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I don’t think I’ve ever come across a book which has such a storyline.
Birth of a new breed is the first of 3 books, which once they come together they create a”bigger picture” so to speak.
The first book tells the story of a man who ended up on another planet where a people are becoming extinct because of a virus they created.
Nature finds a way.

Chapter 59

Feel swords fight with you

With nothing more to say, it was time to get into position.
It felt almost unreal, preparing for a battle which would decide the fate of Spowbra. Going by Tadinen’s speech, it seemed almost like this was going to decide the fate of their species.
Surely the slathonian government wouldn’t put their own kind into extinction? What would that prove? How on earth could they benefit from their own demise?
After seeing Abasan hanging around, I promptly went over to her and sat next to her.
Looking around, I caught sight of people watching us, intrigued at seeing a daygah having bonded with me.
“You can’t stay here,” I said, “you know this. You might not be the last of your kind, so you need to stay alive. One day, after all this is over, we’ll find more daygah. We’ll find a new family for you.”
Immediately she rest her head on my lap, as I started stroking her.
“You’re such a soppy animal, you know that?” I smiled, “Maybe, if you’re good, I’ll give you a mebracci arm, as a treat. Would you like that, huh?”
She then used her weight to push me backwards, as she now stood over me, licking my face.
I searched around, to see a few warrior wanting to rescue me, but I put my hand up, laughing.
“Etah nomo. At-mada tawn bera dos nessa fi lill, (It is ok. She has just gone all soft on me,) Get off of woman,” I added, playing trying to get free, “I’m getting soaked here.”
Finally after a little play fighting, she let me get up, as I dusted myself off.
“I’ve got to get busy and you’ve got to go,” I said, giving her one more hug, to which she licked my arm.
“Now, be gone with ya.”
She reluctantly turned and walked off, looking back every now and then, before disappearing through the foliage.
Once content she was out of harms reach, I got myself busy, helping those who needed it.
Gwed and Jaysha made a point of keeping a good distance away, but after watching them both, I could easily see the love was still there. The way in which they glanced at each other whilst the other wasn’t watching.
Lonisha was next to me, spotting me watching them.
“Would you tell me what happened in Gemban?” She asked.
“What about?”
“You and Jaysha.”
“Oh that,” I replied sighing.
“Yes, that.”
“Oh you think we had something going?”
Lonisha shrugged her shoulders.
“Ok,” I said, seeing the stress in her eyes, “she kissed me.”
“She did what?” She asked, containing her emotions.
I paused.
Lonisha stared at me for a time, before looking away, pretending to stay on look out.
“She came to me,” I said, “All I ever wanted to be was a friend.”
Lonisha remained quiet, as though listening but in denial.
“Lonisha,” I said, softly getting her attention, “I love you.”
She bowed her head, with her eyes giving away her sorrow.
“Lonisha,” I urged, resting my hand on hers, “Lill gaque es.”
Finally, she looked at me, putting on a brave smile.
“Had I known I was letting myself too close to her, I would’ve kept my distance.”
“It is not your fault,” She smiled, grabbing my hand, “You were not to know.”
I looked over to see Jaysha staring at me. I could see her wondering if we were talking about her, which of course we were.
I nodded and smiled at her, hoping to put her at ease, as she returned the favour. This was when I spotted Gwed looking at me, making me wonder if I was again too close to Jaysha.
“I can see why she kissed you,” Lonisha stated, “You are a good man, a kind man.”
“Thank you.”
“She see’s strength in you.”
“I wish she saw the same strength in Gwed.”
“Oh she does, she just does not know it yet.”
“Do you think Gwed will trust me after this?”
“You are about to find out.”
Making me jump, Gwed appeared out of nowhere and sat down beside me.
“Gwed,” Lonisha said.
I sat there, panicking on what to say, as I noticed him smiling at me, as though it had been a long time coming.
“Es edit id dusk-aya pes wi namayta, (You wait to fight for my people,)” He said, “bi I have seen the way you fight, (and I have seen the way you fight,)”
I paused, noticing Lonisha smiling, but trying not to get involved.
“Esgway namayta pon wi namayta, (Your people are my people,)” I pointed out, “bi Lill dusk-aya pes yosgo, co Lill dusk-aya pes es, (and I fight for them, as I fight for you,)”
Gwed nodded, holding back his feelings the way a warrior should, before walking off.
“Gwed,” I said, stopping him.
“Iain,” Lonisha butted in sharply, “You do not need to say anything else.”
Gwed again nodded, before rushing off back to his group.
“I wanted to say I was sorry,” I said to Lonisha.
“You do not need to. He has forgiven you.”
It felt a bit frustrating, having this guilt inside me, yet not being able to let it all out.
What was it about these people that just let things go? Honour? Or the chance to let those prove their honour?
A short while passed, when we noticed one of Tadinen’s soldiers running from group to group, before coming over to us.
“Things are about to happen,” He announced, “Make ready.”
He then rushed over to the next group, leaving Lonisha and I feeling a tad anxious.
“Are you ready?”She asked.
I took in a few deep breaths, before building myself up, observing the people within the group we were in preparing themselves.
Both Jaysha and Gwed looked my way, nodding.
“I guess this is it huh?” I said.
“It is.”
“Then I guess I’m ready.”
At that point I realised Dakah was studying everyone, making sure they were all in position and he caught a glimpse of me looking at him.
He stroked his sword and smiled, forcing this weird sensation of readiness within me. His confident expression made me feel I really was a part of these people, whether I was ready or not. This was the point of no return. This was the point where I became kamarian.
Our thoughts were immediately interrupted by the sounds of machine gun fire erupting ahead of us, within the forest.
“You know the mebracci will be the first to arrive here,” Lonisha stated.
“Any advice?”
“Kill,” She said, looking at me in a serious manner, “You will see bad things that will frighten you.”
This instantly put a shiver down my spine.
“Your baraney, your swords and your knives are a part of you,” She went on, “Feel your energy, feel yourself in control and kill.”
“That simple huh?”
“That simple,” She smiled, trying not to laugh.
“I know this is probably bad timing, but did you notice what Tadinen said?”
“About what?”
“Our warriors.”
“What about them?”
“She referred to them as ‘our warriors’.”
“She wasn’t referring them as our warriors, but more like she was a part of us.”
“I do not understand.”
“Think about it. She reckons she came from the future,” I pointed out, “Where would she live if Gemban was destroyed?”
She looked at me, pondering over my theory, before turning her attention to the roars of our warriors a short distance away.
“You are thinking too much Iain.”
Immediately I spotted Dakah growing hesitant and straight away gets his group to move to a new location.
“They are coming from the south,” Lonisha announces, watching his reactions.
“I take it this isn’t good.”
“They were expected to come in from the west.”
Just as Dakah and his group got into position, there was this battle cry which erupted from within the trees and immediately after that, some forty mebracci warriors came charging out at full speed.
At first my mind went blank, wondering if this was the best they could do, with such a small amount going against our two hundred strong.
“Is this it?” I asked, making ready to leap out.
“Wait,” Lonisha commanded, holding me back, “Dakah can deal with theses.”
“Are you saying there’s more?”
We both watched on as the mebracci got close enough for Dakah’s group to meet them head on.
Before swords clashed, the mebracci were met by a swarm of arrows, cutting down no less than fifteen, yet still the mebracci charged on.
This was when the bloody part to the battle started and swords clashed.
Everything happened so quickly, with warriors on both sides crying out in pain. Dakah was by far the fastest, with him darting from mebracci to mebracci, cutting them down one by one.
Many hand to hand fights took place, with warriors being forced to the ground and being punched and kicked to death. The sheer hatred involved caused me to shiver and I wondered what on earth I was getting myself into.
Lonisha rest her hand on my shoulder and felt my body trembling.
“Once you get involved, the trembling will stop,” She said, “You will see.”
I’d never seen so much blood, as warriors were left lying on the ground, screaming out, either looking around for the limbs they’d lost, or watching their friends die horrifically before their very eyes.
On many occasions, the wounded were stabbed time and time again before being left to bleed to death.
A second battle cry bellowed out from the north, which meant is was our turn to get involved.
“Remember,” Lonisha said, “become one with your weapons and kill.”
“Let’ just get this over with.”
I looked over to see Jaysha standing up and closing her eyes, composing herself, before looking over at me. She smiled and unsheathed her swords, sweeping them around as though getting the feel of them.
In the sounds of gun fire continued on in the distance, when the bushes suddenly shook violently, as the second wave of mebracci charged at us at full speed.
“Bugger me, this is it,” I thought out loud.
A voice then shouted out, giving us the order to meet the mebracci head on.
Both Lonisha and I stood up and shouted out, now running toward them.
To my amazement, arrows zipped past us from behind, cutting down no less than twenty mebracci.
This second wave must have been at least seventy strong, with only a handful of us going against them. How the heck were we going to beat this lot?
The moment we’d come face to face, I realised this was the point of no return, but to my surprise I felt no fear, only this huge build up of strength and courage, if courage was what you could call it.
Instincts instantly took over as the first mebracci hurled his spear at me. Somehow everything slowed down, as I watched the spear whip passed me. However, before I got the chance to make my first kill, another arrow whooshed past me and hit the mebracci directly into the eye, killing him almost instantly.
My disappointment didn’t last long, as I soon found myself confronted by three more mebracci.
Remembering what Lonisha said, I stopped and waited for them, composing myself, beginning to anticipate their moves.
One of them tried to run around me, but I sharply withdrew a knife and threw it at him, hitting him perfectly in the neck, whilst the others were now pretty much on top of me.
I spun myself around and slashed my sword right across his chest and with the other next to him, I continued my spin and slashed his chest too.
I stood there, flabbergasted at what I’d done, laughing briefly.
“Behind you,” shouted Jaysha.
Thinking quickly and put my sword behind me, as I felt the intense clash, with this force pushing me forwards.
There was no time to think as I turned round, dodging the next attack from another mebracci and thrusting my second sword into her belly.
I stopped, realising what I’d done. I’d killed a woman.
This was when Gwed and his group came into action and attacked the mebracci from the side, giving them no chance to react.
The whole scene looked swarmed in nothing but chaos, as each warrior was cut down without remorse
I managed to glance over at Lonisha and Jaysha to see them in action.
The moves they were doing astonished me, with the back slip summersaults and so on they were performing. Nothing was going to get in their way.
I immediately found myself confronted by another eight in one go, which was when I found myself engulfed with pure rage.
I ended up lashing out randomly, somehow dodging the attacks, but then I felt this hard thump in my side, as I fell to the ground.
For a while my head went spinning and the wind was knocked out of me.
The mebracci paused, as though biding their time, but without warning Jaysha appeared out of nowhere and killed them all in no time at all.
She sharply grabbed my arm and pulled me up.
“What you do?” She asked firmly, “What you think you do?”
“I don’t understand.”
“What is all this?” She demanded, imitating my erratic moves.
“I had eight of them after me,” I insisted.
“Yet you end up on ground.”
I sighed, looking around at the chaos still going on around me, wondering why she was having a go at me.
“You not fight,” She went on, “You lash out. That not fighting.”
“So what do you want me to do?” I asked sarcastically.
She hesitated for a short moment, before pointing to a group of mebracci getting the upper hand over three warriors.
“You fight with me,” She demanded, “You learn. Come.
We both hurried over to the warriors in trouble, as Jaysha immediately got into action.
This time, without using any aerobics she swung her swords precisely and cleanly, cutting down three of the mebracci.
The others reacted and came at us at full speed.
“Your turn,” She said, stepping back.
“What?” I asked, gobsmacked, “You want me to take them all on?”
She nodded once and pushed me toward them.
I paused, watching the come at me.
“You kill,” She said, more calmly, “Feel swords fight with you, waiting to dance.”
I swayed my swords smoothly, then realising how in control I was with them.
“Feel that energy,” She added, now standing behind me, “It becomes you. Slow, calm, in control.”
She then stepped back knowing I was about to go into action.
True enough, the moment the first one got close enough, I stepped to one side and crouched as I spun backwards, feeling the swords dance with me.
To my amazement, I felt the swords cut smoothly into the mebracci, as I immediately found myself moving on to the second and third one, not worrying about the first one.
My world became slow, as I slid forward and stabbed another three perfectly in their necks. The last one stood there, paralysed by f ear and started to back off, which was when a single shot to the head from somewhere put him abruptly to the ground.
Jaysha came over to me and patted me on the shoulder.
“Good,” She nodded, “You see? You slow down, stay calm and you kill.”
“Where did that shot come from?” I wondered.
“Someone look after you.”
With me staying with Jaysha for a while longer, we cut the mebracci down one by one, but the true carnage happening around us was all too obvious.
The stories of going into battle was one thing, but to see the bloodshed and sheer brutality behind it was another.
Some of the women who stayed behind to help prepare the warriors had been forced to join in, but unfortunately they were not trained for this kind of thing and hence were horrifically hacked to death. The intense ruthlessness from the mebracci proved this wasn’t about being victorious in battle, it was about murder on a massive scale.
“Gwed is in trouble,” Jaysha announced, “You on your own now.”
I looked on, noticing Gwed on his back, desperately blocking the relentless attacks from six mebracci.
Every now and then one would get a punch or a kick in, yet Gwed took the punishment, being able to do nothing but defend himself.
Jaysha gave out this hiss as she ran over to them, forcing them to leave Gwed alone and attack her.
Gwed was quick to get back up and managed to kill two of them before another two turned on him.
The moment Gwed was in control, Jaysha went off to fight elsewhere. Gwed went over to her and tried to talk to her, but she shook off the hold he had on her arm and shouted at him in an angry way, before going off elsewhere again.
I could see the sadness on his face, before having to deal with three other mebracci.
Things began to grow crazy and I was fast beginning to tire.
Unfortunately, things soon grew worse when a third wave of some fifty mebracci appeared, immediately overwhelming many of our warriors and killing them.
“Iain,” Lonisha shouted, “Come over to me.”
The second to reached her, we both found ourselves having no choice but to go on the defensive. Every now and then I would get the chance to kill one or two, but I was fast catching on that we were about to be overrun.
An overwhelming fear engulfed me, as I started to feel defeated and my strength was quickly fading away.
Every now and then a mebracci come at me, but before he got close to me he was shot in the head. I knew straight away there was a sniper in hiding.
“Taku,” I wondered.
Just then, Kordan appeared with his group of warriors, catching many of the mebracci off guard, but it still didn’t seem enough to turn this in our favour.
“Adstu los cha los Cacay-tah? (What do we do father?)” Lonisha asked him, now fighting by his side.
“Cha jos bay pab moi, (We must not give up,)”
“Chway losing id marnech, (We are losing too many,)”
Kordan had just enough time to look around, giving him the chance to make a decision.
All around us were dead or dying warriors. We were now greatly outnumbered and being steadily overwhelmed.
“Cha pavee chinia orda, (We cannot win this,)” Lonisha insisted.
Kordan paused, desperately trying to think of something, but in the end he knew this was a battle we couldn’t win.
Just as he was about to give the order to retreat, the worst happens.
Slathonian soldiers had reached Spowbra and opened fire.
Warrior after warrior was shot dead, as the soldiers pushed forward, but it wasn’t just us they were shooting at, but the mebracci too.
The mebracci had no idea what to do, evidently stunned by the betrayal. Some started to run, but were systematically cut down, along with any warrior close by.
We had no choice but to run for cover, as the familiar sounds of bullets whizzed past my head.
I grabbed hold of Lonisha’s hand and forced her to run with me, as we sharply took cover behind a hut.
So many people were running for their lives, as bullets shred into them, giving them no chance. Many times did we see the soldiers empty their magazines on the wounded.
Lonisha stood there, looking around and watching her people being massacred.
With the mebracci having made things easier for the slathonian soldiers, their use was over. Spowbra had been taken and the true intent of the slathonian government had now become clear.
Looking for a better place to hide, I spotted Dakah urging other warriors to group up around him.
Kordan was with him, evidently not happy with him. In the end they had an argument, which didn’t last long as a few warriors gathered around him.
“Come with me,” Lonisha said, hurrying over to them.
Once there, Dakah revealed that he was planning to make one last stand and attack the soldiers from behind.
“Es pavee hill lill vubos, (You cannot make me leave,)” Kordan said, standing his ground.
“Gway su nonevac ba Spowbra Kordan, (You are the alpha of Spowbra Kordan,)” Dakah replied, “Lill begu es vee-lill, (I assure you I can,)”
“Adstah opisay-neh? (What is happening?)” I asked.
“My father is being escorted to safety,” Lonisha answered, now standing with him.
“Baysoni seflay pata orda Dakah, (I am not happy with this Dakah,)” Kordan stated.
“Lill lossom dia-an, etah wi takabway id sevan es siswa, (I do not care, it is my job to keep you safe,)”
“Cacay-tah, es jos tat sevmo siswa. Dusi, (Father, you must be kept safe. Please,)”
Kordan paused for thought, knowing despite his bond with the village and his people, he has a duty to his people to stay alive.
“Spowbra ah bay acos tes, (Spowbra is not lost yet,)” Lonisha said, “Plade enposay orpahtey naypata lway, enposay dusk-aya. Capakama bay acos tes, (While there is breath within us, there is fight. We have not lost yet,)”
Kordan finally nodded and allowed the warriors to prepare for escorting him away from here.
“Dusk-aya well wi Lonisha, (Fight well my Lonisha,)” He said, giving her a hug.
“Bagada fushu daway tonpo Cacay-tah, (I will see you again soon father,)”
Once the cuddles had ended, Kordan was promptly led out of the village, heading east.
Straight away Dakah got about drawing on the ground, showing us his plan of attack.
His idea seemed flawless, using what warriors were left to make this last stand.
Splitting into two groups, each with no more than twenty warriors, we headed out of Spowbra and worked our way around the outskirts, edging confidently behind the soldiers.
Houses by this time were blaze, some with the horrific sounds of screaming from within.
How barbaric could these soldiers be?
Our spirits sunk upon spotting the soldiers kicking and shooting the dead, making sure they were dead. There were no more battle cries, or the sounds of swords clashing.
The battle was ended as far as the slathonian soldiers were concerned, as they now became much more relaxed, idly checking houses and huts, killing all who were hiding inside.
Putting a grin on my face as the sight of Jaysha hiding behind a hut, which was also on fire.
“Jaysha,” Lonisha said, hurrying over to her.
“Where is father?” Jaysha asked.
“He has been taken out of Spowbra.”
With Jaysha now with us, we eventually got into position and readied ourselves for battle.
This time it was all about stealth and getting as close to the soldiers as possible. The soldiers has soon become over confident and sloppy with their patrols, making it much easier for us to edge closer and get into the perfect position for attack.
Finally we were all as ready as we could be and waited for Dakah to give the order. Dakah took a final look around and brought our attentions on soldiers which hadn’t been spotted before.
Once content as could be, he stood up and threw his knife at one of the soldiers, which plunged nicely into his neck, causing him to gasp for breath.
It was all or nothing.
We all stood up and charged, giving the soldiers no time to react.
to our complete surprise the sound of gunfire came alive and bullets in their thousands whizzed through the air, chopping the soldiers down in large numbers.
There was nothing the soldiers could do but hesitate and make a run for it.
Out from the bushes and trees, a huge number of soldiers came running out, all wearing the arm sleeves. Shortly after that Tadinen appeared, using her baraney to kill the enemy.
“Yes,” I shouted, overjoyed.
I reached for the closest baraney, having realised then that I’d lost mine and set about killing as many of the slathonian soldiers as I could.
With all her arrows spent, she unsheathed her swords and ran into battle.
Lonisha and I could do nothing but watch her, as she somersaulted over a group of enemy soldiers and slashed them all across the chest in one foul swoop.
“Are you convinced now?” I asked.
“About what?”
“About her living in Spowbra.”
“Lossom tawn sopoda posay, (Do not just stand there,)” Gwed said, out of nowhere, “Fo lway pin orda regsa pata, (Let us get this over with,)”
“Dupwesta, (Of course,)” Lonisha replied, now running alongside him.
“Wait for me,” I said, running to catch up.
This was a fight which wasn’t going to last for very long, as we now had the advantage and within a few minutes the enemy dropped their weapons and surrendered.
With so much adrenaline rushing through me the realism that we’d won caused me to roar as loudly as I could, overwhelmed by the true meaning of victory. Immediately after that everyone else shouted out.
Lonisha rushed over to me and gave me this everlasting cuddle, laughing joyously, with both Jaysha and Tadinen watching on.
Tadinen stood there smiling, with people going over to her to congratulate her, yet all that time she kept her eyes on Lonisha and I cuddling.
Gwed caught a glimpse of Jaysha watching us and sighed, before being distracted by fellow warriors dancing around him.
Dakah had this awful looking slash across his face, but showed no signs of letting it get him down. Instead of celebrating, he wandered over to a warrior lying on the ground, who was barely alive.
He knelt down beside him looking over his many wounds and bowed his head as the warrior said something to him. Dakah nodded, resting his hand on the warrior’s chest and said something to him.
My heart sunk after watching Dakah get out his knife and thrust it into the warrior’s heart, ending his pain.
Upon sight of this, everyone was forced to succumb to the legacy of battle.
The houses left ablaze and the many dead.
Even though the slathonian soldiers and mebracci were defeated, the devastation left behind meant there was a long way to go before we could even think about our victory.
All of the mebracci had been killed, thanks to the betrayal of the slathonian soldiers.
Dakah had given the order to execute the remaining enemy soldiers, but Tadinen gave him the good idea of using them to tidy the place up.
The battle was over and Spowbra was safe once again.

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