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In the not too distant future, Nine Elementalso awaken a mysterious immortal, to help save the world from a coming threat

Chapter 1

Level 1

Antarctica 10:27pm.

As the snow falls to the ground and the cold air runs through the night sky, a jet can be seen landing in the middle of a snowy field. The bottom hatch opens and nine individuals step out, into the cold weather.

They are called Elementals, humans with extraordinary abilities. They are on an errand for their master, to find a mysterious elemental, that has been sleeping for over one-hundred years.

As the cold air runs through their skins, they find it tough to walk through the harsh conditions of the environment.

“So how far is this mountain anyway?” Asks Trent. ”

Not too far, my tracker says that we should head west,” says Dominic.

“What’s the big deal with this immortal anyway?” Asks Ken.

“I don’t know, but Master Yuki says we need him, we find him and we bring him back to Miami with us,” Says Raven.

The Elementals then arrive at the location and they find a tomb made of Ice.

“That, is a big tomb!” Says Michael.

“You mean to tell me, our guy, that we are looking for, is inside there?” Asks Samantha.

“Yep, our immortal is in this tomb, deep down in the lower levels,” Says Dominic.

“So we are going underground? Oh Damn…” Says Trent.

“Luckily, I brought us all flashlights and glowsticks,” Says Raven. “As they say, always be prepared.” Dominic then opens the door to the tomb and the Elementals enter inside the compound.

“Wow, so this is his tomb huh?” Says Jordan.

“This looks like more of a cavern than a tomb,” says Bryant.

“Well appearances can be deceiving…” Says Raven.

The group then ventures deeper into the tomb. When they get down to the lower levels, they see a coffin in the middle of a platform.

“This must be what we are looking for,” says Ken.

“It seems to be covered in some form of ice,” says Shawn.

“Not a problem, stand back…” Says Samantha. Samantha then punches the Ice Coffin, but it does not budge.

“Ouch! That Ice is dense as hell!” Exclaims Samantha.

“She’s right, this ice is not normal, even I can’t manipulate it,” says Shawn, who tried to lower the ice.

“Hey guys, look at this…” Dominic says, calling everyone over to the rear of the Ice Coffin.

“What is it?” Asks Raven.

“It looks like a seal of some kind,” Says Dominic.

“There’s another one here on the left side,” Says Bryant.

“There’s a seal on every side, the question is, what are they for?” Asks Jordan.

Dominic then dusts off the snowy powder on the seal and he sees a handprint, with a colored gem inside it.

“Well people, I think I know how to unseal this coffin. It appears that these seals react to our elemental powers, if we put our hands on them, the ice may melt,” Says Dominic.

The nine elementals then place their hands on each seal. Seconds later, the energy from the gems then transfers into the ice, melting it.

“Wait… Do you guys feel that?” Says a cautioned Trent.

Suddenly, the cavern begins to shake and collapse on itself.

“Everybody get out here!” Yells Bryant.

As the tomb cracks open, shards of ice start to fall from the ceiling. As Raven runs for cover, an ice pebble hits her in the head.

As Raven slowly gets to her feet, a large ice rock begins to fall. As it is about to crush her, Shawn shatters it with a gesture of his hand.

“Thanks!” Raven says as Shawn helps her up.

“Let’s get out of here.” Shawn replies.

The group then escapes the tomb, as they check to see if everyone made it out, a shadowy figure appears in the smoke like fog.

“Guys look!” Says Raven.

The shadowy figure then appears from the fog, it has the appearance of man. The man was wearing only black trunks, with tattoos covering his chest and arms. The man then suddenly falls down to the snow. As he lays there unconscious, Raven tends to him.

“Get the jet guys, I think we found him.” Says Raven.

Dominic and the others get the specimen on the jet and they fly back to their home, Miami Florida.

Five days later, The Mysterious Man awakens in a room and he looks around, wondering where he is.

“What? Where am I? What the hell is going on?” Says The Man.

The specimen then sees a button on the wall near a door. He pushes the button, thus opening it. The Man then ventures off into the living room area of a large penthouse.

“Good morning Mr. Elemental,” says Dominic, who enters the room with Raven.

“Don’t worry, you are among safe individuals. Why don’t we take you back to your room…” Says Raven.

As Raven grabs The Man by the wrist, he kicks Raven through a wall.

“Raven!” Says Trent.

Ken then turns around, to see that The Man has disappeared.

“Raven, are you okay?” Asks Dominic.

“We have to find him, before he causes anymore damage!” Says Raven.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Miami, The Man then sees a Macy’s store. He walks in and the store clerk notices him.

“Hello, can I help you?” The Clerk asks the man.

“I need clothes, do you have any?” Asks t
The Man.

“Yes, what are you looking for? A suit? A tie?” The Clerk asks.

The Man then then picks out a black T-shirt, black Levi’s jeans and Black 13  sized Jordan Air shoes. The Man then walks away, stealing the clothes.

“Hey! I need you to pay for those…” The Clerk says, while grabbing The Man’s arm.

In a reflex, The Man throws the clerk into a wall, knocking him unconscious. He then runs out of the store and teleports onto a nearby skyscraper. While on top the skyscraper, The Man puts on the clothes he stole. A jet then appears in the sky, sending down Raven, Ken and Dominic to the rooftop.

“Stop right there!” Says Ken.

“Who the hell are you people? What is this place?” The Man asks.

“You are in Miami Beach Florida. My name is Raven Kyoto, these are my friends Dominic Dragonheart and Ken Lionheart. We mean you no harm,” says Raven.

“How do I know that I can trust you?” Asks The Man.

“Because we’re elementals, just like you,” Says Dominic.

“What the hell are you talking about?” The Man asks.

“Come with us and we will tell you everything you want to know,” says Raven.

“Thanks, but I’ll pass,” The Man says scornfully.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Ken says while grabbing the man’s arm.

“Take your hand off me…” Says The Man, with intensity in his eyes.

When Ken ignites his hand, The Man blocks his punch and he kicks Ken into a billboard sign.

“Ken!” Raven exclaimed.

As Raven went to Ken’s aid, Dominic then uses his hands to trap The Man in a rock like clasp.

“Ken’s okay but he kicked him hard in the ribs.” Says Raven.

“Well I managed to trap our guy,” says Dominic. When Dominic lowers the rocky clasp, they then see that The Man is gone.

“Shit, where did he go?” Says Dominic.

Raven then looks down the left ledge and she sees the mysterious man, on top of a flying truck.

“Wait here, keep the engine on the jet running,” says Raven.

“What are you gonna do?” Asks Dominic.

“I gotta catch him somehow,” says Raven.

Raven then dives of the edge of the skyscraper and she lands on top of the truck, confronting The Man.

“I thought I told you no thanks!” Says The Man.

“Yeah well, I am a stubborn bitch. So it seems to me, you have two options; option A: You come with us quietly… Or option B: I’ll make you,” says Raven.

The Man then tries to punch her, but Raven blocks it.

“Wrong choice!” Says Raven.

The Man and Raven then begin to fight each other. Raven manages to hold her own against him, but the mysterious man overpowers Raven with a vicious punch to her chest. As the mysterious man punched her, electricity emitted from his hand upon impact.

“Damn! That hurt!” Says Raven.

“Last chance to give up and leave me be,” says The Man.

“I don’t give up that easily,” says Raven.

Raven then uses her elemental power, to slide over to The Man, thus tackling him in the process.

When Raven tackles the man, they fall off of the flying truck and onto a flying car. Raven then places the mysterious man in a Rear Naked Choke, but the man bites her in the arm and he throws her, into an incoming flying taxi cab.

Raven then blasts The Man with a water beam, that renders him stunned. Jumping from the taxi, Raven binds water to her feet to dropkick the man in the face, knocking him down.

“Do you yield?” Asks Raven.

“You fight well, for a stubborn bitch,” Replies The Man.

“I had a good teacher, you’re no slouch yourself,” says Raven.

“Look, I don’t know where I learned how to fight like that, I don’t know how I even got these powers of some sort, hell, I don’t even know my name,” says The Man.

“Well, maybe our master can help you,” says Raven.

“This master of yours, what makes you think he can help me?” Asks The Man.

“He said he knows a lot about you, that he has spent his whole life looking for you,” says Raven.

“If he has any information about who I am, then I suppose it is best that you take me back to your home,” says The Man.

“Okay, guys, bring the jet around,” Raven says, into her wrist communicator. Ken and Dominic then bring the jet around to the damaged car and Raven brings the man onto the jet.

While flying back to the penthouse, the elementals try to talk to The Man, hoping to end any hostility between them.

“I apologize for attacking you guys,” The Man says.

“Hey man, it’s all good, you were just scared and confused. I promise you, all the answers you seek will come to you,” says Ken.

“You can trust us, you can trust me,” says Raven. The jet then arrives back at the penthouse, with the others waiting outside.

“We’re here. Don’t worry, you’re safe,” says Raven.

The team then exits the jet and they walk towards the penthouse elevator. As they enter the elevator, the ysterious man thinking three questions to himself… What am I, who am I and what is my purpose?

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