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A human assassin was hired to kill the princess of the Mythological world, this princess, however, is an alien species who is all powerful. Upon dying as a vampire, she comes back to life as her past self. This alien species is known as ‘Shadow People’; she hides in plain sight from her family. She wants revenge on the Duchess who plotted her murder, however because of her position she can’t do it herself so as a compromise she frees the assassin who had been in prison. At the same time, she turns the assassin into an ideal weapon of destruction; the assassin must kill the queen as well deceive everyone into trusting her as she becomes a Praetorian Guard as well as a spy. Because it makes it her less of a suspect.

Chapter 1


I stare at the cold ceiling; it reflected perfectly my sentiments towards this place… grey. I hated it, and I had been here for twelve years… well, prison doesn’t grow on you. I was 100% sure that it wasn’t all my fault, I was an assassin, I had done my job, and it was the people who hired me were to blame. I grit my teeth, the big oaf lying next to me turned, I felt myself being squashed to the wall, I pray silently for help. By this time, I had given up on god and saviours. Prison was bad, but Mythological prison was hell. Mainly because it was in a parallel word, so chances of being rescued were slim, also the people in them weren’t human. I was the ONLY human.

I ignore the outside conflict for pieces of food, but it was penetrating my self-distressed state, I also had to ignore the growing feel of hunger. They weren’t starving me, but I wasn’t trying to feed myself, that required too much energy. The reason I didn’t have much energy was because I was always fighting vampires off me, or other leeches who liked blood.


Finally, the alarm for our daily preamble sounded, I wait for the oaf to wake up, the thing didn’t even stir.

“Yo! Wake up!” I kick him and instantly regret it.

I had to get used to the fact, that everyone here seemed to be made of iron, masqueraded with flesh. I feel my toes starting to swell. The oaf continued to sleep. I didn’t want to get into trouble for not having a walk, also this was the only time I ever moved; I squeeze out from my niche, then I clamber over his body. Its putrefying decaying smell, hit me full force. Oh, great. Now I was going to smell of him. Thanks, buddy. I quickly join the line for inspections.
I clear my thoughts, no one could ever even think about escaping, because of small devices embed into the nape of our neck. And guards were stationed too close together; I had heard that all prisons were managed by Hades. I actually have no idea who he is, Hades was the king of the underworld, who worked alongside Zeus – again, I have never met these people- to maintain the justice system because the Royal family of the Mythological world was in cahoots with these ‘gods’. I had learnt all this in a presentation given to me when I had first come.

From the walls, figures peeled themselves off the walls to reveal shapes and more soul destroying creatures than harpies appeared: in other words our guards. They walk up and down several times. One abruptly stops in front of me; everyone around me took one step back isolating them from me. I had committed the biggest crime; apparently, no criminal in the Mythological world would ever consider killing a member of the Royal family. It was blasphemy apparently, and some faithful devoted to the Royals had committed major crimes to get in and kill me, and even the guards tried to kill me now and then sucking my soul from any hope I could possibly have. I don’t flinch, I stare into their bottomless black eyes, Before the blow could land on me, something grabs me and yanks me, black tendrils of something force me to lean all the way back. Everyone and everything freezes, time seemed to have stopped. I looked down to see black tar-like substance melt away from holding onto my ankles, the tendrils holding my wrists cease and I land on my back as puzzled as anyone.

Whispers start to echo around the room, increasing in volume: is that Hades? Who got in? Who was it? But I was frozen in fear, now I was classified as a threat so in their minds I had to be isolated. And isolation was worse than sharing a cell, it was further underground and the people who were isolated were never seen of again.
The grey cement started turning black, it slid down the walls and covered the guards, our orange jumpsuits stayed squeaky clean. The guards were slowly being covered in the same black tar-like substance. Then amidst all the black, someone rose from the ground. She wore a pinstriped suit, with an overcoat and walking stick and a wide brimmed hat. She also wore sunglasses and a black scarf. It was all black and all I could ask myself was whether or not she was hot.
“So? –she a strikes a match on the bottom of her shoe then produces a cigarette out from her breast pocket, then she moves the scarf to one side and places it in between her lips- you coming?” Then she exhales the smoke, it was almost too surreal. Was she used to breaking people out of super- secret hideaway prisons in other dimensions or was that a hobby? I stare; my eyes were probably conveying my complete and utter amazement.
“Can I?” I ask, slowly standing up.
“Well, it’s this or being isolated. It’s your choice. Hurry up though, my cook told me off last time for being late for dinner.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I scramble to my feet and walk (limp) towards her.
“Sorry about that.” She says. I look down and blanch, my ankles were twisted, one more than the other.
“You were standing a bit too rigid.” Oh, so it was my fault! I manage to limp close enough to her for her to catch me before I pass out.
I wake up in a cave, I was propped up against something scaly and it was breathing. I hold my breath, my eyes were trained on the mysterious woman, and she was crouched in front of a blazing fire. I notice I no longer had the circle metal embedded in my skin.
“It’s called neuron-tracker.” She says. I jump; her voice was very quiet it contrasted sharply with her suggested personality.
“Never judge a book by its cover. None of your elders ever taught you that?” She resumed stocking the fire, I realise there was food strewn across the sandy floor.
“You’re not very smart for someone who killed the princess.” I freeze.
I should’ve realised there was a catch! She was going to kill me! I panic, the girl was equipped with nothing, but that black thing I had seen prior to now must be her power and it was very powerful. She was one of the devoted followers of the Royals, maybe she even was a Protector… oh, god. Good going, walk out of prison and into another a death chamber.
“You didn’t walk out. I had to carry you.” I stare in awe at the girl. Was she reading my mind? That was an evasion of privacy. Though I doubt she cared, she continued probing the fire. I gingerly touch my neck, where there should’ve been a massive hideous scar; my fingers meet flawless non-stitched perfect skin. I stare at her surprised; I tried to stand but ended up supporting myself against something rather soft and hairy. Why is she staring at me like that? She wasn’t directly looking at me, moreover me. I look up and realise that whatever I was touching wasn’t the cave’s wall, and it was very much alive. I scream shooting away from it.
The girl points at the fire and it becomes pitch black. I hate the dark.
“Thanks for screaming, no secret hideaway is a secret hideaway if everyone knows where it is!” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm; I tried to have a feel for her but ended up walking into another soft, hairy flesh thing.
“Sorry. What is that?” I hiss, I finally find something hard to prop myself up with.
“Probably a giant.” She was unperturbed by this, instead, her attention was directed at something I couldn’t hear.
“And you’re leaning against a dragon by the way.” She adds conversationally, my blood freezes for the second time having been with her for only ten minutes.
75 minutes and counting, I jump; her voice had penetrated into my mind. Also, she was annoying, she kept invading my privacy, and first she was reading my thoughts, now she was speaking in my mind. I would’ve told her off but I was freaking out about the dragon behind me.
“Can you fight?” She asks casually, rolling up the sleeves to her overcoat, blazer and jacket- she felt the cold, did she want to add any more clothes? She ignores that comment and looks at me pointedly.
“Umm… I’m injured.” I remind her, I was glad for once; the dark shielded me from whatever burning look of disapproval she was giving me.
“Get on its back then invalid.” I frown. Who? What?
“The dragon. Imbecile. Jeez, I repeat: for someone who got passed the tightest security to kill the princess you’re not very bright. Sounds like you had help, and the smarter of the two got away. Am I right?” I didn’t answer, I didn’t want her to think I was too weak to fight her, I still had no idea what her intentions were, for all I knew and cared she could be planning to kill me later and was only taunting me for her own pleasure and amusement.
I fumble through the dark, the hard rock under my palms seemed to be getting less hard and more reptile and scale-lee like. Pushing aside my fear of Mythological animals, because apparently having Mythological creatures like vampires and werewolves being real wasn’t terrifying enough, no let’s add dragons and goodness knows what else.
“Are you scared of your own shadow by any chance?” The girl was enjoying my discomfort way too much, I make a mental note: revenge: for all the mean things she’s saying.
My ears finally pick up the disturbance she had been listening to seven minutes before. I wasn’t counting. Ten minutes, but apparently she was. And she was prying in my personal area again. I hear the sound of clanking, I realise it was coming from her. Seriously, and she had been the one to scold me for being too loud.
“Shh.” I hiss loudly.
“Oh, Shh yourself. Everyone can hear us now.” She spoke at regular volume, I tried to whisper meanwhile a rectangle flame blazes, painfully breaking up the darkness. I squint.
She seemed to be standing on the dragon’s tail, and I was still clutching on of its spikes.
“Hold on.” I hear her mutter; though I think she was actually talking to the dragon and not to me. She applies the burning blade to the dragon’s scales, and to my horror he/she/it/thing… caught fire!!! I wait for my body to be cooked; instead, I was just warm, the girl climbed up the tail and stood. I noticed that her overcoat had many weapons stored in the lining. She had three swords, and a numerous selection of knives. This girl obviously didn’t cheat her way through life or death (guns were a form of cheating in fighters ‘manuals’), plus they had not much effect on the Mythological creatures as it was.
It didn’t take long for her to formulate a plan and set it in motion, I had to hand it to her, and she was good at last minute decisions. Though, the way she got things done, was very ruthless and… not nice. She selects a knife stored in a compartment in her shoes and throws the heel of her high-heels at him. The heel becomes an arrow head inflamed, it hits its target: the giant’s leg and sets the hair on fire. This girl loved fire.
The soul-sucking guards were upon us, though she had done something to hide us from view so they were gormlessly looking around. The moment the giant screamed in pain, was the moment, they all lookup. And we were screwed.
“Hold on tight.” Again she wasn’t speaking to me; she spoke as if the dragon could understand. The giant slowly stood up, the cavern we had been in crumbled as the sleeping giant woke up.
“How long has it been sleeping?”
“A thousand, maybe two, years. Who knows? But vegetation does tend to grow on it and animals even live in them. Now hold on tight, we’re going up with it!”
So the cave was the giant? And not, the giant lived in a cave? Figures, how could anything that big find a cave to fit into. The dragon lurched upwards, I slide back slightly. The guards in their grey uniform tried to use the dragon as leverage as well, but the girl threw solid black tar- like substance and they instantly fell back. We wove up and around the giants’ legs, climbing higher and higher.
Guards were catching up, they too had dragons… strange… and they looked very angry. The girl extinguishes the fire on her sword, she pulls out a second sword then she joins them up at the hilt and yanks them forcefully apart. The end product was a double sided baton-like blade. She wrapped the chain around her main torso, and then she wrapped one around her forearms and started spinning. It swung over her head in large loose circles, I felt sick watching the devastation. Anyone who was too close had their heads or anything else sliced off. And the surge of the wind she created gave the dragon more speed. The dragon rises perfectly and flew through all the chaos as if it was a regular occurrence. Outside, I realise there was no sun. I look down and see a maze of buildings, there was a permanent fog and a smell clung to the air: rancid and foul. How she was breathing it in without throwing up was past me… maybe she was one of those Mythological creatures who didn’t need to breath.
“That’s not good ‘ole O2 you’re breathing in.” The girl decides to randomly inform me.
“Really, then what is it?”
“Fumes.” I frown.
“Of what?”
“Rotting flesh.” I lose focus and let go of the spike, I start to fall. I was terrified…, something clinches at my waist. I was hanging off the dragon with her sword-batons keeping me from falling… I didn’t feel very safe. Or at all safe for that matter.
“You get scared easily.” She says calmly.
“Well, excuse me for being jumpy. I haven’t had a proper meal in years. Nor have I rested well in years…”
“You ate not long ago,” I swear she said that.
“What?” She suddenly shakes her head but says nothing to contradict what I believed to have heard.
I look up ahead and scream. I hear her swear, not in English though. Okay, every little bit of information about her was vital. Also because I couldn’t see her features, or understand why she spoke with no tone.
More guards had magically appeared.
“You should be flattered they’re going through a lot to get you back. If I was in your shoes I would be over the moon!” She says humourlessly
I scream as I nearly get sliced, how was she joking at such a time?
“Why can’t we go somewhere else?”
“Can’t, the exit is only there, see the vortex behind them. The gaping vagina-like hole, yeah, that’s the only way in and out.” God, her language was something else.
“Oh, and catch.” She throws a sword at me; I catch it clumsily wondering what use it was to me. I feel her start to spin me, she was very strong, and I quickly extend my arm and squeeze my eyes shut. I hear the ringing sound of the sword doing its deed. As an assassin, I had got used to the sight of blood, but after twelve years in a Mythological prison, it was just boring. And this woke me up, it reminded me that blood normally meant someone dying or injured, not ‘feeding time’. Then I feel like the air weighed. I peek and scream again. Everyone had frozen in mind action while we floated past them. I was yanked back forcefully, and a cushion appears out of nowhere softening my descent. As I land back on its back.
Up ahead, the portal- vortex thing approached us. I breathe a sigh of relief. Finally.
I had never dared to imagine what I would do if this day were to happen, would I plan for a better future. No. I had no degree in anything apart from killing people. Would I return to the human world? No, I would find it too slow and boring. Would I attempt to hunt down my last employer to get revenge? Yes.
But, here I was. An arm throw away from freedom. This girl, whoever she was, had freed me. For her own gain? Probably. Would she though, keep me out of jail or send me back when she was done with me? Who knew? I just knew I was close to free, the closest I had got to in twelve years and I was very happy.
I was thrown into the vortex, to my utter surprise. I think she might’ve had asked me my permission, but I had been too lost in thought. Although, it was unfair how she built a rainbow bridge and walked over it with no cares in the world, why couldn’t she have done that sooner? She waves at the dragon, then steps into the portal ad we both get sucked into a too small tube. We get transported away from the horrible place.

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