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Chuckles the Clown has always been an outcast in the normal world. He has never been able to quite fit in with society and struggles to be the best that he could possibly be. Throughout his life, he has always encountered several obstacles, including a very menacing high school bully who thinks of Chuckles nothing more than an outrage to society.

Chapter 10

The Ultimate Trap

Chapter 10

The Ultimate Trap

I took a bow to the large audience and I looked around for signs of Charlene and her family. But they were nowhere to be seen. Had they left the show? Where were they? I looked around for my family and they weren’t anywhere to be seen either. Where on earth had they gone? They couldn’t have just disappeared instantly. I began to scan the large crowd for any signs of them. Where are they? Just then, I noticed something very strange appearing in the midst of the crowd. I noticed that a shadowy figure was escorting other figures away from the circus. Could it be my family and Charlene and her family? I was about to find out. I did my best to use my circus stunt abilities to swing towards the figure and I leaped through the crowd. I swung swiftly by grabbing onto a tightrope and I kicked the figure right in his back. The figure collapsed onto the ground and I looked at the
other figures. They seemed to be tied up in some kind of rope. I wanted to see what was going on. They seemed to have hoods stuck to their heads. I ripped off the unconscious figure’s cloak and I was surprised to find out that it was none other than Leonardo, the big, bad bully at my high school, Academy High. I ripped off the cloaks of the figures who were bound tightly together by the ropes. The figures were none other than Charlene, her family and my own parents. They also seemed to have some kind of duct tape attached to their months. ”Mom, Dad? Charlene? What’s going on?” I asked, confused. ”Chuckles, get out of
here while you still can.” said my dad. ”No, I can’t leave you. Not like this.” I said. Then, I turned towards Leonardo. ”Leonardo, can you please tell me what in the world is going on here?” I asked. Leonardo had a very cheesy smile imprinted on his face. ”Don’t you see, Chuckles, it’s all part of my plan to eliminate you and your family once and for all. You know, Chuckles, I despise clowns more than anything else in the world. And I especially hate it when they take off with what I love the most in the world: girls.” said Leonardo in a sinister tone in his voice. He then punched me across the face and he threw me towards the world. There was nothing that my family could do except to watch in horror.” Leave him alone, Leonardo. He hasn’t done anything bad to you.” said Charlene. ”That’s where you’re wrong, my dear. You see, Leonardo is a clown and I just absolutely despise clowns more than anything in the world.” said Leonardo. I began to feel my body rise in complete anger. ”Leonardo, I’ve told you countless times. Just because I’m a clown doesn’t mean you should mistreat me. I’ve never done anything to you.” I said. ”I don’t care. As long as you’re a clown, that means I get to pummel you to death. Now, should I start with you or your family?” asked Leonardo. But I was not about to surrender and neither was my family. ”You won’t harm any of us. Now, let my family go, Leonardo, and I promise I’ll give you whatever I want.” I offered. ”So if I let them go, I’ll be able to beat you up as much as I want?” asked Leonardo. I nodded. I knew it was a terrible sacrifice for me to make, but I had to do it in order to save Charlene and her family as well as mine. ”Chuckles, please don’t do it.” said Charlene, beginning to sob. ”Leonardo, please don’t do this to him. He really doesn’t deserve it.” protested Charlene, as she struggled against her ropes. ”Silence, Charlene, or I will beat you up too and your family as well.” said
Leonardo. He slowly began to untie the families and while he was untying the family, I made a run for it. ”What the? Come back here, you little freak!” called out Leonardo, as he stopped untying them and he began to give chase after me. I had a plan in mind. ”Run for it, Chuckles. Run while you still can!” called out my dad. Just then, my dad felt himself becoming more loose from the rope. He began to struggle with the ropes and eventually, he broke all of them free. ”We’re free! Now we have to go help Chuckles.” said Charlene. The families had to team up together in order to save me from the bullying Leonardo.
I was running for my life, but I knew directly where I
was heading. I was about to lead Leonardo into a dangerous trap. I began to run towards a chemical factory which was located nearby my family’s circus. Leonardo was right behind me and he was just as quicker than he ever was before. ”I’m going to get you, clown face, if it’s the last thing that I ever do.” called out Leonardo. ”I don’t think so, Leonardo.” I called out back to him as he continued to pursue me. I ran as fast as I could to the factory and I looked back and made sure that he was following me. I was about to lead him into a dangerous trap. I raced into the factory and the factory was empty. Nobody was there. It was completely dark and I knew where I had to lead him. I climbed my way up to where all the chemical vats were located. Leonardo was not very far behind from me and he began to follow me up the
steps toward to where all of the chemical vats were located. Now, I just had to figure out the right one to push him in. There were a total of four enormous chemical vats. ”Aha! I got you, clown face!” said Leonardo, emerging from
the staircase. It was really difficult to see him and
without thinking, I just went up to him and punched him in the face. ”Ow!” screamed out Leonardo. I tripped him with my leg sweep and I sent him falling down into the purple vats. ”AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!1” screamed out Leonardo as he helplessly fell into the purple vats and drowned beneath the unknown chemicals. Well, that took care of everything for now. But then, just as I turned to make my way down the staircase. I heard a rumbling sound coming in from the purple vats. It sounded like Leonardo was still alive in there. I tried to make a run for it, but I couldn’t. I was trapped. Just then, I saw my family down in the center of the factory. They all wanted me to come downstairs. ”Chuckles, we’re here!” called out my dad. ”Come down here. It’s all right, son.” said my dad. I began to make my way down towards the staircase, but then I felt something grab me from behind. It was Leonardo or was it? The figure looked an awful lot like Leonardo did, except that now his face was now completely white like a real clown’s and that his once black hair was now orange. He was not the Leonardo that I had once knew in the first place. Instead, I realized that the purple vats had transformed him into a clown. He had a red, round nose and he had crazy white eyebrows instead of his usual black ones. Yes, I had turned him into a clown and now it looked like he was bent on revenge. ”I’ll kill you for this!” roared the new Leonardo. He lunged towards me and we realized that we were heading towards the incinerator where all the waste chemicals went. Was this the end of my career? Maybe and maybe not. I had to find a way to trick Leonardo into falling into the incinerator along with all the other chemical wastes. I tried to fight Leonardo back, but he was much too strong for me. He tried to beat me up and I tried my hardest to fight back
and lure him to the incinerator at the same time. ”It’s no more running for you, Chuckles. There’s no escape this time!” cackled Leonardo wickedly. Just as I was about to meet my doom, I cleverly distracted Leonardo with a heavy kick in his stomach and I had managed to kick him down to the edge of the incinerator, where he held on tightly for his dear life. ”Chuckles, please help me!” yelled Leonardo. But I showed no mercy towards my enemy after all the terrible things that he’s done for me and my family. This clown was ready to meet his ultimate fate and I knew just how to do it. I stepped onto Leonardo’s fingers and caused them to crack. Leonardo howled in terrible pain and he let go of the edge of the incinerator and he fell down towards the incinerator along with all the sewage and chemical wastes all the way towards his incoming doom. I had finally got rid of my worst enemy and nightmare yet by giving him what he had deserved all along in the first place. Leonardo now had a taste of his own medicine. By turning him into what he despised the most into the world and getting rid of him at the same time. A clown.

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