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Yeah, the name’s Alex, let’s just cut the bullshit, okay? Tell me what you want, and I might- just might not kill you. I ain’t your typical teenager, ya hear? Your girl Alex isn’t the one to mess with!

Chapter 1

Dream or Reality

Heavenly, just simply wondrous it was. Here as I lie witness as I gaze and bask in the exhilarating radiance of the moon. Floating in the pool made me feel as graceful as an angel, and as elegant as the moon. I only smile as I softly touch the water as ripples begin to form. I gently pushed myself about in the waters as the soothing sounds of the wind gave me a helping hand. Silence, both a beautiful and wretched thing- I only wished that it didn’t mean that the end of the day was near. It was time to head in, and my smile slowly disappeared into the night. I decided to roll off my inflatable chair as I splashed into the cold pool waters. Swimming towards the end of the pool, I don’t know whether it was just a figment of my imagination or not. But something was pulling on my leg, and whatever it was it was dragging me down hard. Trying my absolute hardest to break free- only kicking and sometimes submerging myself into the dark, cold waters to see what’s keeping me hostage. No success so far, but whatever it was managed to grab my other leg. Never in my nineteen years, I would have never sweven that it would end like this. I can no longer hold my breath as I try to resurface, but only end up being dragged down over and over again. I have no clue as to how long I can hold my breath as I continue to descend, which seemed like the pathway to hell. That piercing noise that slithered through the waters as it imbibed in my ears and mind, which seemed to bleed as the sound increased. Not being able to see anything, but somehow there was a shadowy figure that had a certain halo around it. The figure appeared out of nowhere, and from what it seemed, which turned out that it was a woman. Pondering- how can I escape her grasp? Barely finishing my thoughts, the woman looked at me and took something from her jacket- handcuffs. Guess this dame read my mind as she handcuffed me to her.
I have no idea how much time has passed, or even how any of this was even happening. I mean, I know for a fact that I was dreaming or even on drugs for that matter. My pool isn’t even that damn deep for God sake! There was no point in even trying to escape, so I just went in whatever direction my captor lead me to. Finally, we came to a halt; the lady picked me up and sat me down in the chair as she smiled at me. She took off the handcuffs and handed me a pair of shorts and some shoes. I thanked her and put on the shorts and shoes. I sat back down in the chair as the woman sat across a few inches from me. Wearing a jovial and sincere smile on her face, she got up and walked towards me. I flinched, and got out from my chair as the woman approached me. Having nothing but wall behind, I had nowhere else to turn to. She raised her arms up, I only pushed them away as she frowned a bit. As if nothing happened, she smiled as lively as ever and pulled me towards her as she embraced me in her arms. Her flesh felt nothing but the signs of death, but she embraced me with all her might. I didn’t know how to react, but for some reason I embraced her back. Seconds later, I heard sniveling as her once cold flesh suddenly felt warm.
There were no words exchanged; only the warm of embracement was spoken. I patted her on the back. She looked up and stared me dead in the eyes, and slowly turned around as the sounds of shoes were heard. She slowly turned around and let out a huge gasp. From all that I could see, it seemed to have been a male. One creak then two, just one creak closer towards us. Speaking his mumbled and jumbled words as he grinned, which had a hint of nefarious along with it. Still bearing his vile cackle, he plunged his self towards me. The woman stood in front of me as something warm slithered down my leg-blood. She slowly kneeled as she tried her best to stop the bleeding. This time he had his sights on me, lunging towards me, he threw all kinds of punches at me. I dodged every single one of them until he tried to be slick and grab me from behind. Turns out he duplicated his self as the other grabbed me from behind and tightly squeezed my neck. The original one stood in front of me he sliced my arm from top to bottom. He knelt beside me and licked every trace of blood off my arm. Miraculously somehow, I was able to back kick the duplicate in the face as he bellowed, he loosened his grip around my neck. I never once paid attention to his face. To be exact, he had no face, I mean his had the shape of a head, but there was nothing on it. His eyes were flashing exotic colors as his mouth reflected the same as his eyes. I socked him right in the mouth and knocked out in which I hope are teeth. Expectorating blood from his mouth, he returned his attacks towards me as he tried his absolute best to injure me. Standing there, he was very prolific as he created more of himself. Only the sounds of scraping flesh and bellows were being exchanged. I beat him up pretty good as I grinned; only to see him make his way towards me again. Before I could even act, the lady slowly got up and with all her strength pushed me towards the wall. Through the wall I went as the image of the smiling lady diminished as I faded through the wall. The nefarious man only looked at me with his sinister eyes and grin.
My eyes were open, but everything was pitch black, and I had not slightest idea where I was. I knew for a fact I was neither home or back in the pool, but suddenly out of nowhere a light appeared in front of me. My breathing began to regulate and soon became stable. Was I dead or alive? I think I saw someone, the person looked like a female, and a little girl at that. She stood right next to me, but I seemed to be anonymity to the girl as she walked right through me. She was quite the doll as she wore her hair natural with her beautiful twist outs that was laced with a braid on the side. To finish it off, she had a stunning large purple bow that was centered with several Japanese characters. She wore a Yu-Gi-Oh shirt along with a pair of purple and black shorts, and to finish it off she wore a pair of black Converse high top sneakers. She appeared somewhat frightened, but at the same time content as she glanced over at a tall, slender, and black haired man sitting besides her.
The man knelt beside the girl and smiled at the little girl as he handed her some Legos and some other things to play. She came across a pair of scissors along with some Barbie dolls. She picked both of them up and went to butchering the doll’s hair up. She decided to play surgery on the dolls as she sliced them from left to right. The little girl stopped what she was doing as she heard the man clear his throat. He addressed the little girl as Alexandra, and stated that it was cute what she was doing, and chuckled as he went about his business. Alexandra stopped what she was doing as she heard the door open and saw three other kids come into the room. A lady had escorted them in as they came near me and started playing. They introduced themselves as Icarus, Adrian, and Roman. Icarus and Adrian said that they were cousins.
Those two was almost the same skin tone as me. Roman looked at me and smiled as he asked me what her name was. She told him that it was Alexandra, but Alex for short. They all came closer to me as we played with the Legos. The four of us were no older than four it seemed. We were having so much fun, she couldn’t remember the last time she enjoyed another person’s company. She was only one, but she’s been isolated ever since. Everyone was getting along quite nicely until four men including the one that was watching us grabbed each of us by the hand. They took us to different rooms. We were whimpering, which then lead to crying of course.

“Don’t Alex, you’ll soon be able to reunite and play with your friends once again”, said the strange man.
Alex had nodded her head and took the man’s hands. She looked back and saw the miserable expressions on their faces. The room was dark and she began to cower behind the man until the lights came on. Alex had taken a glance around the room while observing her surroundings. The man had told Alex to call him Biggie. She thought that was a weird name seeing the fact that he was very much skinny. Biggie had crouched down on his knees and took something out his pockets. He told me as he held it in front of me that it was called a magic stick. She observed and examined as she got a feel of the magic stick. Biggie grabbed her as hands as she continued to hold the gun. Biggie brought her in front of this huge lady doll. She seemed to be breathing and she cowered behind Biggie. He smiled and let out a little laugh as he moved Alex to the side of him.

“Alex, he began. You enjoy playing games, right?” he questioned. Of course, she nodded. He told the little girl that if she did well in this little game, he’d tell one of the guys to buy you whatever you want. A slight smile brushed against her face with the idea of being rewarded with something. Biggie then produced a second magic stick. “Alex, I want you to watch me and see how I do it, okay?” he said. As quick as he had told her Biggie began shooting the lady with that magic stick. She began to cough and scream each time he shot. She was bleeding some form of red liquid profusely from her mouth and elsewhere from her body. Again, he knelt to her and told her to shoot until he told her to stop. She nodded and did as she was told. Bam! Bam! Bam! , Bam! , Bam! , Ba- stop! Alex started whimpering then crying because of the loud noise the magic stick had made. She started crying for her mommy and daddy, but she wasn’t even sure if she even had any or what a mommy and daddy even were. That’s what she had heard from the others as they were doing the same thing she was doing. Biggie did nothing to comfort the girl, he only told her to stop crying. Just like that, Alex stopped crying as Biggie walked closer to the lady and then examined her from top to bottom. He let out a loud chuckle and then told Alex to come her. Doing as she was told, she walked up to both Biggie and the lady very slowly. He picked her up and kissed her on the forehead while throwing her up and down in the air. She was confused, but only being a kid, she giggled as she was being thrown in the air. Biggie then put her down and told Alex that he was extremely ecstatic with her. He told Alex to remain here and that he’d be back in a few minutes. She didn’t know what that red stuff was, so being curious; she walked even closer to the lady. She knelt down beside the red stuff and began playing with it.
Alex was spreading I everywhere as she put her hands together to spread it all over the floor and walls. Doing so, she heard a soft noise. She looked up to see it was the lady. She didn’t look too good she did that lady. Walking up to her for some odd reason not even being frightened of her for some odd reason. The lady slowly lifted her arm and reached into her pocket. She pulled out a box or some sort and used her other hand to gesture to Alex to come closer. Being Alex, she came even closer to the lady. She smiled despite being in pain as she handed the box to Alex. The lady had begun to open up her mouth as large amounts of that red stuff came gurgling out of her mouth. Alex had taken the box from the lady and put it in her pockets. Alex smiled, but didn’t know why though. Not being afraid, she put her hands on the lady’s chest. She felt something beating on the inside. If she remembered right, it was something called a heart. The lady smiled as she opened her mouth to say something.
“ Hi-hide it pl-lease. Don’t le-et them fi-ind it”, she mumbled. She seemed to be in pain, but she continued to say words. She smiled as she put her hands on Alex’s face. When she thought about Alex looked at the woman closely and thought she looked rather pretty despite having that red stuff all over her and looking all beaten up. The lady’s hand began to slowly slip from her face as it fell back and landed on the lady’s lap. She was still breathing, but not good it sounded. The eyes that were once on Alex were now closed. Biggie had returned back inside the room. Alex had asked him if he could fix the lady. He said that he couldn’t because it was old and used for target practice. Alex asked if biggie if that was actually a doll. He smiled and said, of course! He explained to the little girl that they make life like dolls that act and respond the same way as humans do. He called it, modifications. Alex tried to repeat after Biggie. Mod- moda- fa-tion, but only ended up butchering the word as Biggie chuckled at her. “That’s too cute, he said. Biggie haven’t even taken notice that Alex was covered with that red stuff and that’s when Alex him what is this red stuff. He simply told her that it was called blood. When people or animals are hurt they bleed out a red substance called blood. Blood? Alex stated. Yes, blood, he replied. He grabbed a towel and walked over to the sink as he wet it while walking back to Alex. He began to clean off all the blood.
Finished with what he was doing, he told Alex to follow him out of the room. Doing as she was told, she followed Biggie outside the room while turning back to look at the lady one last time. During that one last look, the lady once again opened her eyes as she lifted her hands to blow a kiss at the girl then closed them once again. He brought her back to where she was earlier. She happily returned to playing with the toys and asked if she could have her backpack. Biggie had handed it to her as he returned to his desk. She placed the backpack beside her as she was playing with the Legos. There was something in her pocket and she immediately felt it and remembered that the lady had given it to her. She took it out, but before she did, she made sure that no one was looking. With everything in the clear, she placed the box inside her backpack and placed it back beside her. She heard the sounds of voices and looked back to see that it was the others. They all came running to her with smiles on their faces. Our reuniting was only short lived though. Two men had walked into the room and stood right in front of us. One man had called Adrian and Icarus while the other man called Roman and me. Biggie told us to be good and that he did not forget about telling the man to buy me whatever she wanted. The four of us went our separate ways as we went with the strange men. As we were walking, the man stopped us as we approached his car. He opened the door for us and Roman and Alex got inside the car. He buckled us up and shut the car door. He too got inside car and did the same to us, but only this time to himself. He started the car up and backed up the car. The man had started talking, introducing himself as M. He also stated that he was going to be Roman and Alex’s guardian. He smiled at us and we smiled back. Roman and reached over and grabbed my hand, we were both smiling at each other and then at M. Alex had told M that she was hungry. He smiled and said that when we get home, he’s going to fix us something to eat. The drive didn’t seem long to get to his house. Or maybe it was due the fact she fell asleep on the way there. The car seemed to have stopped and Roman got out of the car and went to my side to unbuckle my seatbelt and open Alex’s door for her. She didn’t quite understand why, but M smiled and laughed at Roman as he patted him on the head. Roman had sprinted in front of everyone to open the door, but found that it was locked. M handed him the key and Roman successfully opened the door. M’s house was very big and nice on the outside and most definitely the inside as well. As we walked inside, M gave us a quick tour of the house. He showed them to their] rooms and had a change of clothes prepared for the small children. He gave us each individual baths and helped us get dressed. He also had toys and such for us as well. He said that Roman and Alex could play with whatever was in here as he prepared dinner.
The room that Roman and Alex shared was massive! The two children ran around the room, bouncing, twirling, and so many other things just having a good time. They heard a knock on the door and M came inside to tell us that dinner was ready. Roman and Alex followed him into the kitchen and came to sit down at this big old’ table. He prepared a lot of food, he had cooked some chicken, noodles, and countless other things. We were about to start eating, but M stopped us and told us that we needed to say grace first. Roman and Alex had followed M’s lead and put our hands together as he said a prayer. After that, we then began eating. The food was delicious. M and Roman were eating with some sticks and Alex asked M if she could have a pair of sticks too. He smiled as he reached to grab another pair. He handed them to the little girl telling her they were called chopsticks. Alex thanked him and tried to eat with the chopsticks. Thirty minutes into eating, and the children finished dinner as M took their plates and came back with dessert. He told them that it was called cheesecake. Everyone grabbed their forks and dived right into the cheesecake. It was really yummy. They finished dessert and once again thanked M for the meal. He smiled as we went back into playing. It was long before the little tykes were tired from their very filled productive day. Roman and Alex lied buried underneath the vast amount of toys. Despite the fact that Alex was sleep, she wasn’t entirely asleep though. Of course, it was M. With her eyes barely open; she could see M picking Roman up and putting him in the bed and tucked him in.
After that he walked up to me to pick me up and put me in the bed. He tucked her in and kissed each child good night. He quietly left out the room and closed the door behind him. Soundly asleep, Alex was swevening of things that made no sense to her. She was playing with several different kinds of animals: there were dogs, wolves, tigers, snakes, and countless others. They all surrounded her as she talked and played with each and every one them. Being in such a jovial mood, by being surrounded by all these magnificent creatures. The animals ceased and began hissing, growling, barking, and just different kinds of sounds. Alex looked up and saw that there was a strange man walking towards them. Each stepped that he took his sinister and vile smiled widened. The man looked shadowy with no face. The only thing that you could observe and notice that you could only see the man’s eyes, which produced a light that constantly, changed colors. The other thing was his mouth; in which seem to alter as he moved his mouth a certain way. The animals began to step further still growling at the man. The shadowy figure that was once walking began to quicken his steps and plunged right for me. The animals attacked the man. Alex was very much petrified at the very sight of the man; she cowered behind one of the wolves. There were two wolves shielding the little girl. The man seemed to overpower the animals; she cowered still scared. She didn’t enjoy seeing her friends dying because of her. She stood up and so did the wolves. She walked towards the man, who ceased all movements and attacks, and walked towards the little girl. He extending his hand towards her and softly placed it on her shoulder as he guided it to her neck. The wolves, still next to her growled and bit the man as he squeezed her throat. Alex was gasping and struggling to breathe. He pulled something from out of his pockets and stabbed the girl all over. Slicing her from all sorts of directions while still having a tight grip on her neck. The wolves pounced on the man. Not only the wolves, but also the other remaining animals attacked him as well. One of the wolves came to girl’s side as the man dropped her on the ground. It was a she-wolf, she started licking Alex’s wound and howled. The pack of wolves stopped attacking the man and attended to the girl. They were all licking her as one of the wolves left and came back with something in its mouth. A monkey then came to Alex’s aide and grabbed something that the wolf had brought. The monkey then began to rub the concoction over the girl’s body as she rested on one of the wolves. She was hardly breathing, but at least she was still breathing. The animals that were watching over checked over to see what had become of the shadowy man who had then vanished. Alex seemed peaceful despite her injuries, but alas, she bolted and screamed as something pierced her skin. She whimpered as she opened her eyes to see that everyone; including the animals and the man had disappeared. When she blinked and opened the again, she found herself back in her room. Her breathing was raspy, beating rapidly as she bolted out of bed and left out the room. She whimpered softly and let out little cries every now and then. She was looking for M. The house was very eerie to her since it was nighttime. Alex found a room that had a light on and softly knocked on it. M answered the door and saw the girl with tears strolling down her face. He smiled and knew that she had a nightmare. He picked the girl up as he walked her over to his bed. M sat the girl in his lap and began to cradle her. He then hummed a song as he rocked her to sleep.
Alex held M tightly as she relaxed. What first started with humming then changed with singing. Alex tried her best to hum the tune of the song as she held M’s hand. They both smiled at each other as she fell asleep. He waited at least thirty minutes to make sure she soundly asleep and then brought her back to her room. He softly put her down, but saw that she was whimpering and held on to M. He only chuckled and saw that Roman had awakened. He got up from his bed and stood beside He could only shake his head as he asked Roman if he wanted to join as well. Roman nodded his head as M told him to follow him. He did as he was told and followed him into his bedroom. Roman crawled into the bed as M placed Alex in the bed and under the covers. Roman slept besides Alex, while M of course to the end as Alex slept in the middle. It wasn’t till later in the middle of the night that M awakened only to be toppled by sleeping children who wore nothing but peaceful looks. He smiled and went back to sleep and embraced the children even closer to him.

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