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Her name Alkmene. She beautiful and radiant and yet she hates both her glow and herself. She despises herself and only wants to lurk in the shadows and also her mind.

Chapter 1

Dimmed Radiance

Her thoughts bromidic…. Her character also prosaic… Her physical being and presence beamed absolute brilliance. Her thoughts were more dominant as it would instantly emasculate her. Iwis one might ponder that she would just regenerate her strength but alas no. Those consternations that she wore were of no succor. She was not beautiful she is indeed beautiful. Her milky brown skin was divine and radiant that illuminated the sky just as the moon- she was a menagerie of her own- she was Alkmene. It wasn’t her just her skin that was luminous but her attire as well. One could never truly describe her attire; her attire displayed many colours green, blue, red, and so forth- one thing for sure her aura and physical being were that of which shined of the heavens. Her eyes were captivating they were the stars themselves. It was as if she was a siren but instead with her eyes alone it would leave one’s mind full of bewilderment. Fully aware of such enchantment but instead one would be shown the bleakness in her eyes. It was everyday for her she carried such a heavy heart let alone her emotions and mind as well. It was entirely way too much for her and her alone. So what was her remedy of choice then? Her remedy was to asunder herself from those in which agonized and tortured her. It was just arduous for her to be in constant radiance – her radiance was such paragon that the moon couldn’t resist smiling down upon her every night. Alkmene was blessed with this wondrous gift by the moon as the moon adored her dearly. Alkmene never once detested such bestowment but for some peculiar reason she never once talked let alone smile. As it did every night, the wind would softly blow its fresh cool air upon Alkmene’s kinky raven hair as she lay on the soft wet green grass. One could hear the water swaying back and forth as if a melody. Her sighs were constant as that time approached to where she would sit up and simply stare into the water. That same night every night she would stare and gaze hard into the water. It was cold… It was still… It was reflecting her! She cried and cried, why did it have to reflect her glow, that was the last thing that she wanted to see! Her eyes full of tears collected into the water as the water too cried for her. The water not just felt her pain but also saw as well. The water had extended his arms as he wrapped his arms around her waist as he consoled her. She thought to herself, the water felt so cold but yet she has never felt as warm as she did till now. She closed her eyes she wanted to envisage as both her and the water submerged themselves into the cold murky watery world. Complete and utter silence that was followed by darkness as she opened her eyes. Alkmene was dismayed that her glow still pierced through the darkness- she cried but the water smiled. Still embracing her the water and Alkmene stared into one another’s eyes; she continued crying as the water sought to imbibe all in which pained tears- he felt her warmth inside him. The water’s smile faded slowly as the same arms that embraced her waist was now embracing her neck. He tightened his gripped around her neck as she suffered- she was suffering… She was smiled and thanked the water. Bit by bit Alkmene’s glow gradually faded. It saddened him… He detested it…He felt nefarious… The water watched as the radiance from her faded every single night as he would repeat this every night. He actually watched her life go away before his very eyes. It was just too painful for him- absolutely unbearable to not just watch but act upon it as well. He dare not imagine doing this every night not just to anyone but more importantly to the woman he loved. Alkmene’s emotions and thoughts were so severe that she would instantly block out all knowledge that she was not of this earth; she was not human but a goddess.
Every single night she did this blocking out the fact that she killed herself prior and repeated this every night. And as her body lied lifeless, by sunrise she would breathe life once again. The water roared and commanded the rain to pour. They all knew and were saddened by this. Her pain was something they all hated but nonetheless adored her. The moon was no exception, she too cried as her luminous tears fell upon the earth as she bled all radiance from upon herself. Both the moon and water would wait for sunrise and Alkmene would rise again but, however, she did not this time. They both cried profusely. The sun too caught wind of this and just as the moon, the sun’s rays too dimmed and bled upon the terra- all mourned. As a result, the sun refused to either shine or rise, and both the earth and sky refused to supply. The entire world was covered in coldness and darkness. Alkmene’s body remained still in the water’s watery world; he kept her body safe and watched over her as he sought for any sign of life. It was one moment to where the water went away and when he returned her body disappeared. The water searched and searched for but to no avail did he find her. All had searched for her: the moon searched- the sun searched- the earth searched- all had searched but none could find her. (Part II)

There was no longer time nor day or night there was naught. However, despite the eternal darkness, Alkmene’s body was not lost but devoured by darkness himself. The darkness missed Alkmene dearly; they used to play so much when they were younger, but the moon, their mother never admired the fact that her son, Abrax overshadowed his sister’s radiance. His sister, Alkmene doesn’t remember him but that’s okay because he always loved his little sister. Their forced separation was quite traumatic for both; he, Abrax banished to his uncle Hades’ realm while she, Alkmene remained with their mother. The weird thing is that Alkmene has no recollection of me or the moon even being our mater. Still Abrax was his sister’s protector and wanted nothing more than to help her. Her thoughts and emotions would taunt her so and she would constantly give in- Abrax was furious! He tortured her himself as well so that she would stop this nonsense. She needed to be herself. All that crying and shedding she produced were quite prolific and Abrax wanted no more of this. Hades too was frustrated because his nephew was frustrated. He too aided in the torture of her, she needed to be weakened in order to awaken. She was her own star as she floated through darkness, he emotions and memories ran by her, and her eyes glued stayed glued to them as they surged through her. Iwis it was too much for her but at least it did her some good though. Abrax made sure that his sister dared not to ignore them this time. Whilst this was going on back on earth, the water yearned for her; the moon, sky, sun, and earth missed her. It took awhile and was most dreadful but at least she started to feel again… She started realizing while her eyes were open that this constant darkness that surrounded her her whole life was not just any darkness; it was her brother. Abrax turned into human form as he hugged his sister for the time in centuries; he missed his little sister and Alkmene hugged him back- he was overjoyed. Both Abrax and Hades were pleased as Hades embraced his niece fully and placed a kissed upon her cheek; she smiled as her brother did the same as his uncle. She was the Alkmene they knew from long ago before she forgot not only herself but also the fact that she was never truly alone nor neglected. She failed to notice that despite the fact that she saw her radiance as a burden. She never knew that her radiance was a showcase of simply of all the love and admiration she received from others. She thanked both her brother and uncle as they released her and asked her to do visit them; she agreed and vanished. Alkmene returned to an empty dark world where silence was master here. She concealed her presence as she landed on the water, she looked for the others but saw that they were depleted and sleep. She knew that she was at fault for this so she decided to dance. She danced so gracefully and elegantly that all had no idea as to what was moving the earth but they never bothered to move. Then as she continued dancing, she started singing! Alkmene’s voice projected so well that it pulsated the earth to its core as the earth itself awoke along with the water. One by one the sun saw this and was overjoyed as he shined his warm vibrant rays upon the earth which then illuminated the sky. The moon was astounded and her luminous rays returned too. The water was the most happiest of all as he left his world to join his precious Alkmene. She was dancing happily when she suddenly felt something cold and wet but yet warm on her waist. She turned her head and she saw him not looking but glancing at the Alkmene who he thought he had lost. She failed to notice but then noticed the moment he kissed her her radiance was that of the heavens. And all the water thought was that she was his very pulchritudinous Alkmene. All were overjoyed because she had returned the love by bestowing them all with her precious smile and voice.

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