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A story that always ends with a curse. A story as ancient as “once upon a time” in the realm of Hiliax. A story of treason and love that runs deeper than anyone knows. Lillianett is the latest chapter in that story, a half-breed of two realms that at all costs must stay hidden from the people in her mother realm or it may cost her her life. For a year she must stay isolated from the people, and then she may return to Tarress realm (Earth). Unfortunately, Lillianett is hot-tempered and too quick to act, which makes her task that much more difficult. Can she succeed in continuing this story, or will she be the final chapter?

Chapter 12

Beautiful Poison

Words couldn’t describe how tired I was the next day. The day before was far too eventful, and my body was still aching from the fight. I couldn’t even recall how many times I crashed onto the ground, a tree, or one of the two idiots who dragged me along.
“You look terrible.” Stella gasped as I came down after my shower.
I sighed. “Sorry,” I grumbled.
“Are you not feeling well?” She quickly put a hand on my head like a mother. I looked down at her questioningly, and she smiled up at me.
“I’m a healer. Don’t worry,” she said, and reached into the bag around her waist. “Here.” She handed me a few small, dark green leaves that were furry to the touch.
“Uh.” I held them up with confusion.
“Medical leaves that atone for most basic illnesses,” she explained. “Okay, so I just chew?”
“Until tasteless, but don’t swallow,” she warned. “I’m off now.” I put the leaves in my pocket and walked after her. “Where do
you go off to?”
“I am one of hundreds that handle all the preparations for the
Winter Ball. It’s so soon now, so all hands on deck for all night work.” “You won’t be coming home?”
“I’ll try, but I can’t make promises,” she said.
“It’s fine. I’m good by myself.” I waved her off, but she paused
to look at me. She grabbed me in a tight hug. “I don’t want to leave you. I wish you could come. You would love it.”
“Yeah.” I sighed. Alex had already told me about it and it sounded like a once in my lifetime kind of thing, but I couldn’t go. “It’s okay.” “I should be going.” She let go of me. Just before she walked out
the door, she turned to say, “Cameron should be back really soon.” I had almost completely forgotten about Cam. Everything was
somehow different now.
“Okay, bye Stella.” I waved to her.
I closed the door as soon as she was out of sight, and just as I
was about to turn and go to my room, there was a knock at the door. I turned slowly and stopped breathing altogether.
Maybe if I stayed really quiet they would go away. After about ten seconds, I heard Alex’s voice. “Open the door, Lilly.”
I grunted, but opened the door, and there stood the troublesome three. I sighed in exhaustion. “What?”
“I thought we were all friendly now?” Alex smirked, walking in past me.
“Do you have any idea what we went through yesterday?” I asked as Matthew walked by. Riley then attacked from behind, hugging me tightly. I stood still in his arms and glanced up at him with a questioning look.
“Thank you for yesterday.” He made a kissy face. I gritted my teeth then grabbed his lips between my fingers and pulled until he let go of me. “It’s no problem,” I said.
“Riley, you’re a masochist aren’t you?” Matthew asked, shaking his head.
Alex laughed. “I think so, too.”
“Whatever,” Riley grumbled, touching his lips.
“What are you guys doing here?” I asked, scratching my head.
It was pounding.
“I hear you have a kiliabi,” Alex said, taking a step closer to me.
“Show me.”
The way he asked surprised me. It was not commanding, but
compelling, like he was trying to seduce me. “I’m tired,” I said, walking past him. “Come on, I’ll tell you a story,” he said. “A story?” I turned skeptically.
“About us three,” he said, “you have to be curious.”
“Actually, I’m not.” I sighed and started for the direction I was going once again.
“They call us the Legendary Lords of the North,” he announced. I paused in my tracks. Shechire had said something like that, but I thought I was imagining things in the heat of the fight. I turned back. “What’s that?”
“Where’s your kiliabi,” he asked.
“Why do you want to know?”
“I just do.” He shrugged. I stepped down from one of the steps
and faced him head-on.
“What will you do with her?”
“Admire her.”
“Can I have you word you won’t hurt her?”
“Why would I?”
“Why wouldn’t you?”
“She’s yours,” he answered simply.
I smirked. “Yeah, so you know damn well if you put a finger on
her, I’ll put a punch in you.”
“Of course.” He broke out a killer smile.
“Let’s go,” I said, grabbing a hood. “Walk and talk.”
“Where do we begin?” Alex sounded very amused, and suddenly,
I was worried he would start lying to me.
“I have told her about the guardians.” Matthew offered.
“Oh, good. Then you should know that we were chosen by Elders
to be guardians.”
“You three?” I asked, pausing to turn and point. “Seriously?”
“It couldn’t be that unbelievable.”
“No, it’s much more.” I nodded, pulling my lips over my teeth. “Why?” Alex asked like he couldn’t understand where I was
coming from.
“Well, from what Matthew said, you have to have pretty amazing
skills, and the first time I met you, you were bleeding to death like a wimp.”
“It was an off day.” He shrugged like it was nothing. “You need to let it go.”
I was taken aback by his words. He waved his life on the line like a minor mistake.
“Want to know something interesting?” Riley suddenly said, rearing in front of me. “Alex is the youngest to ever be admitted into the guardians.”
Shechire looked pretty young to even be a knight, fifteen probably. I turned back to look at Alex curiously. “How old?”
“Twelve,” he answered with a seriously intense look. “I was a prodigy.”
“You don’t say,” I said. “And you two?”
“Thirteen,” Matthew explained. “We were put in the same group and under the same master.”
“Wow, so it was love at first sight?” I chuckled. Silence fell, and when I turned back, they all had paused to look at each other. Then they said in perfect unison: “We hated each other.”
My mouth fell. “What?”
“I couldn’t stand how great Alex thought he was,” Riley said, pointing at him.
“Riley was an impulsive idiot,” Matthew said.
“Matthew was a rules following bore.” Alex rolled his eyes. “So.” I dragged the word. “Riley disliked Alex because he was
smug, Matthew disliked Riley because he was hotheaded, and Alex disliked Matthew because he was too well-mannered?”
“That’s right.” They all nodded.
“Well, and I must say this”—I paused—“it doesn’t sound like anything has really changed.” They all looked at each and nodded their heads like they agreed with me.
“So, then what?”
“Our trainer”—Alex sighed, groaning in memory—“she is what.” “Whipped us into shape and then some,” Matthew said.
“But at least, she was a looker.” Riley sighed in fond memory.
I rolled my eyes at him but didn’t say a word. “It’s not like she
really emphasized teamwork, but she did say we would need it,” Alex explained. “Then came our first mission which turned out bigger than we thought.”
“The right thing to do would have been to go back for backup,” Matthew explained. “But Riley, being who he is, got caught.”
“I said we should go after him but Matthew said it was risky and against the rule.”
I glanced at Matthew but said nothing.
“I went in alone,” Alex explained.
“I followed against my better judgement.”
“Together we were able to do what we needed to do and even more, completed the mission with flying colors.”
“But our trainer had a few choice words for us,” Matthew said, obviously traumatized.
“She was proud deep inside.” Alex chuckled.
“Did you get that before or after punishment?” Matthew asked sarcastically. So he did know about sarcasm. I smiled.
“From that day on, we just kept getting closer and closer. We went on missions, even rogue missions, and we were soon known in all kingdoms,” Alex said proudly.
“Our skills were also above the extraordinary, which made us even more famous,” Riley said, striking a pose.
“You two always take on more than you can handle though,” Matthew said, shaking his head.
“If it wasn’t for our actions, we wouldn’t be close. I would be grateful if I were you,” Alex said.
“Should I also be grateful for the several near-death experiences as well?”
“Never hurt to live a little.” Alex shrugged.
“Tell that to my scars,” Matthew said.
“Do you mean that scar.” Alex gave a very devious smile, and all
of a sudden, I was looking at both of them rather confused. “That scar?”
“Our trainer gave us identical scars on one of our biggest rogue missions as punishment and reward. It is where we got our titles.” Alex didn’t even look at me when he spoke.
“She can give you all scars?”
“She gave bruises and broke bones. It’s a miracle we are still alive.” Riley laughed.
“Can I see the scars?” I asked.
They all looked at me, and all together, they lifted their shirts and I could see it. Three clean cuts on the side of their chests where their hearts were. It was as though it was done by a very precise animal. I almost had the need to reach over and touch the scars.
“Wow.” I breathed, and as I said it, they put their shirts back.
I was a bit dazed but then something occurred to me.
“I thought you said guardians are the best and guard that place.”
I snapped my fingers trying to recall what he had called it
“Ghost Isle?” Matthew said.
I snapped my fingers at him. “That!”
“You told her?” Riley whispered dramatically, giving Matthew
a look. “Problem?”
“It’s a secret,” Alex explained.
“I thought it was a rumor.”
“That too.” Alex winked. “Well, we were supposed to be assigned
there, but because Alex is a prince, he couldn’t and since we’ve always been a team.” Riley shrugged awkwardly. “You know.”
“Yeah I do. So you guys went to work for him instead.” I nodded.
“Work for him?” Riley asked. “No, we’re his personal guards. High knights, S-class.”
I folded my arms quite amused. “Yeah, you work for him,” I clarified.
“Alex.” Riley whined in realization.
“You are really clueless.” Matthew shook his head like he just couldn’t understand the level Riley was on at the moment.
I laughed. “And you suck at your job. I would be more suited to be a guard.”
“What makes you say that?” Riley pumped up his chest.
“The first time me and princey met,” I said with a smug smile, and I knew it was smug.
“I thought Alex said to let that go.” Riley pouted. Obviously I wounded him. “That wasn’t our fault though. Alex was the one who ran off with some girl.” Riley was still pouting.
“She was beautiful,” Alex said in his defense. “Anyway, those days are over.”
I turned and started walking backward to face him. I was about to ask why, when I saw something at the back to my right.
“What’s that.” I started for it and gasped as I got closer. It was a brilliant, pale, pink flower with several red freckles all over and a white stem with yellow leaves. It was beautiful but so strange, unlike anything I had seen before.
“Hey, guys, look at this,” I said reaching for it.
“Lilly!” I heard Alex scream, but when I turned back to ask what was wrong, my head began to get cloudy. I widened my eyes but everything was getting dark. I was losing consciousness. I stretched my hand out to take his, but I don’t know if we touched.

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