. Only then did she stop all singing and dancing as she faced a man that was covered in gore from head to toe. Not once did she flinch nor run, she only looked at me as I lifted my hands and held her face. Caressing such a face that displayed no look of consternation as she only wore a smile. Alas me as I gazed into the eyes of this enigmatic and virtuous woman! Her eyes being nothing, but daggers that pierced through my soul as I kissed her with such bliss.That I could have only sworn that I have only died and gone to heaven. As my blood stained lips locked with her, my heart ached as my body thrived and went limp with such sensation. Every inch of my body was pulsating as she engulfed every bit of blood that lingered on my lips. Just from that, my animal instincts kicked in as my hands set forth to venture out into the great unknown. God forbid as my hands slithered across her milk chocolate complexion that was a smooth as silk. They rode every last curve to the last detail, leaving not an inch untraced. Tracing my frigid fingers along her body as they made their way upon her chest. Fondling her large, soft breast as bit her lips. Only the purest of ecstasy could save me as she dug her nails into my back, which pierced and severed flesh as the warmness of blood slid along my pale back. Blood, seemed to be the stimulation for her as she licked and sucked all traces of blood that was left on my body.
My eyes closed as I lied down and enjoyed the pleasure of such a divine woman. All of a sudden, all movement ceased and I opened my eyes only to see my precious Calista be taken away in the darkness by a mysterious figure. As I stood up and collected myself as I basked in the moon’s rays. Only an angry countenance was shown as I cursed at the moon. There up above, displayed the elegant and graceful Calista as that ghastly man who wore a wicked smile as he stood beside her as a shadow on the moon.I looked up and cursed as I saw her figure displayed along with that ghastly man beside her as a shadow on the moon.

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