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This story is about an old toy box that has been passed down from generation to generation and has been well loved by all that owned it so when Eliza gets the toy box the magic begins.

Chapter One

The Magic Toy Box

In the corner of 5 year old Eliza’s bedroom there sat a toy box. The toy box was old and worn with paint flaking in places. The wood had been replaced in many areas and it had been repainted many times but it was obvious that this toy box had been very much loved by all that had owned it.

“Oh” exclaimed Eliza as she stared at the toy box “what’s that?”. The toy box was glowing softly and Eliza had been surprised by this as it had always been a normal toy box to her.
“Mummy, Mummy” cried Eliza down the stairs “come here, quickly”. Eliza’s mum came running into the room ” what’s wrong hunny?” She panted breathlessly with panic in her eyes. “My toy box” replied Eliza ” it was glowing” her mom looked at her and then at the toy box -which had now stopped glowing- and with a look of exasperation said “Eliza, sweetheart your toybox can’t be glowing, maybe it was one of your light up toys” her mum turned to walk away but turned her head to face Eliza ” oh and by the way please don’t shout like that again, I thought you were in real trouble ” Eliza’s face crumpled as silent tears streamed down her cheeks “I’m sorry mummy” she sniffed “I thought you’d like to see is all” Eliza’s mum’s resolve crumbled “yes hunny I would of liked to see it” she took Eliza’s face in her hands “maybe next time it happens I’ll get here in time” a tear fell from Eliza’s eyes as her mum wiped it away then took Eliza in a great big hug before heading back downstairs “right” thought Eliza “let’s figure out what made you glow’.
Eliza started pulling all her toys out one by one and as the toys started piling up on the floor Eliza began to realize something, she didn’t have any toys that glowed. She stood up and stared at the toys confused ” so why were you glowing? ” . suddenly realization hit her “was it magic?” Eliza’s eyes widened with excitement as she decided to try it out. Eliza pulled her favourite stuffed toy down off the shelf. Jesse the dog was about to have her very own adventure.

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